August 2019 Edition
The New Community Service Newsletter
Waters at Willow Run residents had a great time at their Back to School Bash. All across our properties Atlantic Housing Foundation gave out school supplies and other essentials to the children that will be going back to school this year. The Atlantic Housing Foundation with help from partners we were able to provide and/or pass out school supplies for more than 4,500 students. Please visit Waters at Willow Run's Facebook page to learn more about their resident services and programs. To learn more about what some of the other properties did for their back to school events, check the Back to School section in this newsletter.

The Atlantic Housing Foundation is committed to excellence in service and a focus on giving back to the community. We operate under a set of core values that drive our business goals and everyday operations. These are:

Continuous Improvement
Investing in Human Capital
Passion for Service

We hope you enjoy this edition of the New Community Services Newsletter! For more information about Atlantic Housing Foundation we invite you to:
National Night Out
Enhancing Relationships
National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live. National Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances.
This group of residents from Waters at Berryhill came to National Night Out. They are learning more about how the Lexington County Sheriff's Department helps keep people safe out on the water. To learn more go to
Cedar Moore's National Night Out was a great success! They had a huge turnout and the residents were able to connect with the Raleigh Police Department. It is so great to see people come together for a common cause.
Villas at Sonterra had a great time at their National Night Out and special thanks to Officer Peeler for stopping by! This resident getting a tour of Officer Peeler's vehicle looks like he is having fun! To learn more go to
Hosting a NNO is no piece of cake! It takes a lot of coordination and hard work to put on a successful event. Everyone came together for Cedar Moore's National Night out. Thank you to everyone who made this a successful event!
Many of our properties participate in National Night Out. Connections are made with the local law enforcement while learning how to transform communities into safe areas to spend quality time together. Above you can see a few of the properties that enjoyed National Night Out in North and South Carolina. NNO for Texas is October 1, 2019.
Back to School
Back to school campaigns were in full swing with students and families coming out to all the events that were happening at all the AHF properties. AHF Corporate office provided school supplies for Timber Ridge Apartments for 120 students this year. All across the properties, including Palm House, one of the senior properties, everyone participated in making back to school for our residents a great experience. Thank you to everyone who participated.
Please enjoy these photos of residents getting ready for school!
Waters at Willow Run offering hair cuts for the students going back to school.
Silver leaf Villas residents reviving their school supplies for this next school year.
Here are two residents at Windover Oaks that are excited to get their new backpacks for the new school year.
The number of people that were impacted by the willingness of the Stone Creek Resident Service Coordinator to serve her community was amazing!
Here are two residents from Waterchase Apartments excited to be getting school supplies. They look like they are one step closer to having a successful school year.
Arrowood residents having fun handing out school supplies to 4,000 students.
Horizon Worship Center excited about all the supplies they provided to give away to students at Waters at Sunrise.

Stone Creek is showing off their efforts in support of the children going back to school, they partnered with the  Lewisville Fire Department fire de partment.
At the back to school kick off for Heather Ridge, vendors come out to pass out supplies and essentials to the students. It is awesome to see how partnerships make a difference.
These three girls from Waterchase sure do look happy to be getting bags and school supplies for this school year. It is nice to know they will have what they need to get started off on the right foot.
Transforming Communities
A special thank you to all of the residents, AHF staff, and volunteers who attended this event, as well as Serve & Connect and the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department.
Roosevelt Gardens Community Meeting, Orangeburg, SC
Once a quarter the Roosevelt Gardens teams up with Serve & Connect and the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) for a Community Meeting at Roosevelt Gardens Apartments in South Carolina. In July, this Community Meeting brought residents together from all walks of life to talk about what has been going well in their community. There were many positive reports, including kuddos for the OCSD for all of their hard work and dedication to helping transform the Roosevelt Gardens Apartment community. Sheriff Leroy Ravenell stated, "I'm happy, but I'm not satisfied at this point, we have a lot more work to do". Thank you, Sheriff Ravenell, for all your hard work!
Creativity in July
Villas at Sonterra is preparing for the new school year by practicing word and math problems. The students are provided a snack along with fun educational games after their workbook time.
Waters at Sunrise had their first Teen Night and it was a success! Teens enjoyed games, food, music & prizes in a fun packed night made just for them!
These two residents had a fun time at Teen Night where they were dancing and spending time with friends.
Even on a rainy day Windover Palms knows how to have fun. What do you do on a rainy day? Make butterflies of course!
It is so great to see all these teens get together to have fun in a safe and creative way at Waters at Sunrise.
Did someone say cheese? These three did all while are expressing their emoticons in a fun and creative way at Waters at Sunrise's Teen Night.
Programs That Make a Difference
The Atlantic Housing Foundation Good Grades program provides a rent discount to students for the Fall and Spring semesters of the school year. Students who get all As are eligible for a 10% rent discount, students who receive As and Bs are eligible for a 5% rent discount and students who have perfect attendance are eligible for a 10% rent discount. These can be combined for a maximum discount of 20% per child per residence.

Atlantic Housing Foundation provides this rent discount as a part of their commitment to education. For more information on the rent discount program please visit: .
For the Spring 2019 semester the Good Grades Program had 178 participants and the total rent discounts provided was over $14,000.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the Fall 2019 Good Grades Discount application which will be due in February 2020.
Upcoming Events and Information
Atlantic Housing Foundation Turns 20!
Atlantic Housing Foundation's mission to make a difference in our residents' lives and transform communities through education and development has been going strong for 20 years. We will be celebrating this event throughout the rest of the year with special presentations during our Best Practice calls and a special edition of the newsletter dedicated to remembering the last twenty years.

If you have a special photo or memory you want to share, please email or
Partnerships that Make a Difference
Comfort Keepers, Interns, Plainview Fire Department
Palm House Senior Apartments had a box fan drive and it was a big success! They collected 14 fans, thanks to Palm House residents and Comfort Keepers for their donations. (pictured left)
The corporate interns had the chance to visit some of the properties, the photo (bottom left) is from their visit with Resident Service Coordinator, Amy Dodds. The interns said that it was inspirational to hear the passion for service in Amy’s voice as well as see it in action as they participated in a program at Heather Ridge.
The Plainview Fire Department came out to Stonebriar apartments to teach the children about fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire. Afterwards, the fire department got the water hoses out and the children got a chance to get wet and play around. (bottom right)

Atlantic Housing Foundation Family

The "F" in Foundation stands for "Family".    Describe Atlantic Housing Foundation culture in one, two, or three words. This challenge was recently issued by the Human Resources Department of AHF to the employees as a survey to find out more about the employee perception of the AHF culture. The results are clear, as seen in the word cloud to the left, AHF is a caring, friendly, fun and supportive place to work where the employees report it feels more like a family. Note: The word cloud to the left is a compilation of all of the survey responses, with the most used words highlighted in the larger font.
The Atlantic Housing Foundation Way
Sandie Fauss, Editor
Director of Community Services
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