APRIL 2019

All workshops are held at NPCC unless otherwise noted.
Establishing Your Nonprofit's Brand Personality
Thurs., April 4
9:30-11 a.m.

Does your event feel inviting or intimidating? Is your voice on social media friendly or formal? Are your email appeals passionate or provocative?  Your organization has a personality-a tone and style-that is reflected in how you present yourself and how people respond to you. Big Duck's vice president, Farra Trompeter, will explain what having a "brand personality" means and how it can help your organization engage people and differentiate itself. She'll share examples and lead you through an exercise to craft your own brand personality. We'll then ask for a volunteer or two to share their drafted personality and get feedback through a live critique of their brand identity via their website.

How to Effectively Lead Your Strategic Planning Process
Weds., April 10
9:30-11:30 a.m.

This workshop will start with an overview of the strategic planning process and the various components of a strong plan. The planning process will cover all aspects of a nonprofit's work: governance, management, operations, finances, fundraising, facilities, and programming.
Although parts of the training will be collaborative, there will be mini breakout sessions, where participants will also work together to conduct an organizational assessment and go through a refinement process to develop a set of "starter" goals for growth and success over the next three years. Each participant will leave with an understanding of how best to engage a planning committee to create a prioritized Action Plan including strategies to reach the goals delineated in a strategic plan.

6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Board's Performance
Weds., April 17
9:30-11:30 a.m.

There are several high-impact strategies that nonprofit executives and board leadership can immediately deploy to boost the performance - and thus, overall impact - of their nonprofit's board. Back again this year by popular demand, during this session, Robert Acton - Principal & Founder of Cause Strategy Partners and BoardLead -- will present six interventions to optimize board performance. These interventions fall into three key categories: a) building a stronger board, b) better use of board meetings, and c) strengthening board culture.  Change often takes months of planning, socialization, buy-in and execution. This session is designed for nonprofit executives and board leadership who need their boards to improve faster. Utilizing a highly-interactive learning style, this session will arm participants with innovative ideas and specific action steps that will accelerate your board's performance today.

Tips for a Successful Software Implementation
Tues., April 16
1-2 p.m.

Technology is changing fast, but where does your organization start to keep up? It seems that every finance department that has undertaken a software implementation, has a horror story to tell. While most eventually succeed at some level, there is a proven methodology that can improve your process and outcomes. Join us during this webinar as we review 21 questions every nonprofit CEO should ask when evaluating software solutions to improve the results they are looking for and their return on investment!

Charitable Solicitation Registration: Top Things You Need to Know
Weds., April 24
1-2 p.m.

Must every charity register to solicit funds from the public? How do online donations fit into the picture? This workshop is a comprehensive presentation on charitable solicitation registration, what is required, and what it takes to be compliant. The focus will be on recognizing and managing state registration requirements. Participants can come prepared to ask questions and walk away with information on how to simplify the process. Organizations must register in any state in which they solicit donations. Solicitations can take many forms - from hosting an event, to mailing letters, to having a "Donate Now" button on your website. In today's world, most organizations solicit in not one or two, but a variety of different ways and they often cross borders. The session will cover the following topics: s tate registration requirements; o nline fundraising; w hy compliance should be a priority; w hat it takes to register, including costs; and h ow to manage registrations.  Participants will be able to define charitable solicitation registration, demonstrate an understanding of what requirements must be met to support their fundraising program, and formulate a strategy for ensuring and implementing their organization's compliance.

We are thrilled to launch NPCC' Declaration of Nonprofit Rights , our bold vision for a powerful nonprofit sector. It is NPCC's North Star, the guiding principles that form the basis of our worldview of the sector's needs and potentials, and in turn, guide our day-to-day public policy work to meet those needs and potential.

The Declaration articulates NPCC's understanding, through the four principles, of what nonprofits must have in order to be engaged and effective.

The rights-based language is intentional, and provides an aspirational vision that we will work to achieve.

The Declaration is not a call to action; it is action. 

Read more from the president.

(The Declaration made headline news! Read NYN Media's  feature on the Declaration.)

Be a Part of NPCC's Declaration! #NPCCDeclaration
Tell us why you think these principles are so important! We want to know why you support NPCC's Declaration of Nonprofit Rights , and the principles of sustainability , advocacy , equity , and power .

