APRIL 2018

All workshops are held at NPCC unless otherwise noted.
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Thurs., April 5, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:  Communications 

Social media is a key element in any marketing and communications program. But with so many platforms and so little time and staffing, how does an organization get the most out of its social media efforts? While the platforms are new and evolving, many of the same principles apply. In this workshop, we will talk about how to define your overall communications goals and create social media goals to support them. How to identify and target the right audiences and from there how to select which platforms to prioritize and what kind of content you will need to create. At the end, you should have a clearer picture of where you want to focus your efforts.

Key Takeaways:

- Defining the main social media platforms, including audience demographics and methods of engagement

- Connecting your social media activities to your organization's overall strategy and its communications and marketing strategy

- How to prioritize your activities by targeting audiences

-How to identify immediate actions you can take

This workshop will be presented by Arabella Meyer, Principal at ACMeyer Strategic Communications LLC.

Weds., April 11, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:  Governance

Rekindle the spirit of fundraising among your board, including adding new fundraising enthusiasts and losing the fundraising-shy "old guard" without losing friends. Learn how to assess your board's fundraising strengths and weaknesses, and dramatically shift its fundraising culture. Even if your board has gone years without embracing its fundraising duties, with the right strategies you can raise their sights and boost their abilities to enthusiastically turn friends and fans into year-round supporters.

Key Takeaways:

- Identify what is holding their board back from fundraising

- Draw lessons from what worked if your board mobilized in a crisis

- Consider a wide range of specific practices to get your board members back on track

-Leave with a Board Activation Plan customized to your organization's needs

This workshop will be presented by Cause Effective.

Click here to register.

Thurs., April 19, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence: Fundraising and Resource Development

As charities seek to attract and retain donors to support their programs, they operate within a legal framework that offers challenges and opportunities. Community-based and other nonprofits are under pressure to diversify their funding sources to include a range of private foundations, corporations, government and individual funders. Expanded ways of fundraising, including special events and online communications, have opened up innovative avenues to support fundraising efforts. This in person workshop will provide an overview of the federal and state laws that apply to nonprofits that are fundraising in New York, including documentation and disclosure rules imposed by the Internal Revenue Code, state charities registration and reporting, the use of volunteer and paid fundraisers, and steps to avoid deceptive solicitation.

Key Takeaways:
- Better understand regulatory framework in order to better support the organization's fundraising activities
- Learn how to follow laws and regulations related to documentation of gifts
- Learn to recognize and steps to address legal issues related to particular types of gifts

This workshop will be presented by Elizabeth Guggenheimer, Deputy Executive Director/Director of Institutional Advancement at Lawyers Alliance for New York.

Wed., May 2, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence: Information Technology; Communications

You have your website, but how do you get people through the front door? The answer: strategic content marketing. If you can get your site to the first page of Google, you'll gain incredible opportunities. Want your site to be authoritative and relevant? Of course you do. That's why writing for the web to attract both humans and robots is so important. At this session, you will learn more than just the theory behind content marketing and SEO. Discover how to decide what to write and how to write it in order to grow organic traffic by 20% year over year. You'll walk away with clear steps to immediately implement and measure this strategy at your organization.

Key Takeaways:
- How SEO and content marketing work
- Keyword research framework and tools
- An editorial process you can easily implement at your organization
- How to track your content and measure success with Google Analytics

This workshop will be presented by Meredith Esquivel, Digital Marketing Whaler, and Olivia Marlowe-Giovetti, Account Strategist Whaler at Whole Whale.

