Your Needs & Concerns
Your Needs & Concerns
ProAsys partners with building owners and managers to address the needs of their water systems.  We offer a variety of products, services and support for various issues &/or concerns.  A few available resources include...
Legionella Testing

ProAsys offers Legionella sampling services to our customers for risk management, building re-openings or case investigation.

Samples are shipped via next day delivery to Special Pathogens Lab in Pittsburgh (The Legionella Experts).
Remote Monitoring

The ProAsys Bridge provides remote monitoring capability to systems equipped with microprocessor controllers. This technology is an inexpensive option which allows 24/7 access to system status and enables quick response to system upsets or disruptions.
Point-of-Use Filters

Point-of-Use filters are available for faucets, shower-heads or inline applications.  These disposable filters utilize tubular microfiltration to protect your clients and personnel against waterborne pathogens for up to four months.   
Secondary Disinfection 

Sanipur Sanikill units provide continuous disinfection with an automated state-of-the-art monochloramine generator system.  These units are available in various sizes to fit the needs of your building(s).  

Monochloamine is an US-EPA and WHO approved drinking water disinfectant, widely used in the United States and Europe.
Idle Equipment Protection

Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI) are a convenient, reliable and effective option for treatment of idle systems.  A single application can provide protection for up to two years.

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