Download and fill out the sign at 
bit.ly/npccdeclaration, take a picture of you (and your colleagues!) with the sign, and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #NPCCDeclaration. (And tag @npccny .) We'll be sharing tagged photos in our Facebook album. We can't wait to hear, and share, what you stand for.

T he 2019 Nonprofit Excellence Awards application is open! We  encourage all nonprofits in NYC, Long Island and Westchester to apply. Apply by April 24, 2019.

Five things to know about applying for the Nonprofit Excellence Awards:
  1. We made an original song and music video to tell you why you should "Apply" for the Nonprofit Excellence Awards. Watch it on our YouTube channel!
  2. We developed a tip sheet to help you craft your answers, based on what the Awards Selection Committee is looking for!
  3. The overall winner will receive a cash prize of $30,000! 
  4. The program recognizes up to nine organizations with outstanding practices in each of the Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence. Each recognized organization will receive a full scholarship for Columbia Business School's leadership program, and will be invited to share their expertise at the 2019 Best Nonprofit Conference on December 10!
  5. Want to learn more? Come to one of our application clinics to learn the ins and outs of the application and selection process! There is no cost to attend. We'll share even more tips, and answer any questions, to help you put together a strong application.
Upcoming application clinics:
  • WEBINAR: Tuesday, April 9, 1-2:30 p.m. - Register
  • AT NPCC: Tuesday, April 16, 4-5:30 p.m. - Register
    (Content will repeat at each clinic)
Questions? Contact Education & Training Manager Aaron Covarrubias a  acovarrubias@npccny.org  or 646-893-2441.
2019 Annual Meeting of Members and Panel Discussion
NPCC held our Annual Meeting of Members on March 28, 2019 at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice with nearly 200 members, sponsors, and honored guests in attendance.  NPCC President Sharon Stapel announced the launch of the Declaration of Nonprofit Rights, followed by Tiloma Jayasinghe, NPCC's Chief Programs Officer, who opened  the panel discussion by reiterating the importance of the Declaration of Nonprofit Rights and NPCC's commitment to the sector. Tiloma  moderated an insightful conversation with panelists Chaumtoli Huq (CUNY School of Law), Joanne Smith (Girls for Gender Equity), and Darren Walker (Ford Foundation).  The evening concluded with a networking reception where we honored outgoing members of our Board of Directors. Read more.

Photo credit: Karen Smul,  501SEE Photography

Thank You to All of our Annual Meeting of Members Sponsors!
Register for NPCC's Technology Learning Lab!
Extended deadline to register: Fri., April 5

Do you outsource technology support at your organization? Our Technology Learning Lab can help you improve your strategic management of technology! Join our Technology Learning Lab, where professionals will come together and learn promising new practices and develop new tools and strategies that will ensure you and your organization have the practices it needs to thrive. Learn more and 
register today to secure your spot!

We've also launched registration for our upcoming Communications Learning Lab, and our Fundraising Learning Lab! Check out the details on our website.
Looking for a New Nonprofit Career? Visit NPCC's Job Board!
Are you looking to join the nonprofit community or wanting to advance your career? NPCC's Job Board should be the first place to start your search! Here's why:
  1. Connect to a cause you care about. Our Job Board lets you search across every area of the nonprofit sector! 
  2. No job is too small or too big. We have nonprofit job postings from entry- to senior-level, and everything in between!
  3. Looking for an easier commute? Our Job Board is exclusively for nonprofit job postings in NYC, Long Island, and Westchester!

Have a job opening you want to post? Job posts are $25 for NPCC members and $75 for non-members.
NPCC Earned a 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency
NPCC earned a 2019 Platinum Seal by updating and adding additional information to our Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar. Check out NPCC's profile here. By sharing these important metrics in our profile (which are also in NPCC's 2018 Annual Report), we're helping the sector move beyond simplistic financial ratios to assess nonprofit progress. GuideStar is the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. Foundation Center and GuideStar have joined forces to become a new nonprofit called Candid. Learn more at candid.org.
NPCC Member Vendor Partner Paychex Provides Solutions for Payroll, HR, Retirement, and Insurance Services
Paychex, Inc. (NASDAQ: PAYX) is a leading provider of integrated human capital management solutions for payroll, HR, retirement, and insurance services. By combining it ' s innovative software-as-a-service technology and mobility platform with dedicated, personal service, Paychex empowers over half-million small-and medium-sized business owners to focus on the growth and management of their business. Paychex is proud to be the preferred provider of payroll, retirement, and HR services for members of the NPCC for over five years.  NPCC members are eligible for benefits for their organization, as well as discounts because of the NPCC and Paychex Partnership. New Paychex clients referred by the NPCC will receive one month of free services on payroll, retirement, and/or HR services, along with customizable solutions and pricing.  Managing payroll and employee benefits is even easier when they are seamlessly integrated. Visit them online and be sure to contact NPCC's local Paychex representative  Vincent Natoli at 347-405-3103.
NPCC Hosted Press Conference with Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney to Unveil Nonprofit Relief Act of 2019
On March 29th, NPCC hosted a press conference  (video here) with Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney who announced her intention to introduce the Nonprofit Relief Act of 2019 in early April, as well as her intention to sign on to HR 1223, which repeals the federal UBIT on transportation benefits. Other partners present were the Human Services Council, Ballet Tech, City Meals on Wheels, UJA Federation, LiveOn NY, InterExchange, VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Zone 126, Chinese American Planning Council, and more.