Thurs., May 3, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence: Human Resources

Do you have or plan to have interns or volunteers work at your organization this summer?Lisa M. Brauner, Esq., Head of Perlman & Perlman LLP's Employment Law Practice, Frank King, Chief Labor Standards Investigator, New York State Department of Labor, Division of Labor Standards, and a representative from the United States Department of Labor will be presenting a seminar on what nonprofit organizations need to know about labor laws relating to hiring summer interns, volunteers, and employees. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Key Takeaways:

- An understanding of what is a "volunteer" and whether the law recognizes "interns"

- An understanding of federal and New York wage/hour laws and how they apply to nonprofits

- Steps to proactively help minimize the risk of legal liability and damages


This workshop will be presented by Lisa M. Brauner, Partner Head of Employment Law Practice, Perlman & Perlman, LLP.

Apply for the 2018 New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards!

The Nonprofit Excellence Awards program is a unique opportunity for New York City area nonprofits to receive a full 360-degree assessment of their management practices, along with insightful feedback from a knowledgeable team of experts. This learning opportunity is the only one of its kind that recognizes success in management excellence. This year, NPCC has made some exciting changes: the Awards event is now a one-day conference; the Awards prizes are diversified; and all applicants can get expert individualized coaching and will receive free NPCC workshops to improve their practices. The Awards program gives all nonprofits the opportunity to build capacity to further their missions!

