Do you make New Year’s resolutions? While starting a new habit or learning a new skill in the new year can be great, the new year can also be a chance to renew our commitments to old habits. The first month of the year brings with it the challenges to health and safety of winter weather, as well as Blue Monday. At Threads of Life, we see these challenges as reasons to recommit to safe and healthy work habits—will you join us? 
When help can't arrive...
When winter weather hits, most of us need a little extra time to get where we need to go. But for workers in remote areas, that “little extra time” means that help may be slower to arrive in the event of an emergency. Michael Montpetit was a seismic driller working to repair a new and unfamiliar rig in a remote site in the winter. A tossed lever cover landed on a gear shift and set a machine in motion, crushing Michael between a truck and a seismic rig. But the cold winter conditions meant that the air ambulance was unable to get to Michael directly. While the weather cannot be controlled, working safely will reduce the risks at play during the winter months—and lessen the impacts of delayed emergency services. What are the weather risks in your region that could delay the arrival of emergency services?
Sharing values
It’s that time of year when many of us are giving to organizations and causes that share our values.
We’re happy to share the values of workplace safety with Zgemi Group of Companies. Zgemi held their fifth annual fundraising dinner on December 14 in support of Threads of Life. Speakers Bureau member Erin Pitruzella shared her husband Leo’s story with attendees and was presented with a cheque for $30 000.
Thank you, Zgemi, for helping us support families living with workplace tragedy!

Steps for Life: a thousand stories, from coast to coast
Each Steps for Life - Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy community has its own story. Toronto was the first walk and our longest running walk community! Kingston and Fredericton joined us in 2017 as our newest walks. Fort McMurray is our northernmost walk and the St John’s walk takes us out to the east coast. Each walk brings something unique to our Canada-wide Steps for Life community—whether it’s a scenic route, a record setting team, or new activities on walk day.

If you want to be a part of a Steps for Life community story, it’s not too late! Sign up to volunteer at a walk in your community.  
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