May and June 2017
Your New Life Foundation: 
It's Available to you Right Now!
Will you accept the invitation?
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A New Foundation for Your Life


If you're new to my newsletters, welcome! My email list is growing and people are joining from many different backgrounds and countries all around the world. It's so very exciting to have you here!

This has been a most busy time since I last wrote about the significance of  Easter and AprilSo to pickup from where I left off, I'd suggest taking the time to read/revisit my last newsletter, " 3 'Soul-Full' To Do's This Easter/April.

And this will also help explain why many of us, including me, are having the strangest situations occur out of the blue, as well as some problems you wish would just solve themselves already <insert moan here>, but they just keep repeating! It feels like the worst Mercury retrograde ever, one that just won't stop! 

What is happening is that anything with a recurring pattern at the core that does not serve you well will show up, if it hasn't already. 

Intense challenges are often due to what's called an initiation where you're soul is ready to leave an old repeating and depleting pattern behind, begging for your attention to do something differently. If you're not paying enough attention to the situation, then things will get even more intense until you do so.

Taking the time to be honest and transparent with yourself about what may have come up for you in the form of challenges is crucial, as well as acknowledging any revelations you may have had as a result of coming out of your own Easter cave. 

The task at hand is to reach for what is real and meaningful, no matter what it costs you in terms of change and disruption.   

The solutions are available, but they are not solutions from our lower-ego mind. They are solutions from "the higher mind" and this is what we must learn to tap into and receive.

This is a time of incredibly important real self-work because y our entire foundation of life is shifting, adapting, and changing; however, that said, it is still an invitation from the Higher Realms, so it's up to you not to resist these areas in your life begging for change and to accept the invitation from the Higher Realms, the angelic host (Jesus the Living Christ of Nazareth, Kuthumi-Agrippa, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, etc.), they are asking us to rise to their level: faith and trust must replace fear and anxiety.

Use this time to train and work out your spiritual muscle! Strengthen your inner pillars of light of Faith and Trust.

Perhaps you're holding back or simply distracted because people close to you are not "on board"? It's very important to know that not everyone will respond the same to this invitation. 

Everyone will respond in their own way, and the way for you to serve anyone best, including Mother Earth, is by serving yourself, thus leading by example. 

As with the angelic host, the many Benefic Beings of Living Light, they lead by example, intervening only when asked. We live in a world of free will. Just as your own awareness grows at a pace that's best for you, topics, "new truths," or understandings you wouldn't have been open to before may now be subjects you're interested in. Would you want to be judged or criticized for this awareness breakthrough not happening in your life sooner? Of course not. 

Please keep this in mind and share this information with others, as it's probably the most-asked question I receive: "But what about this person in my life? They won't listen to me. They don't want to hear that they need to make the necessary changes in their life.They don't want to hear that they're not a victim. They point fingers at situations and at everyone else," etc.  

Some people will resonate with this opportunity now and some later. Some will say, "great," how do I do this, and how can I learn more? Some will say ok, I get it, but then do nothing. Some will say they don't believe it and continue with their life as doesn't matter what anyone else does. This is about you and your life alone. 

You cannot intellect spiritual growth, and this Earth School is here to provide l ife experiences for soul growth. Everyone needs to spend their time in their experience, and it's no one's business how long one "stays in their stuff." Through the unconditionally loving eyes of one's soul and Higher Self will the promptings occur.

There is only one *God and one vibration, and the thing that separates us from one another is the level at which we vibrate: if you're in fear most of the time (a low-vibration frequency) or in love most of the time (a high-vibration frequency), then that is the level at which you vibrate. (*God, Goddess, Universe, Source, Spirit, etc.)  

And since the only thing you have true control over is your own vibration, then let the others be so moved by your own positive life changes that they ask you how you did it!

For effective life changes, you have to decide for yourself: which system in this Universe do you want to feed most of the time, and then you follow through on that choice. Faith & Trust or Fear & Anxiety?

So which wolf (Universal system) were you feeding before you went into the " Easter cave" and which wolf do you choose to feed now?