Application Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2018, 5:00pm

All operating 501(c)(3) nonprofits in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester are eligible and encouraged to apply. Organizations considering applying for the Awards are encouraged to attend our upcoming Application Clinic Webinar on Tuesday, April 3, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, where you will have a chance to ask questions and get detailed information about this year's improved application and selection processes. Click here to register for this webinar.
You did it! Omnibus Spending Bill - NO Johnson Amendment Repeal
On March 23 rd , Congress passed the omnibus spending bill , officially titled the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018, designed to fund the federal government through the current fiscal year 2018, ending on September 30. The 2,232-page bill contains numerous extraneous policy riders, but lawmakers did not include a provision to repeal or weaken the longstanding Johnson Amendment , the law that protects charitable nonprofits, houses of worship, and foundations from partisan politics, thanks to strong, united self-defense lobbying by the potentially affected parties. The Johnson Amendment has protected 501(c)(3) organizations from the perils of divisive partisan politicking for 60+ years. We must remain vigilant because anti-Johnson Amendment language could resurface in future legislation. We'll keep you updated on issues as the arise.
Omnibus Spending Bill - What's in the Bill?
Here's an analysis from our friends at the National Council of Nonprofits. The $1.3 trillion spending legislation funds discretionary spending programs throughout the federal government. This includes many programs that reimburse charitable nonprofits for the services they provide on behalf of all levels of governments. The bill includes:
  • Big Picture Spending: The bill provides $80 billion in new spending for defense and $63 billion more for domestic programs. The legislation includes more that $21 billion for transportation, energy, water, and cyber infrastructure projects across the country. In a reversal from past funding practices, the legislation increases money for the Internal Revenue Service by about 10 percent, apparently in recognition of increased regulatory and enforcement workload due to the newly enacted tax law.
  • Arts, Culture, and Community Engagement: The legislation funds the National Endowments for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities at $153 million each, $3 million more than last year. The Corporation for National and Community service (CNCS) would receive about a 5% increase over last year, while the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) would be funded at the same level. Each of these programs was slated for elimination in the President's budget requests for FY 2018 and FY 2019.
  • Census 2020: The bill provides a $1.34 billion increase for the Census Bureau to help prepare for the 2020 count. This amount doubles what the President requested.
  • Education: The bill increases the maximum Pell Grant award to $6,095, and would provide $350 million for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program that benefits employees of nonprofits and governments.
  • Food and Nutrition: The bill would appropriate $6.175 billion in discretionary funding for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, which is $175 million below the fiscal year 2017 level. It would provide an additional $1.5 billion for the child nutrition programs, including $564 million for the Summer Food Service Program. The legislation would provide $74 billion in required mandatory spending for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), $4.5 billion below last year's level.
  • Health: Medical research at the National Institutes of Health, a longstanding bipartisan priority, would increase to $37 billion, a $3 billion bump. In the bill, there is $2.8 billion for fighting opioid addiction, including $1.4 billion for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
  • Social Services and Assistance: The bill designates $28 billion in discretionary funding for Administration for Children and Families (ACF), which is $4 billion more than last year. Early childhood programs are slated to receive an increase of nearly $3 billion; Head Start would see a boost of $610 million, and the Child Care and Development Block Grant is slated to receive a $2.4 billion increase to $.52 billion. There is also a $2.37 billion increase for child care development block grants, and 80 percent year-over-year increase, as well as a 12.5 percent in annual credit allocations for four years in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program, and expansion of the income-averaging rules.
What isn't in the Bill:
Numerous policy provisions did not make it into the final draft of the legislation, including:
  • Immigration: The bill does not include a short-term Dreamer/Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) extension, despite Senate Democrats allowing the government to shut down in January to force resolution of the issue. The administration reportedly balked at a proposal by Democrats to extend the DACA program permanently in exchange for full funding ($25 billion) for the southern border wall. The White House countered with an offer of a 2.5 year extension while insisting on the full $25 billion. Democrats didn't accept the counter-offer, leaving the issue unresolved while the courts determine the legality of the President's action to eliminate the DACA program. The bill includes only $1.6 billion for border security, but doesn't authorize spending for significant wall construction.
  • Obamacare Stabilization: To avoid severe premium hikes this fall, several Republican Senators offered a package that would have provided $30 billion for cost-sharing subsidies and reinsurance under the Affordable Care Act, but with expanded abortion restrictions to which Democrats objected.
  • Sexual Harassment Overhaul: Negotiators couldn't reach agreement on a House-passed measure, inspired by the #MeToo movement, that would have toughened sexual harassment policies on Capitol Hill.
SALT Workaround Enacted in New York
From the National Council of Nonprofits: New York lawmakers over the weekend enacted a $168 billion budget for fiscal year 2019 that includes the first new law designed to get around the federal $10,000 cap on the deductibility of state and local taxes (SALT) enacted in December. The New York FY 2019 Budget creates two new state-operated Charitable Contribution Funds, one for healthcare and the other for education in New York. Assuming the workaround plan is deemed lawful by the IRS, a question that is in dispute, state taxpayers who itemize deductions will be able to claim these contributions as charitable deductions on their federal tax returns. Those taxpayers may also claim a state tax credit equal to 85% of the donation amount for the tax year after the donation is made. The legislation also authorizes school districts and other local governments to create charitable funds that accept donations and reduce local property taxes (via a local credit) equal to a percentage of the donation. The budget also provides for an optional provision that allows employers to pay a payroll tax, instead of employee paying state income tax, that would increase the gross pay of the employee while allowing the employer to take a tax credit against the payment - although nonprofits, as tax-exempt organizations cannot take tax credits. NPCC advocated for making the provision optional because of the disparate impact on nonprofit organizations.
Nonprofits not required to file application for form or address change
As of January 1, 2018, the IRS generally no longer requires a new exemption application from a domestic section 501(c) organization that changes its form or place of organization. However, New York State continues to require such a filing.
Withholding Calculator Released
From our friends at the National Council of Nonprofits : The Internal Revenue Service released a new income tax withholding calculator  to help employees assess their tax withholdings for 2018. For employees who need to change their withholdings, the IRS also released a new Form W-4 . Nonprofits are encouraged to share these resources with their employees so they can make necessary adjustments to the amount of taxes withheld from their paychecks under the new federal tax law. The IRS also published a new set of frequently asked questions on tax withholding.
2018 Annual Meeting of Members & Panel Discussion

NPCC held our Annual Meeting of Members on March 27, 2018 at the CUNY Graduate Center with 180 members, sponsors, and honored guests in attendance. 

Board Chairman, Ian Benjamin, and NPCC President, Sharon Stapel, spoke of our accomplishments in our last fiscal year, including all of the work we did to improve how we serve our members. 

