September 2019 Edition
The New Community Service Newsletter
Atlantic Housing Foundation's commitment to education is evident in everything we do. Our Resident Services Coordinators understand that it is never too early to start talking to students about the future. Both our Good Grades Program and Scholarship Program exemplify our focus on educational advancement, and in our communities Resident Services Coordinators provide after school tutoring to help enrich and strengthen student experiences in school. During the summer months we provide activities for students to learn more about colleges and universities by having them research and write to them for more information. This Windover Oaks resident was excited to receive a response from a university over 600 miles away. The banners received will be displayed in the community centers to encourage students to dream big and make goals for their future.

Atlantic Housing Foundation is committed to excellence in service and a focus on giving back to the community. We operate under a set of core values that drive our business goals and everyday operations. These are:

Continuous Improvement
Investing in Human Capital
Passion for Service

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Reading Matters
Enhancing Relationships
Did you know reading promotes brain development? In addition to helping support academic advancement and impacting standardized testing scores, daily reading helps in language development and critical thinking skills. Reading aloud builds listening skills and imagination.

Resident Services Coordinators know the importance of a variety of reading activities and provide these at each of our centers. The photos below emphasize the enthusiasm for reading support and our focus on literacy.
From South Carolina to Texas bookmobiles make an appearance in our communities. Our Resident Services Coordinators bring books to our residents regularly, and residents can apply for a library card and check out books right at their front door. Shown below residents check out books from the Charleston Public Library at Waters at Magnolia Bay.
Quail Ridge provides reading time for students during Galactic Readers in their community center. The resident coordinator is on hand for any reading assistance needed.
This Heather Ridge resident is enjoying the pictures and reading aloud for the Resident Services Coordinator.
Residents love the reading space created by Waters at Willow Run's Resident Services Coordinator.
Village Lakes has their own library with donated books in their community center for residents to read. Many of our centers have "leave a book, take a book" programs.
Our Resident Services Coordinators team up with partners to provide reading programs for residents. In addition to the bookmobiles, librarians from local libraries come to do activities and bring books to share with students. The librarian from Lexington County brings books to share with Waters at Berryhill residents.
Students use technology to read at Waterchase Apartments.
With technology access reading possibilities become endless and students can read their school library books and textbooks online at Silver Leaf Villas.
Cooking Up Some Fun
Our programs provide many different activities to enrich the school day and disguise learning as fun. For instance, cooking classes teach nutrition, dinning etiquette, life skills and, yes, even math! Programs such as Kids in the Kitchen at Waters at Longcreek (left) and Cooking with Suzi at Windover Oaks (below) provide skills and memories that last a lifetime. Please enjoy the following photos depicting the many fun programs provided by our Resident Services Coordinators to enrich our residents' lives.
Waters at St. James after school tutoring program provides time for students to do their homework as well as assistance and tutoring if needed (above and below). There is always a great turnout! Check out the fun our residents are having at
Who can get teens and tweens involved in an after school program? The Waters at Berryhill Resident Services Coordinator can! In the Teens and Tweens program 6th-12th graders to complete self-assessments and get motivated to complete their goals (below).
During Coffee with a Cop at Quail Ridge
Apartments the residents have the opportunity to learn more about the local police department and build a positive relationship with their community officer.
In addition to the information the fire department provided on safety, the residents also found out more about this important career, and they even stuck around to pass out water on this hot Texas day!
The Waters at Elm Creek Resident Services Coordinator provides both after school tutoring in math and enrichment activities (above). Residents have the opportunity to complete their homework and have a quick snack at the community center.

Students complete homework and get a snack at Arrowood after a long day of school.
Waters at Longcreek teamed up with No Bullying Zone USA to deliver a program for residents. They really enjoyed the special guest speaker D'mitri Brown, the 12 year old founder of the organization and learned a lot about this issue (below).
Safety programs are an important part of education for our residents. Pictured here residents of Waters at Willow Run learn more about the fire department (below).
Teamwork Does Make Dreamwork
Arrowood Apartments Team
Tall Timbers Team
Working Together to Make a Difference
The Igbo proverb "It takes a village" reinforces the fact that how we support families today has an impact on how we will face challenges together in the future. Atlantic Housing Foundation community teams work together to provide resident services to our communities. Everyone at each site makes an extra effort to support the programs provided by our Resident Services Coordinators. Together we make a difference and transform communities.
Waters at Berryhill Team (with Greg's Groceries)
Resident Services Coordinator of the Quarter
Josh Howard Foundation
Parks and Recreation Lewisville
Lewisville Fire Department
Denton ISD
Cook's Children's Center
Lewisville Public Library
Valley Creek Church
Tom Thumb
Robin Morris After School Tutoring
Lewisville Rec Center

Our Resident Services Coordinator of the Quarter is Nancy Blueitt of Stone Creek Apartments. Nancy has created many new partnerships in her community for her residents. She exemplifies the core value of passion for service in everything she does. See below for a list of partnerships she has developed. She works hard for donations to her community center! Way to go, Nancy, your service and efforts are appreciated!
Programs That Make a Difference
The Atlantic Housing Foundation Scholarship Program provides assistance to students entering or already enrolled in colleges, universities, two-year programs or trade schools. To find out more about the scholarships visit:
The Spring 2020 application cycle ends on September 30, 2019. Apply now by visiting the link below.
Future Bear?
Students write away for college information.
Roll Tide!
It is never too late to start learning about colleges. Students from every community continue to write away for information and college swag to help decorate their community centers and serve as a reminder that education is an important part of their future. A special thank you to all of the colleges and communities who are already taking the opportunity to make a difference.
Partnerships that Make a Difference
Irving Fire Department & Houston Food Bank Senior Box Program
Partnerships are a valuable part of our service coordination. If you know of a partnership that will make a difference in our residents' lives, please contact your community manager.
Resident Services Coordinators are constantly on the look out for resident services to meet the needs of our residents in the community. They gather data from the residents themselves, look at demographics and local programs in the neighborhoods around them. Two partnerships that make a major difference in the lives of our residents are the Houston Food Bank Senior Food Box Program and the partnership with the Irving Fire Department.
The Houston Food Bank Senior Box Program delivers food on schedule to seniors in the Arrowood Apartments. This partnership makes sure that our seniors have enough food to make it through the month.
The Irving Fire Department gives free safety classes to our residents. Shown below residents from Covington Creek, Heather Ridge and Waterchase participate in these free lessons.
All of the events provided in our programs are completely free of charge!
Upcoming Events and Information
Atlantic Housing Foundation Turns 20!
Atlantic Housing Foundation's mission to make a difference in our residents' lives and transform communities through education and development has been going strong for 20 years. We will be celebrating this event throughout the rest of the year with special presentations during our Best Practice calls and a special edition of the newsletter dedicated to remembering the last twenty years.

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The Atlantic Housing Foundation Way
Sandie Fauss, Editor
Director of Community Services
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