Congresswoman Maloney announced she would co-sponsor House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn's bill (HR 1223) to repeal the federal transportation UBIT. In addition, Carolyn Maloney (New York) will be introducing the Nonprofit Relief Bill, a complementary bill to Clyburn's that will address other harmful aspects of the federal tax reform bill and provide much needed updates for nonprofit business practices:
  • Repeal the provision of the tax law that requires nonprofits to calculate separately the taxes on each "separate" unrelated business income "trade or business" such as selling t-shirts, or operating a coffee shop
  • Updates the Mileage Reimbursement Rate from 14 cents per mile to 58 cents per mile (unchanged since the 1980s)
  • Extends tax-credits to nonprofits under the new paid family and medical leave provisions of the 2017 tax law. These tax credits are currently applied to for-profits only and explicitly exclude nonprofits
We need bipartisan support for both bills to pass, and Congress members need to hear from constituents in their own communities in order to support these bills. Please call on your membership to contact their Congress members immediately to provide relief to nonprofits everywhere.

Contact your Senators and Representatives Directly : Please take any or all of these effective ways of communicating with Members of Congress:
  • Thank Congresswoman Maloney through @CarolynBMaloney or @RepMaloney for announcing the Nonprofit Relief Act of 2019.
  • Call your  Representative at 202-225-3121 and your  Senators at 202-225-3121 and tell them the federal tax law harms nonprofits and ask them to: a) repeal transportation tax on nonprofits and b) co-sponsor Congresswoman Maloney's Nonprofit Relief Act.
  • Email your  Representative and  Senators using their contact forms (found on their home pages) and deliver the same message - "a) repeal transportation tax on nonprofits and b) co-sponsor Congresswoman Maloney's Nonprofit Relief Act of 2019."
  • Tweet your Representative and Senators to deliver this simple message:                          "[Representative/Senator's Twitter Handle] The Federal Tax Law harms nonprofits. Repeal the #nonprofit transportation tax (Code Sec 512a7). It diverts scarce dollars from our mission of serving people in our state. Don't hold #nonprofits hostage to partisan bickering; repeal the nonprofit transportation tax before 4/15"
UBIT Fix in Final NYS Budget
On March 31, 2019, New York passed the FY2020 State Budget. In addition to the things you've been hearing about, like a ban on plastic bags and congestion pricing, the Budget contained a fix (in S1509(c) Part Z, Section 8) needed to correct a drafting error in the state transportation UBIT (that created problems for those organizations with a fiscal year start date that does not align with the calendar year): "§ 8. Section 2 of chapter 369 of the laws of 2018 amending the tax law relating to unrelated business taxable income of a taxpayer, is amended to read as follows: § 2. This act shall take effect immediately and shall apply to amounts paid or incurred on and after January 1, 2018." Because of this fix, nonprofits will not have to pay state transportation UBIT taxes, regardless of when their fiscal years start. We want to thank our phenomenal coalition partners in getting this done: Commision on Independent Colleges and Universities, Fiscal Policy Institute, Human Services Council,  Lawyers Alliance for New York. Mazars USA, NYCON, Philanthropy New York, RSM USA, UJA Federation, and Venable LLP.