This year's panel discussion, Building Members and Building Movements: Caring for our People, focused on what we mean when we say that we care for our employees, the challenges we face in caring for them, and the ways by which we can address those challenges. 

The evening concluded with a networking reception where we honored eight outgoing members of our Board of Directors.  Click here to read more
Nonprofit Leadership & Strategy in Changing Times - A FREE Program for Emerging Leaders
This free program, presented by NPCC and Community Resource Exchange, supports NYC-based nonprofit emerging leaders working to lead and manage their organizations in the changing political, legislative, and funding environment. The series will provide leaders with the information and technical assistance they need to make informed decisions, pivot where needed, and guide their organizations toward long-term health to better serve their communities. 

The six-month program consists of four speaker sessions (workshops) on topics including scenario planning and government budget and policy processes, as well as four facilitated peer-learning sessions designed for participants to reflect on learnings, share strategies and information, and build peer relationships.

Application Deadline: April 6, 2018

This program is sponsored by American Express with additional support from Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
NPCC's Learning Labs are the way we translate the best management practices contained in our Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence  into tangible, concrete tools, skills, and strategies that you can immediately implement at your organization. Participants will learn through an in-depth, six module cohort-based series, led by governance experts, that will provide a deep dive into the area of governance. Participants will also join a community of practice of peers.

Participants will gain:
  • Knowledge and skills around managing the work of board committees
  • Tools to diversify board recruitment
  • Increased ability to implement an action plan for board improvement
  • A strong set of tools to engage with key stakeholders
  • A network and support group of governance professionals, peer organizations, and experts
Applications due Monday, April 9 by 5:00pm

Acceptance notifications will be sent out by Monday, April 16.
NPCC members: $350 for one participant; $500 total for up to two participants
Non-members: $450 for one participant; $750 for up to two participants.
Company Code: NPCCNY

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  2. You will then be prompted to create an account with your email address and company code (NPCCNY).
  3. Or, you can place your order by phone. Call customer service at 800-331-6483. Orders are taken from 8:30am-12:00am EST/7 days a week (holidays included).
TriNet, an HR Solution for NPCC Members
TriNet provides nonprofits with a full-service HR solution so they can free themselves from the complexities of HR and focus on their goals. As a trusted HR business partner, TriNet assumes many of the responsibilities of being an employer 
and helps  these companies contain HR costs, minimize employer-related risks and  relieve the  HR administrative burden. TriNet offers bundled HR products tailored by industry and strategic HR services, resulting in a comprehensive and empowering solution. Click here to learn more . Enter your company information, then select N onprofit Coordinating Committee.
Nonprofit Resiliency Committee Update
NPCC is a member of the Nonprofit Resiliency Committee, a committee of human services nonprofits and the Mayor's Office, which works to create efficiencies in nonprofit contracting with the City. The NRC has helped to implement a policy that, effective immediately, any human service contract with a personal service value of less than $250,000 is automatically exempt from the Hire NYC Human Service Rider. Additional updates can be found here.
EO 177 will change State contracts to prohibit discrimination
Governor Cuomo has issued Executive Order 177, which prohibits New York State's government from doing business "with entities that promote or tolerate discrimination or infringement on the civil rights and liberties of New Yorkers." This EO reinforces numerous existing New York State anti-discrimination laws. The Office of General Services and the Division of Human Rights are to issue joint guidelines no later than May 1, 2018.
New York City Human Rights Law expanded definitions of "gender" and "sexual orientation"
New York City Council Intro 1186-A  (Dromm) will expand New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) definitions of "sexual orientation" and "gender" effective on May 11, 2018. Nonprofits  should review their equal opportunity and anti-harassment policies to assure they are compliant with these definitions.
New employer requirements when accommodations are requested
New York City Council  Intro 804-A "clarifies the reasonable accommodation requirement by expressly requiring covered entities to engage in or seek to engage in a cooperative dialogue with individuals who may be entitled to such accommodation, in order to identify what reasonable accommodations are available to assist them. Int. 804-A applies to employers, providers of public accommodations, and providers of housing accommodations."