The question is: do you wish to follow the lower-ego will  (the dark/evil wolf) or THY will be done (the light/good wolf), meaning allowing the Living Light of Christ to flow through your body, mind, and spirit. Seeing your own Living Christ Light within and having this inner relationship with the self is the key to communicating and entering these higher realms where the higher solutions reside, where you'll hear and receive the answers to your prayers. This alignment is also where miracles are formed. This is Faith and Trust. If you let your lower mind of limitation rule, then you're resisting the changes and saying no to the invitation being extended.

If you're ready to leave anxiety, failure, fear, and confusion behind, and you're re-birthing with the intention of surrendering to the Heavenly Presence of the Living Light which embodies every solution and every answer, then this time is for you! Ground yourself, and ground your Higher Self each day by living your life in the Living Light frequencies that enable you to direct energy in such a way that benevolent outcomes are the order of the day, the Divine Order!

It takes awareness first, commitment second, and then  practice. This is what I refer to as a Daily Spiritual Practice. First thing in the morning when you're waking and calm, connect with these higher parts of yourself and those you join in prayer, so that all of the higher systems of life and energy can engage with you. This is how you fill yourself first so then you can remain aligned in the flow of Peace and Harmony, Trust and Faith, so that whatever life presents to you in that moment, you can recognize there's a purpose in that moment, and perhaps it's leading you to a new perspective or even to a new direction.

I'll be writing more about a Daily Spiritual Practice, spiritual hygiene, and exercising your spiritual muscle, so stay tuned to upcoming newsletters. It's not a new topic, as I've been writing about it (and teaching workshops online/in-person) over these last 10 years, such as "Mastering the Material World," but the urgency and priority is very real and exciting! 

Remember, we are living differently in this world post December 2012. All karmic contracts and karmic ties have ended. Mostly, we're trapped by habits and behaviors and beliefs that we're not aware of or know how to change the situations. This is a time-space continuum loop that keeps repeating itself until we do something differently. 

We are rising above our own personal challenges, our astrology, which is our natal chart, our blueprint for life. We are now creating our new Gold Print! BUT this means you have to do your inner work and see the wisdom of what's challenged you. Often times our biggest fears are our biggest strengths!

Feel the fear and do it anyway!


Do you feel like everyone's losing it?!
The higher frequencies coming to Earth are forcing anything that's "blocked" to crack open so that the dysfunctional energy is released. Most are unaware and/or don't know what to do. Learn how to work with this. Even in the face of challenge you can feel benevolent presences with you, bringing you the solution or igniting the spark inside of you that solves your dilemma. This is a very important part of this month, May 2017.

As a part of this Divine Plan being anchored here on Earth of the Golden Age of Peace, right now, we're all being invited into the organic flow of not only manifesting miracles, but weaving the powerful energy of Divine Living Love and Living Wisdom through Mother Earth's grids (her nervous system we are all attached to). This also includes your own personal field of light.

In fact, this has been such a powerful process for myself, it's rocked my own life to the extent that I am in awe watching things happen, practicing going with the flow on whole new levels, and this greatly impacted my work, including not being able to write about this month May until now, May 26th! 

I've been working on this newsletter for what seems like forever, and it's now become much longer than usual. In addition, my dear sister, friend, and colleague, Michelle Manders, also experienced this to such an extreme that her move into her new home a few weeks ago (within South Africa) has still rendered her without internet, so we've had to temporarily stop our " Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith" series until she can sort this out in July after returning from our trip overseas.

For me, I have to go through these new world challenges, feel it, create a process to deal with it, and then I can share this with you, whether in writing these newsletters or in our "Soul Chat" platform. They key to our new life in these new times is handing problems and challenges over to Spirit and paying attention to the solutions presented in the various ways that Spirit provides them. 

Our own soul health depends on our understanding how to do this and to follow through with proper love-based motivations and actions--no fear!

Very soon, from June 5 through the 15th, an anchoring of very important grids: family grids, as well as the play, curiosity, and creativity grids on Mother Earth will occur. We're reuniting the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine for the first time in some 26,000 years. Consider this to be like "mommy and daddy are coming home," creating a divine, unconditionally loving foundation for you, their divine child.

This Reunion work involves the physical presence of the Earth Guardians and Crystal Grid Guardians, of which I also serve as.

