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  Fire Replicas Newsletter - January 2019
Happy New Year!

We hope this newsletter finds you all doing well and having a great start to 2019.

As the dust is still settling around here after a crazy busy holiday season and travel schedule, we're looking forward to a productive 1st Quarter. We'll see the product release frequency slow down a bit as our factory takes its annual break for Chinese New Year, allowing us to catch up on product development and marketing...including the completion of the 2018 Collection Book.

Many models sold out over the holiday season and many more are extremely low in stock. That's good news because we need the room for the most intense year of product announcements ever. We'll average more than 1 new model per week in 2019, so keep in touch with us!

2019 will see many "firsts" for Fire Replicas as we diversify across more departments, more OEMs, more apparatus types and across vintage, classic and modern rigs. We couldn't be more excited about the future and more thankful for all of you, our customers who make the preservation of fire apparatus possible!

Read on for more information including new announcements, low stocks, sellouts and more!

Just announced...only 50 of each produced. Only 14 units remain of Ladder 22!

A look at what's coming for Detroit....May 2019.

(early production prototype shown)
Low stock alert!
Wheaton RS742 - 3 remain.
This Seagrave/Rescue 1 for Montgomery County's Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad is a stunning rig...which happens to make a stunning replica. Down to 3 units.

FDNY Engine 211 - 9 left.
Victory Engine on Hooper Street is nearly sold out. Don't delay in adding this beautiful FDNY KME engine to your collection! Only 11 remain.

Chicago Engine 17 - Down to 12.
We all recognize this pumper...Chicago Fire Department Ward LaFrance/E-One/Ranger is down to about a dozen units. Take one home today!

Milwaukee Engines 26 & 32 - 11 left.
Milwaukee Engines 26 and 32 are Pierce Arrow XT Pumpers and arguably the most
underrated in our fleet. Take a closer look!

On the horizon...Seagrave
Washington D.C. Pumpers
The Seagrave Capitol Pumpers are progressing nicely and will feature the most parts on any engine we've ever produced. D.C. has some beautiful rigs...look for these later this summer!
Sold out last month...
Missed out on a sold out model? Check out our Ebay reseller for hard to find items!
Never too early to save up for your next model.
We're proud to make it official...Oshkosh Striker 8x8 for Chicago is coming later in 2019. The first museum grade ARFF 8x8 is one you won't want to miss.