NYCService Volunteers Count 2017
Deadline: Wed., April 4th 

NYCService reports on the number of unique volunteers who have served in nonprofits in 2017. The Volunteers Count report positions New York City as a leader in volunteerism and service, and your volunteer numbers are critical to ensuring the City is able to capture the depth and breadth of ways residents come together to address key City issues. You can participate here (see here for the sample questions and prepare answers before opening the online portal). Your agency's/organization's name and volunteer numbers will be shared in our citywide report, allowing NYCService the opportunity to share your great work on a wider scale with community stakeholders such as elected officials, community-based organizations, and City Commissioners. All submitting organizations will receive a certificate of recognition that is signed by Mayor Bill De Blasio and Chief Service Officer Paula Gavin! Submissions due  by Wednesday, April 4th.
In February and March, NPCC hosted our annual Pathways to Excellence Workshop series. The series was presented by JPMorgan Chase & Co., and featured past Nonprofit Excellence Award winners and Selection Committee members detailing best management practices in Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence . Missed the series? Click here to access materials from each session.
On February 13, 2018, NPCC in partnership with NYLPI and Proskauer Rose LLP presented a critical workshop on sexual harassment in the workplace. It is a timely subject, given all of the recent sexual harassment cases in the media and news and our decreasing tolerance of such events. Discrimination is differential treatment of a person or group on the basis of an attribute that is a prohibited ground of discrimination. Under federal law, protected characteristics include race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, and genetic information. Protections under the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) are far broader than federal law and a new amendment, which will be enacted as of May 2018, will recognize the broad continuum of gender and sexual orientation and will include caregivers.  Click here to read more.
Welcome Katie Spencer, NPCC's New Executive & Board Associate

Katie joined NPCC in early 2018 as Executive & Board Associate. In her role, Katie supports NPCC's Executive Team and the Board of Directors. She also assists with office management and all programmatic efforts. Katie is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director for ARE Opera, a nonprofit that strives to make opera accessible, relatable, and enjoyable for all people. Prior to her work with NPCC, she worked as a program assistant at Carnegie Hall. She received her MM from The Manhattan School of Music.
NPCC Welcomes Seven New Board Members and Welcomes Back Six
At our Annual Meeting of Members on March 27, 2018, NPCC members elected the following new members to our Board of Directors. Joining the Board are Charles A. Archer, Esq., Cammie Erickson, Michelle Henry, Philip Li, Jarrett Lucas, Kamesh Moola, and Bobby Tran. They also re-elected the following six board members: Robert Acton, Diana Davenport, Richard Souto, Stephanie Thomas, Eileen Torres, Jo-Ann Yoo. All 13 of our newly elected and re-elected Board members bring talent expertise and energy to the table. We're fortunate to have them by our side as we inspire and build a powerful nonprofit community in New York. 
NPCC Bids Farewell to Eight Outgoing Board Members
At our Annual Meeting of Members on March 27th, NPCC said goodbye to Victoria Bailey, Joyce Bove, Gregory Cohen, Leslie Goldman, Antoinette La Belle, Larry Lee, Merble Reagon, and Michael Seltzer , who stepped down from our Board of Directors after years of service. We are deeply grateful for all of their contributions to NPCC and to New York's nonprofit community.
Every year, New York Nonprofit Media recognizes 40 individuals under the age of 40 who have made great strides in their career and hold the promise of a bright future. The Class of 2018 Rising Stars includes staff at NPCC member organizations. Congratulations!
  • Kandra L. Clark , Strategic Partnerships Liaison & Senior Grant Writer, The Fortune Society
  • Devaughn D. Fowlkes , College & Career Success Director, Breakthrough New York
  • Leah Goodridge , Supervising Attorney, Mobilization for Justice
  • Riva Heller , Executive Assistant, Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island
  • Nakia D. Johnson , Program Manager, Training & Development, FPWA
  • Fiona Kanagasingam , Director of Consulting, Community Resource Exchange
  • Roland Knight , Program Director, Good Shepherd Services
  • Alana Kulig , Director of Events and Partnerships, Citymeals on Wheels
  • Patrick Ma , Chief Operating Officer, a.i.r. nyc
  • Carrie Muman , Communications Director, Planned Parenthood of NYC
  • Tiasia O'Brien , Director of Development and Communications, Groundswell
  • Rachel D. Pardoe , Program Officer, The New York Community Trust
  • Franklyn Pintado , Director of Finance, Partnership with Children
  • Tracie Robinson , Senior Policy Analyst, Human Services Council
  • Brandi Scott , Managing Director, PNP Staffing Group
  • Monroe Solomon , Legal Director, Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT)
Does your organization need an online makeover? 48in48 provides organizations with a free website, 1-month of support/hosting, and marketing and branding training, all within a 48 hour event. If your nonprofit could benefit from an online overhaul, click here to learn more and apply for their Fall 2018 event!
The Brooklyn Community Foundation has opened online submissions for its 2018-19 Spark Prize, a  $100,000 "no strings attached" award. Held Annually, the Spark Prize recognizes five Brooklyn nonprofits for their service to Brooklyn communities, organizational values, commitment to equity and racial justice, and vision for the future of their work.  Winners and finalists are selected by a Committee of distinguished philanthropic, business, and civic leaders all hailing from Brooklyn.
Eligible Brooklyn nonprofits are invited to apply through Friday, May 11, 2018 at SparkPrize.org/How-to-Apply. Organizations interested in learning more about this opportunity,  can sign up now for an Application Clinic on Monday, April 16 from 3:00pm-4:00pm.
The Field
Thurs., April 5, 2018, 3:00pm-5:00pm
NPCC, 135 West 36th Street, 15th Fl., New York, NY