For those of you new to my work, I am also a Lightwarrior and a Golden Temple Teacher, presenting the teachings provided by the Palace of Peace, a Spiritual University, as well as a global community of positively self-empowered, like-minded and like-hearted Spiritual Lightwarriors who have come together to make a positive impact in the world. 

And in case you're wondering, what is a Lightwarrior? And what is the difference between a Lightworker and a Lightwarrior?

Lightwarriors, such as myself, are the ones who are standing in the forefront of this gargantuan change humanity is now facing. We fearlessly address every single issue inside of ourselves that cause debilitation, suffering, self-sabotage, lack and loss, any kind of deprivation and limitation. Lightwarriors embrace every part of our being, and we rise above it. For me, as I mentioned previously, I have to really feel and integrate this before I can share and talk about it, and this is why I've not been communicating as much through my writings. I've been mostly working within my Lightwarrior group, both by supporting them and my Lightwarrior sisters and brothers have been supporting me. I was given an opportunity to take over an 8-week class, and just finished teaching two rounds of it, which is one of the many ways my work changed--all of a sudden without notice! I look forward to sharing with you this 8-week "Astro 101 Class" upon my return from England/Scotland. In addition, I have another course also in development that was frustrating me because I couldn't move forward with it. As a result of the recent situations and challenges, I can see why this occurred and how incredibly helpful it is! 

Right  now is a most important and incredible time of creating a new foundation in life for ALL of us. It's the home, our roots, family, your home life, the father, as this specifically relates to the 4th House in Astrology. The family unit is the most important unit from which all of our lives are built upon. 

The project we Lightwarriors have been working on since the beginning of the year is called the Reunion project where the masculine and feminine are now merging as one, so our inner parent and healed inner child can unite--a reunion of profound proportions. This is incredibly important work to me, and a small group of us Lightwarriors, led by Michelle Manders, will anchor this Reunion energy in England and Scotland from June 5 to June 15, 2017. 

Lightworkers are softer in the energy which they work into. They address their issues as Lightwarriors do, but they may not feel safe enough to step into the Lightwarrior category because the memory of the intensity from the fall of the Lemurian and Atlantean times are still too rife within their cellular memory, so Lightworkers prefer a more gentle way of doing their work and are still doing the very important (and non-negotiable) inner work on themselves. They also won't take on people, groups, or organizations to express their discontent, their unhappiness, or their disapproval with what is being done. They prefer a gentler energy and are the ones working more into gentler modalities of healing, nothing harsh. 

This is not to say that one is better than the other as both are very important contributors. Lightwarriors have a very different energy vibration to Lightworkers. Lightwarriors are not afraid to step in, to step out, and to do whatever needs to be done to make sure that the "business of Light" is taken seriously. 

Whether you are a Lightworker or a Lightwarrior, you are continuing to harness this energy in a completely new way since December 2012. ( Click here if you're interested in learning more about being in service in this capacity with the Palace of Peace.)

So with this said, I promise to myself, the Living Light Team that supports and works with me to be their physical conduit, to Mother Earth (and all of her inhabitants), and to you, that I will do all that I can to ensure strong, healthy, unconditionally-
loving family grids are here for all of us and our children and those that follow.

This means I'll be leaving for England and Scotland and will be out of the office from June 2nd returning June 19th. (Click here to read more about the Reunion project and the itinerary.) We have a powerful anchoring on the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9th at Stonehenge. 

Then, I will be back in Hollywood, California, for only one more week, at which time I will be preparing to travel back to my home in North Carolina. I will be driving back through the USA for the 6th time (14 times via air travel), where I've had the opportunity of weaving these amazing Living Light energies across this beautiful country. I'll be arriving home on the east coast on July 1st. 

Since I will have limited availability in June, please book a session as soon as possible. My schedule is filling up, and I'd love to meet with you so you can better understand your own life's blueprint for this foundation you're able to create. You created your life plan, so understanding what this new foundation means for you is incredibly empowering and inspiring!

