June 2019 Edition
The New Community Service Newsletter
Windover Oaks residents were treated to a fun-filled crafty May and June by their Resident Services Coordinator, Evelin Ferrell. Each activity at Windover Oaks includes an educational, community service, or social component, and the residents involved actively build community and social relationships. The Sunset Painting Workshop was not only a great time, but each resident had the opportunity to donate their painting toward the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation campaign, a fundraiser to help find a cure for childhood cancer that Atlantic Housing Foundation participates in every year. Please visit Windover Oaks Facebook page to learn more about their resident services and programs.

The Atlantic Housing Foundation is committed to excellence in service and a focus on giving back to the community. We operate under a set of core values that drive our business goals and everyday operations. These are:

Continuous Improvement
Investing in Human Capital
Passion for Service

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Special Events
Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department Summer Camp
The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department selected our very own Roosevelt Gardens Apartments to host their 2019 OCSO Summer Camp. More than 75 children attended this year's camp. The activities included educational discussions, games, a cookout, and distribution of backpacks with school supplies.
The residents of Roosevelt Gardens learned about safety and community during this event.
As a part of the program Sheriff Ravenell signed participation certificates for the students who participated in the program. In accordance with the OCSD mission, Working Hard Today, for Their Future Tomorrow, every student received recognition for their dedication to the summer camp.
Sheriff Ravenell, Captain Green and the entire OCSD, we thank you!
Additionally, Captain Green and the OCSD passed out backpacks to students in partnership with the mission of Atlantic Housing Foundation's committment to education.
Students enjoyed a week of fun games with an emphasis on teamwork and focus on continuous learning and improvement. The partnership with OCSD truly shows the commitment of the sheriff and his team to the community, education, and to the residents of Roosevelt Gardens Apartments.
Creative Community Crafts
School is out for the summer at many of our locations, but that doesn't mean the great after school programs come to an end. In the summer our programs focus on stopping summer learning loss called the "summer slide". Did you know that more than two months of learning can be lost over the summer, causing teachers to have to reteach over six weeks of material from the previous year? Our programs help prevent summer slide by encouraging continued literacy and special projects in all subject areas to help students retain more information and prevent summer slide.
Please enjoy these photos of students engaged in learning activities which encourage creativity, problem solving and socialization throughout the summer months.
Waters at Sunrise created bath bombs for the special people in their lives during the month of May. Creating bath bombs incorporates a great deal of science with a bunch of fun mixed in as well!
Silver Leaf Villas recycled water bottles to make these great gifts for their special parent or guardian and to give away. They really know how to make someone feel special and give great gifts at Silver Leaf.
Villas at Sonterra used their heads to create these beautiful hand flowers to distribute to a loved one. What a great group turn out at Villas at Sonterra for the crafts! (Photo above and below).
Waters at Willow Run painted rocks with personality and pizzazz to decorate their community garden. Students had a great time planning their designs and placing them around the property gardens. You ROCK, Waters at Willow Run students!
Programs that Make a Difference
Covington Creek (pictured above and below) students in the after school program and J.E.W.E.L. summer feeding program.
Stonebriar Village (pictured above and below) had a great event to celebrate students getting out of school. They had hotdogs and lots of social activities, while getting to know their new Resident Services Coordinator.
Stonebriar Village on Facebook
Community Programs
The weather is getting warmer and that means residents are looking for more things to do outside. Many of our programs during the summer incorporate outside activities. Some focus on making sure students continue to receive a warm meal that they might miss because they aren't receiving them at school. Covington Creek and Heather Ridge partner with the J.E.W.E.L. Foundation (pictured left) every summer to make sure their children get a nutrious lunch in the summer.
Windover Palms Apartments provides a healthy snack for their residents hanging out by the pool. Even the Community Manager got involved!
Brittany Bay Apartments has promoted community involvement during the summer for the after school program for over 12 years. Students in the Helping Hands Club complete community service at Brittany Bay and learn important lessons such as helping the environment, character education and helping their community. The Resident Service Coordinators know how to keep the students involved and engaged while imparting valuable life lessons that help students continuously improve and stay up-to-date on important skills.
Communities Transformed
Heather Ridge Resident Services Coordinator celebrates the end of the school year by visiting the students and giving them a "Starburst Award". She understands they have been working hard during the school year and helps them celebrate the
completion of another year by giving them a starburst candy and a certificate. Thank you for showing the residents that we care about education and their successes, Heather Ridge! Way to go students!
$842,000 in Scholarships Awarded
This year Atlantic Housing Foundation is excited to announce the award of $842,000 in academic and housing scholarships to 57 students attending over 18 different colleges. This summer we will be highlighting these students on our Atlantic Housing Foundation Facebook page and Instagram to share a bit of their stories and aspirations. Please like and follow us on both Facebook and Instgram by following the links at the bottom of the newsletter so that you can be a part of the amazing adventure. Here are just a few of the dedicated and deserving young men and women awarded for the Fall 2019 cycle.
Shahmeen Razzak, majoring in Accounting
Isaiah Hamilton, majoring in Engineering
Renae Nguyen, Nurse Practitioner
Christina Short, Business Administration
Uri-El Jackson, Education major
Austin Fugate, majoring in Marketing
Arelly Cisneros, majoring in psychology
Esli Morales, majoring in Biology
Tress Wright, majoring in
Atlantic Housing Foundation was pleased to award six residents, ten AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students, and eight Boys and Girls Club members this cycle. "The commitment of the student applicants is truly an inspiration. These scholarships, in conjunction with our ongoing efforts to transform communities, are a critical part of our organization's mission to elevate working families through quality services and education. We are honored to be a part of their journey." - Michael Nguyen, CEO.
Resident Services Coordinator of the Quarter
Teamwork Spotlight
Teamwork is very important to our staff at each of our properties. When it comes to being involved in events and event planning the whole property gets involved to make sure the residents are provided with a great experience and amazing customer service! Pictured below are many of our team members that make the magic happen on property at our many events. Teamwork makes dreamwork! Thank you for all you do!
Stonebriar Village
Silver Leaf Villas
Tall Timbers
Upcoming Events and Information
College Bound
Atlantic Housing Foundation's mission to make a difference in our residents' lives and transform communities through education and development and we will be encouraging our elementary and middle school students to write to colleges all over the nation this summer to start to learn more about different colleges, careers and where they are located. Each center will be decorated with banners, posters and t-shirts to raise awareness of the need for higher education.
If you would like to make a donation to one of our Community Centers or speak to our residents about your college or career choice please contact the Community Manager of the property or email the Director of Community Services.
Partnership Events
Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce Golf Event
Atlantic Housing Foundation believes in supporting other local non-profits and charities. The annual Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce Golf Event to help raise money for scholarships for deserving young men and women in the Dallas area is one of the ways Atlantic Housing Foundation gives back to the local community and provides support to like-missioned partnerships.

We've Moved!
The Atlantic Housing Foundation has moved to a new location near the Design District in Dallas, located at 4770 Iberia Ave, Suite 100, Dallas, Texas 75207.

This awesome new space has a vibrant and fun work-life balance built in and is filled with caring and creative folks making a difference.

Check out our new digs in our AHF Headquarters Tour video, and come visit!
The Atlantic Housing Foundation Way
Sandie Fauss, Editor
Director of Community Services
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