Self-producing puts a tremendous amount of freedom in the hands of creators, but with that freedom comes a ton of additional work and responsibility. The Field's Program Manager Wilfredo Hernandez will share insights and help you assemble a basic strategy to get your work out in the world! It's free when you RSVP here.
Nonprofit Finance Fund Financial Management Webinar Series
Nonprofit Finance Fund

Nonprofit Finance Fund's upcoming financial management webinar series includes new core content with clear and practical action steps to help nonprofit leaders manage uncertainty. Participants will also receive specially designed tools designed for hands-on application of key concepts.  All purchases include access to the live broadcast, recording, and downloadable slides.  You can learn more and register at the links below: 

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism: Video Storytelling for the Web
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
April 9, 16, 23, 30 and May 7, 2018
Cost $599;  Use Code JPLUS10 for a 10% discount

Learn to produce compelling original video content that will connect readers, clients or stakeholders to the news, projects and people that matter. In this class, which will include a lot of 1-1 instruction, you will pitch, storyboard, shoot and edit a short, interview-based video story. No experience needed, but lots of passion required. Workshops will be presented by with Erica Berenstein, Video journalist at The New York Times. Click here to learn more.

Rooftops Conference NYC 2018
New York Law School
Fri., April 13, 2018, 8:30am - 12:15pm
185 West Broadway, New York, NY

The Rooftops Conference NYC 2018 is a symposium for the not-for-profit sector focused on the role of real estate - owned, leased, or hosted physical space - in the operations, financial performance, and achievement of mission by not-for-profit organizations of all sizes and mission types. Panelists from the not-for-profit sector and the real estate industry will explore themes illustrating how not-for-profit executives, staff, and board members can collaborate in addressing real estate and space needs in achieving their organizations' core objectives. Clic k here to register.
Support Center
Applications due: Fri., April 13, 2018 
32 Old Slip, 24th Fl.,  New York, NY 10005
$1,500 with financial assistance available on a case by  case basis.