NPCC Joined Members NYCLU, Lawyers Alliance for New York, and Citizens Union to Oppose Governor's Amendments to Donor Disclosure Law
As we've mentioned,  NPCC, the Lawyers Alliance for New York, Citizen Union, and NYCLU have all sued the Attorney General regarding the Governor's donor disclosure law, passed in 2016. The Governor, in his 2019-2020 budget proposal, suggested changes to this law. We opposed these changes, as we do not believe they will cure the constitutional infringement on nonprofit speech, and they did not make it in to the final budget.
NYC Commission on Human Rights' Sexual Harassment Training Is Out
The New York City Commission on Human Rights' Sexual Harassment training has been  posted on their website.  Under  Local Law 96 of 2018 , employers with 15 or more employees are required to conduct annual anti-sexual harassment training for all employees.  The Commission has developed an online training that will satisfy this requirement. The City training was designed to satisfy the New York State sexual harassment as well. 
Protecting Nonprofit Nonpartisanship in New York State
Assembly Member Paulin (A623) and Senator Ranzehofer (S01933) have proposed legislation that would protect nonprofit nonpartisanship by restricting 501c3 organizations from participating or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. NPCC has long supported the protections offered in the federal Johnson Amendment, now under threat.
New York State Changes to the Required Disclosure Language in Charitable Solicitations
The language and disclosure requirements for charitable solicitations, including online and direct mail, event invitations, telemarketing, grant requests, and other fundraising campaigns, vary from state-tostate. This alert focuses on solicitations in New York State, which are governed by Article 7-a of the New York State Executive Law, with enforcement carried out by the Charities Bureau of the New York State Office of Attorney General. Effective March 21, 2019, there are two new "disclosure" requirements for charitable solicitations in New York State. While the changes are modest and technical, they will require charities to review. Read the legal alert about these changes from the Lawyers Alliance for New York.
U.S. Department of Labor Proposes New Overtime Rule
The U.S. Department of Labor released its proposed rule updating the overtime salary threshold under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, reopening rulemaking on an issue that has drawn significant attention and controversy over the past four years. The salary threshold for the white-collar exemption from overtime pay would rise to $35,308 per year under the draft rules. However, this is significantly lower than New York's existing salary threshold for New York City of $52,650 to $58,500 (depending on number of employees). The federal proposed rate would be nearly 50 percent higher than the current level that was last updated in 2004, but only half as much as the increase approved by the Obama administration in 2016 (to $47,476/year) that was blocked by a federal court. The newly proposed regulations would also raise the salary threshold for highly compensated employees who are exempt from overtime pay requirements from $100,000 per year to $147,414 per year (which is higher than the proposed increase in 2016).
NPCC is Moving to the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice
Did you read the news about our move? NPCC will be joining Philanthropy New York and the United Nations Foundation as tenants at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice, located at the foundation's landmark headquarters building on East 43rd Street.  Starting June 1, 2019, all NPCC trainings, including workshops, panels, and forums, will be held at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice. If you have questions about NPCC's move, contact Chief Operations Officer Melkis Alvarez-Baez at malvarez@npccny.org.
NPCC Board Secretary Karen Pearl Named in City & State Feature Honoring 30 Distinguished New York Women
Congratulations to NPCC Board Secretary, Karen Pearl, president and CEO of NPCC-member organization God's Love We Deliver, for being honored by City & State last month among 30 women who have distinguished themselves through leadership in their fields and their contributions to society. This year's Above & Beyond feature honorees include elected officials as well as leaders who have made their mark in health care, law, real estate, business and the nonprofit sector. Karen was named one of five outstanding women in the nonprofit community. Read more here.
NPCC Welcomes Policy Director Chai Jindasurat
Chai Jindasurat joined NPCC in March 2019 as Policy Director. Prior to joining NPCC, Chai served as a Senior Policy Analyst in the Mayor's Office of Management and Budget (OMB), a Public Policy Fellow at the Citizens Budget Commission, and directed national policy work at the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. While at OMB, Chai was given a Volunteer Service Award by the Budget Director for creating OMB's first Employee Resource Group (ERG) for LGBTQ and ally staff. Chai currently serves as a financial management Teaching Colleague at New York University's Wagner School of Public Service, where he obtained his MPA as a David Bohnett fellow and Point Scholar, the national LGBTQ scholarship fund. Chai also holds a BFA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He can reached at  cjindasurat@npccny.org.
Here's to the Women! Recognition of Women In Human Services Hall of Fame
Congratulations to all of the honorees, and especially the women from NPCC-member organizations, for being inducted into the  Women In Human Services Hall of Fame last month. This honor is bestowed by  Strong Nonprofits for a Better New York, a statewide coalition of more than 350 nonprofit human services providers. The women recognized from NPCC-member organizations include:
  • Andrea Anthony,  Day Care Council of New York, Inc.
  • Marlene Aranda-Gillman, Children's Aid
  • Georgia Boothe,  Children's Aid
  • Sumon Chin,  Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc.
  • Willing Chin-Ma,  Grand Street Settlement
  • Gloria Choi,  Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc.
  • Zulma Cruz,  Project Hospitality
  • Dr. Joan Dawson,  Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc.  
  • Alyssa Garcia,  Good Shepherd Services  
  • Jessica Greer Morris,  Girl Be Heard
  • Michele Knox,  The HOPE Program  
  • Susanne Lachapelle,  LSA Family Health Service
  • Stanley Martin,  Center for Community Alternatives  
  • Shalima L. McCants,  BronxWorks
  • Rosaura Morales,  Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation
  • Gia Mui,  Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc.
  • Po-Ling Ng,  Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc.  
  • Vivian Troche,  Good Shepherd Services
  • Linda Young,  Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW)
  • Judith Zangwill,  Sunnyside Community Services
We Are All New York Grant Opportunity for Anti-Violence Youth Programs
Deadline to apply: Fri., April 5, 2019