Also, if you're interested in participating and learning more about healing Mother Earth, May's Planetary Healing and Blessings from my colleague, Michelle Manders', this is posted on her website on the free channelings tab where you can listen to any of the current/past messages. This also includes the series, "The Purpose of These Times." If you need free help on working with your own life situations, the "Purpose of These Times" is a beautiful body of work to assist you in working with your life on a daily basis--the point of working with yourself on a daily basis cannot be emphasized enough. Bookmark this tab of free channelings as the June message will be posted here as well as as soon as Michelle can record and post it to her website.

So to recap:
  • If you don't like your life, change it. Every time you point fingers at someone else or something else, remember, there are three fingers pointing back at you.
  • Put your mental body aside and reconnect with your spirit and the higher realms first. In this new world, if you don't like what's manifesting in the physical realm called your life, then go back to your daily spiritual practice. You must put your spirituality first for the positive changes you've been praying and hoping for. Remember this is a whole new world with a whole new communication system in place to create a life where your spirit can soar.
  • What you set as your intentions, your dreams, hopes, and wishes, are what you carry in your heart, and this is the energy creating your life. Embrace this opportunity of creating a whole new foundation of life. It's truly the "end of the world as we know it," but in a good way! It means the lower-ego's world of materialism by way of survival mode is over; the "evil/dark wolf" no longer rules your life, imprisoning you into a life where you're unhappy and not thriving. BUT this will work for you only if you're ready to make the change and accept the invitation to do so!
Remember, your soul essence does not experience fear. 
  • You must have a daily spiritual practice to over-ride your life patterns so that you can create your whole new foundation. I invite you to read my newsletter "Building Your Life in the New World." 
  • First thing in the morning, take the time and truly feel peace; it's where your communication connection is and allows the answers to come through. This is how you strengthen your spiritual muscle.
"Peace is where your power is."
--Faith Parent Hendrickson

So which wolf is it that holds the reigns in your life? Are you ready to take the reigns back from the evil/dark wolf, giving the reigns of your soul to the good/light wolf to allow your spirit to soar, where there is no fear? Are you ready to thrive?

You can "have it all." When you're connected to peace, it truly feels like you have it all, and your Faith and Trust ensures that your needs will always be met. Learn how.

This is also where you'll find unconditional love, gratitude, appreciation...the space that miracles can flow...better days are ahead! It's up to you! 

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important times we've experienced to date--this Reunion is a most amazing time of positive change, and for these reasons, I am making every moment of my calendar available for sessions as possible.

May Schedule: I'm available on the USA holiday, Memorial Day, this Monday, May 29th, through Thursday, June 1st. 

June Schedule: I' m available Monday, June 19th, through Thursday, June 22nd. 

July Schedule: I'm back in the office on Monday, July 10th.

Please don't wait! Don't hesitate! If you can, book a session by June 22nd to find out about your Moon, your 4th House, and how these energies will impact you, as this is the foundation of your life. If you know your exact time of birth, along with the city/state, country, schedule the session titled: "Mother Moon": The Mother of All Needs" so that you're ready and able to fully integrate this Reunion activation. In this session, we'll discuss your Moon, where the constellation of Cancer is in your chart, as well as your 4th House, planets (if any), and its rulers based on Medieval Astrology techniques. Just give me 24 hours advance notice so I have time to work on your natal chart, your blueprint you created for this life! 

Otherwise, feel free to book a 30- or 60-minute session for a different support discussion.

In all cases, click on the " Book Now!" button to see the services I offer and my availability in your time zone. 

July follows with the month of miracles!   Are you ready?!  

I realize there's a great deal of information in this email. Print it out and work with it! Follow all of the hyperlinks to learn more to empower yourself! Work with yourself daily.

It's my prayer this message and these times assist you in piercing through the veils of deception that blind your vision as to anything that no longer serves you at the level you find yourself. 

Accept the angelic host's invitation!

Thank you for being on this journey with me--it's truly such an honor to walk side-by-side with you and to be of service in this capacity!  Let me know if you have any questions and don't forget to book your session with me. This is a most exciting time of change being offered to us right now!

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Sending you Living Love and Living Light,
Faith xo

Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson
Soul Advocate, Higher Consciousness Mentor
Founder/Owner of HeartLight Communications

Golden Temple Teacher, providing teachings from the Palace of Peace, a Spiritual University 

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