Support Center's The Leadership Collaborative is a program for emerging social and public sector leaders. This program integrates elements from the Support Center leadership and supervision workshops into a hand-crafted plan to strengthen participants' leadership capabilities, improve their financial management and organizational development skills, and accelerate positive social change in their organization and sector. If you are a middle manager and emerging leader interested in building networks, competencies, and self awareness to succeed in future senior roles, then sign up for the webinar  on April 3rd or in-person info session on April 4th to learn more.

BBB Metropolitan New York
Tues., April 24, 2018 9:00am - 11:30am
Scandinavia House, Volvo Room: 58 Park Avenue at 38th Street, New York, NY

Internal controls are critical for achieving your nonprofit's objectives. Strengthening your control processes can help enhance effectiveness of your operations, reliability of financial reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Performing ongoing reviews of internal controls, as part of your overall risk assessment process, is vital and will greatly benefit your organization.

During this session, participants will:
  • Review key elements of internal controls
  • Learn how to implement controls and practices to reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activities, and consider common ways in which controls may fail
  • Understand the role of auditors with respect to internal controls
  • Discuss the role of the Board regarding internal controls and risk assessment
  • Examine the cost-benefit analysis that occurs when designing an internal control structure
  • Reveal lessons learned about implementing practices that strengthen controls, without weakening the bottom line
Strengthening Through Innovation and Inclusion: 2018 SINFPA Conference
Staten Island Not-for-Profit Association
Wed, May 16, 2018, 8AM - 5PM
Hilton Garden Inn, 1100 South Avenue, Staten Island NY 10314
SINFPA members $75; Non-members $95
Staten Island NFP Association's 2018 Conference will focus on a range of topics: from creating racial equity and opportunity in your organization, to engaging new donors, and engaging corporate volunteers. The sessions promise to be interactive and engaging. This full day conference is open to both SINFPA members and non-members. To register, click here.
Stanford University
May 21, 22, 2018
Members receive a 10% discount code: NPCCFSI18

For two days every two years, Frontiers brings together senior leaders from around to discuss, debate, and develop solutions that address the most pressing global challenges, and explore emerging forces impacting the world and society. Not simply a traditional, passive, one-way conference, Frontiers is built on the tradition of peer-to-peer learning that is a hallmark of SSIR . Several of the topics we plan to explore this year surround concepts of global equity and inclusiveness, the interplay of emerging technologies and democracy, systems thinking and scaling, and social entrepreneurship. Click here for more information about the Frontiers conference.
Click here to download
this month's issue
in PDF format.
- Barbara Hayward
-  Friends of Firefighters, Inc.
-  My Daughter's Journey, Inc.
-  The New York Gray Panthers Project Fund, Inc.
Center for Nonprofit Management & Strategy Baruch College - Marxe School of Public and International Affairs
Thurs., April 19, 2018 9:00am-3:15pm
Baruch College Newman Vertical Campus: 55 Lexington Avenue, 14th Fl

A FREE opportunity to meet with a consultant and discuss the challenges facing your organization.

- Receive up to two appointments consisting of a free 45-minute one-on-one session
- Network with over 100 leading nonprofit organizations in NYC
- Attend on or two workshops led by experts in the nonprofit sector


Click here to register.

Selecting Financial Management Software: A New Report from Idealware and FMA

FMA partnered with Idealware on "Selecting Financial Management Software for Your Nonprofit," a new guide which helps nonprofit leaders navigate the landscape of available financial management software packages, and identify the features and configuration that best serve their needs. The report provides an overview of the current market of accounting and financial systems and focuses on helping leaders identify their own needs, which systems can best meet them, and how to decide among those that do.

Do you need to rent a meeting, office or event space? Do you have space to rent? NPCC connects you through our Space Ads. These Ads are solely for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations with office space available, those seeking space, or those with meeting or conference space for rent in the New York City area.

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