The We Are All New York (WAANY) Fellowship is a 10-month professional development and networking program for nonprofit, faith, government, and community leaders throughout the five boroughs of New York City. This fellowship is dedicated to advancing New York City's diverse leaders and empowering them to become change agents to strengthen their communities and the city at large. Through skill-building seminars and a community challenge project, fellows come to understand that despite their different backgrounds, they have a lot of commonalities. Ultimately, the fellows become strong leaders and bring back valuable lessons to their communities and organizations to help build, broaden, and strengthen ethnic, cultural, and religious ties to help build a more cohesive city.

Exposure to violence increases the likelihood of one committing violence or facing violence-related fear and trauma. Youth in major cities are more likely than anyone to be exposed to violence and the aftermath. The 2018-2019 WAANY Cohort is offering grants of at least $1,000 to anti-violence youth programs that assist and empower middle school youth (ages 10-14) to address, combat, and live free from domestic and/or gun violence. The deadline is April 5, 2019. For more information and application materials,  click here  or contact Alyssa Hartstein at  hartsteina@jcrcny.org.
Understanding New York City's Sexual Harassment Training Requirements (WEBINAR)
Weds., April 3, 2019, noon-1 p.m.  
Webinar presented by the Lawyers Alliance for New York
$20 to register (free for New York Foundation grantees)

New York State now requires all employers to provide annual sexual harassment training to all of their employees, and, effective April 1 of this year, New York City will also require organizations with at least 15 employees to provide annual training. The City's requirements are similar, but not identical, to the State's requirements.  New York City plans to post a model training, which any employer can download for free, on or about the day the law becomes effective. A deputy commissioner from the New York City Commission on Human Rights will explain how your organization can offer legally compliant training, and there will be plenty of time for questions.  Learning Objectives: This webinar will explain which organizations are covered by the NYC law; who, what, when, where, and how your employees must be trained; and what substantive content satisfies both New York City and New York State legal requirements.  Presenters:  Dana Sussman, Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs, New York City Commission on Human Rights, and  Judith Moldover , Senior Staff Attorney for the Lawyers Alliance for New York. This webinar is intended for senior managers and human resources professionals. For more information, and to register, click here.

Strategic Legal Thinking Seminar: Nonprofit Program Expansion: Legal Issues to Position Your Organization for Success
Thurs., April 11, 2019, 12:30-4 p.m.  
Enter Pfizer lobby at 235 East 42nd Street, New York, NY        
This seminar is FREE as part of the Pfizer Strategic Legal Thinking Seminars for Nonprofit Executives
Deadline to register: April 2, 2019 at noon

In the nonprofit sector today, many organizations are expanding their programs by broadening their geographical reach, collaborating with others, creating affiliates, and/or increasing their budget and staff size. In many instances, even for community-based organizations, these expanded activities involve issues such as charitable solicitation that cuts across state lines. This seminar will review many of the basic legal questions that arise as nonprofits seek to expand their programs and services.  Topics will include the different ways to structure affiliate relationships and how to protect your organization's tax-exempt status and obtain authority to do business in other states when doing so. The seminar will include a review of laws related to solicitation of funds from donors in other states, via the internet, and by other means. The presentation will also cover the legal issues that arise when collaborating and contracting with third parties to obtain or provide goods and services. It will identify some of the practical and operational issues that nonprofits experience when expanding, such as those related to facilities, human resources, governance, intellectual property, and insurance. To register for a New York City spot, please send an e-mail no later than noon on April 2, 2019 to nfpseminar@lawyersalliance.org with your name, organization, and full contact information and put "April 11 Nonprofit Expansion" in the subject line. Advance registration is required and space is limited.

