March 2020 Edition
The New Community Service Newsletter
The health and well-being of our residents and employees is a top priority. That's why Atlantic Housing Foundation went into action quickly to make sure our residents and employees were provided with information and precautions needed to follow current CDC and government guidelines, along with those of regulatory agencies. You can read our up-to-date notices at and stay in the know by visiting our social media channels (listed at the bottom of this newsletter). It is our commitment during this time of need to continue to provide excellence in service as we are able, making sure to keep our residents, employees, and partners informed.

With this in mind, Atlantic Housing Foundation has partnered with multiple organizations including churches, school organizations, and feeding programs, to ensure food delivery is continuing to our residents. Our partners are using the guidelines recommended by the CDC to deliver these meals to our residents in our communities, including delivery to the front doors of our senior residents in need. Resident Service Coordinators like Nancy Blueitt at Stone Creek Apartments work with partners like Next Step Center in Lewisville, Texas to ensure residents have fresh fruits and vegetables and necessities like flour, canned goods and more. Read more about how Stone Creek Apartments is continuing to serve residents on their Facebook page : Stone Creek Apartments Facebook and learn more about our response in this edition of our New Community Services Newsletter.

The Atlantic Housing Foundation is committed to excellence in service and a focus on giving back to the community. We operate under a set of core values that drive our business goals and everyday operations. These are:

Continuous Improvement
Investing in Human Capital
Passion for Service

We hope you enjoy this edition of the New Community Services Newsletter!
Partnership Spotlight
School District & Partner Feeding Programs
Each Resident Service Coordinator has compiled a list of school feeding sites or has coordinated the local school district to visit their community or a partner feeding program to deliver to their site. Residents can find this information on each communities' Facebook page which is provided by their Resident Services Coordinator or Resident Services Specialist in their area.
Continuing Services Provision
The AHF Resident Services Coordinator response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a collaborative effort to continue to provide as many services and resources as possible for our residents. We recognize that with many families home with their children that our resources for our residents are more important than ever before. This is why our Resident Service Coordinators are coming up with creative ways to still provide resources whether it be online, via flyers, or other very unique ways to be of service. Resident Services Coordinator Evelin Hernandez and her Community Manager Jeromey Sand came up with this inventive measure to continue to provide students with books during this time. Additionally our coordinators are focused on finding and collecting information that lines up with our excellence in service model including online resources for student learning, information for self-help, video instruction on a variety of topics including health awareness, crafting at home activities, fitness links and more. Each Resident Services Coordinator has compiled a list services in a directory that is passed out to our residents via flyer and social media.
Service Spotlight
Giving at Tall Timbers
Tall Timbers Apartment staff in Houston, Texas understands community needs. AHF Leasing Agent Vanessa Rios and Community Manager Sherrie Michalack gave blood, realizing the blood supply could very well face unprecedented shortages in coming months. America's blood centers are reporting that a fifth of the centers currently only have a day's supply or less on hand at this time. Michalack reported that the center was practicing good social distancing with two appointments at a time and are scheduling appointments by phone or online.

Tall Timbers has many resources posted for residents in the month of March, including Mindworks STEM resources to do with students online. Check out the Tall Timbers Facebook page by clicking here: Tall Timbers Facebook page.
Emergency Services Directories
Our Resident Services Coordinators and Resident Services Specialists have been especially busy during this time collecting information and resources in the local area and nation-wide in order to help our residents in need. It is an all hands on deck approach, with Resident Service Coordinators in nearby locations working together to scan their community for local area resources. The Emergency Services Directories are an attempt to provide residents with local resources as needs arise.
Programs that Make a Difference
$38,753 Awarded in the 2019 Cycle
The Good Grades Program encourages parents to encourage their children to make good grades and perfect attendance in school. Students who are on the A or A/B Honor Roll for a full semester and have no absences for this time period receive a discount on their rent in the form of
  • 10% for straight As
  • 10% for perfect attendance
  • 5% for A/B Honor Roll

These discounts can be combined for multiple children, and multiple discounts (for example: As and perfect attendance) but cannot exceed the amount of rent due for the month. Alternatively students receive a certificate and party hosted by their community to celebrate good grades rewards.

The Atlantic Housing Foundation sees education as an essential way to break the cycle of poverty through education. In 2019 (Spring and Fall semesters) we awarded $38,753, $7,408 more than the 2018 cycle. We seek local school district volunteers to help administer quality tutoring programs. If you would like to volunteer please contact the Community Manager of the property or your Resident Services Coordinator. For more information visit
Upcoming Events and Information
Fall 2020 Scholarship Cycle Application Extended
Channel your inner Picasso! The Atlantic Housing Foundation is awarding an Art & Design Scholarship and encourages high
school juniors, seniors and current college students to apply for this award. This eight-semester scholarship will award $1500 a
semester to one creative recipient for
designing the community-themed work of art for the Atlantic Housing Foundation headquarters.

Committed to helping students reach their academic goals to help end the cycle of poverty, the Atlantic Housing Foundation has awarded scholarships to deserving young men and women for over a decade. This year there will be many scholarship opportunities and students can easily apply online.

All materials must be received by April 30, 2020 to be considered for a scholarship.
Residents of Atlantic Housing Foundation properties are strongly encouraged to apply.
People Making a Difference
On March 14, 2020, Tammy Taylor-Jones, Resident Services Specialist - East, was honored with the iChange Nations Award in Greenville, South Carolina. This award is presented to an individual who is making an impact in their community, acting with trust and dignity, following the Golden Rule and continuously working to improve the quality of life for their residents.

Tammy was one of 30 women in the Greenville - Spartanburg area who received this award at the Women of Excellence Conference. Congratulations, Tammy Taylor-Jones, this award is well-deserved!
The Atlantic Housing Foundation Way
Sandie Fauss, Editor
Director of Community Services
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