Nominations Accepted for the John W. Gardner Leadership Award
Deadline to apply: Fri., April 12, 2019

The John W. Gardner Leadership Award honors visionaries who have empowered constituencies, strengthened participation, and inspired movements; builders - people who, quite apart from personal achievements, have raised the capacity of others to advance the common good; and those whose leadership has either had national or international impact or, if at the regional level, has attracted wider recognition and imitation. The award honors visionaries who have empowered constituencies, strengthened participation, and inspired movements; builders - people who, quite apart from personal achievements, have raised the capacity of others to advance the common good; and those whose leadership has either had national or international impact or, if at the regional level, has attracted wider recognition and imitation. Nominations should be made by completing an online form. Nominations must be made without the candidate's knowledge and submitted by April 12. All nominations will be evaluated by a national blue-ribbon panel, and additional information may be requested for finalists. The winner will be selected and notified in the summer, and the award will be presented at Upswell Chicago, November 13-15, 2019. The winner must be able to confirm presence at the award ceremony. Learn more, and submit a nomination. For questions, contact Gina Catedrilla Strickland at ginac@independentsector.org. 
ENACT Establishing Safe & Empowering Spaces Workshop
Mon., April 15, 2019, 4:30-7:30 p.m.
Presented by ENACT
New York City, Times Square Area
$70 to attend for NPCC members

This didactic and experiential workshop will focus on establishing the  Creative Container , ENACT's version of a "safe space", where students are empowered to build self-awareness and expression through strengths-based and creative methods. Participants will engage in fun, hands-on learning to understand facilitation techniques and activities that can be used immediately in establishing safe spaces in their work. Specific learning objectives, more information, and registration can be found on their  website.

Free Emergency Planning Training for Nonprofits
Thurs. April 18, 2019, 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and Weds., May 1, 2019 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
Presented by Human Services Council of New York
Human Services Council of New York, 130 E 59th St, Room 653/655, 
New York, NY 10022
Free to attend for members and non-members

Is your nonprofit ready to respond to a disaster? Have you been meaning to develop an emergency plan for your organization?  Now is the time! As part of our ongoing work helping service providers be ready to deal with emergencies that impact them or their clients, HSC is pleased to offer a hands-on training for senior managers  on how to produce a concise and effective emergency plan.  The training will have two half-day sessions designed to give participants concrete help in completing an emergency plan template created by  HSC . There will be opportunity to learn about how disaster planning is done and to start writing the plan for one's own organization with guidance from disaster-planning professionals.  Important: participants must attend both sessions on Thursday, April 18 and Wednesday, May 1. Save your seat and register today!
- Everlasting Salvation Ministry
- Fair Housing Justice Center, Inc.
- Local Standrd
- Singnasium
- Lamb Insurance Services
- Social Enterprise Associates
Featured Resources for April

- Communications and Development Planning that Build Community (WEBINAR)This webinar focuses on the stages of engagement and using various marketing mediums that are most effective and efficient at cultivating a community and segmenting donors. It provides the basics of communication planning for development professionals and managers interested in learning more about integrated development and communications planning. You will need to login to The Community to access this resource.

- Strategic Website PlanningThis topic summary outlines key considerations when building or revamping your website, particularly from the perspective of your audience. It also include a strategy worksheet to help your organization think strategically about website design and user experience.

This compensation report is based on data collected from over 450 nonprofits in the New York City area. Data was collected for full-time positions in 12 categories: Administrative, Advocacy, Communications/Marketing, Facilities, Financial Management, Fundraising, Human Resources, Leadership, Legal, Measurement and Evaluation, Programs, Technology.  

Audit Preparation ChecklistThis checklist developed by Your Part-Time Controller, LLC can help your organization prepare all key financial statement requirements for your audit. You will need to login to The Community to access this resource.

These resources and more are found in the Knowledge Center, NPCC's library of relevant resources, tools, templates, and reports on nonprofit management topics.
Questions? Use Our HelpLine!
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