Mark your calendars for NPCC's Annual Meeting of Members! On Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at the CUNY Graduate Center, meet your fellow members and friends of the sector to c atch up on NPCC's activities during the past year and find out what's happening in the nonprofit world.  This year's event will include a panel discussion with top nonprofit experts and conclude with a networking reception.
All workshops are held at NPCC unless otherwise noted.
To see our full workshop calendar for 2018,  click here .
Wed., January 17, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:
Financial Management

The drivers of real estate projects are diverse: an upcoming lease expiration, a shift in mission, new leadership, evolving physical needs, and more. Coupled with the difficulties of securing affordable space, many nonprofits struggle to determine the right next move for their real estate. In this workshop, professionals from Denham Wolf will provide a nonprofit-specific overview of leasing and acquisition in New York City, including key differences in timing, financial impact, and extent of site control. To help illustrate these differences, the decision making process of two recent case studies will be mapped out using a live Excel model.

This workshop will be presented by Lauren Davis, Transaction Services Manager, and Paul Wolf, Co-President of Denham Wolf Real Estate Services. Click here to register .
Thurs., January 18, 2018
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Area of Excellence:
Information Technology

Information Security & Privacy (also known as Cyber Liability) insurance is quickly becoming one of the most important and sought after coverages in the insurance marketplace. As recent claims studies have suggested that nonprofits represent the third most breached sector, it is important for all nonprofits, small and large, to understand their cyber security risks and the utilization of a cyber-policy as a method of risk transfer.

The presentation will provide a background to the variety of cyber risks - from extortion to privacy law - that all nonprofits face and shed light on the potential claims that may arise for those nonprofits that suffer a breach. The presentation will also describe the basic coverages afforded under a Cyber Liability policy. Lastly, we will introduce NPCC's new Cyber Liability program.

This workshop will be presented by Adam Peterson, Michael Santocki, and Robert Horn of Crystal & Company.  Click here to register .
Wed., January 24, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:
Results & Impact

Strategic planning is one of the most important management tools successful organizations can employ. But organizations often feel the pressure to take on strategic planning before they are ready. Or they believe a strategic plan will solve all their current challenges when an alternative might be more suitable. How do you know your organization is ready to take on a strategic planning project? What can you do to prepare your organization for a successful strategic planning process? What alternatives do you have if you're not ready? This interactive workshop will explore these questions and provide attendees with the tools to assess their organization's readiness for strategic planning.

The workshop presenter is Joseph Barretto, Principal at Barretto Consulting LLC. Click here to register .
Thurs., January 25, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:
Fundraising & Resource Development

How can you make sure the time you spend of fundraising is being invested most wisely? How can you assure that your daily choices on how to spend your time will add-up to achieving your nonprofit's fundraising goals. This session will help executive directors and development directors align their limited time and resources to get the greatest fundraising impact both immediate and in the long-term.

This workshop will be presented by Greg Cohen, Associate Director of Cause Effective.  Click here to register .
Tues., January 30, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:
Financial Management

This will be an interactive session with CFO and Finance Professionals. Topics will include: How to get a loan from a bank. What banks expect in a lending package. How banks evaluate your credit request. How to get improved pricing and terms. Plus insider tips on how to improve your chances of getting a yes.

This workshop will be presented by Paula Park, SVP of BankUnited.  Click here to register .
Wed., January 31, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We will explore the processes, policies, and practices for building diversity into the leadership pipeline and management's role in building the pipeline and in cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion that can support the pipeline.
Participants will learn how to ensure that organizational leadership development policies, processes, and practices l ead to increased numbers of diverse candidates for leadership development opportunities, and more.

This workshop will be presented by Jennifer M. Rutledge, Partner / Vice President of Delphi Consultants, Inc.  Click here to register .
Wed., January 31, 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Area of Excellence:
Results & Impact

Even though there are restrictions on political and lobbying activity by 501(c)(3) organizations, there are still many ways they can be active in the political process. In this webinar we will cover limits on lobbying imposed on 501(c)(3)s and the many activities that are still possible. We will also discuss how 501(c)(3)s can engage with candidates without violating the prohibition on campaign intervention for 501(c)(3)s.

This webinar will be presented by Ronald Jacobs of Venable LLP.  Click here to register .
Thurs., February 1, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:

Nonprofit boards are critical to the success of NYC organizations. This hands-on workshop offers essential information to help boards fulfill their roles. Presenters offer straightforward descriptions, examples and thought-provoking visuals to de-mystify tricky governance terms and concepts. Participants then work in groups on a case study that expands their ability to identify and avoid common governance traps.

Workshop material is based on  The Good Governance Blueprint, a free resource developed by the NYC Nonprofit Board Development Coalition, a group of nonprofit governance experts convened by NYC Service, a division of the Mayor's Office.

This webinar will be presented by Luana K. Lewis, Senior Vice President of Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York Click here to register .
Wed., February 7, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:
Communications, Fundraising & Resource Development

Does your organization lack a clear and compelling message for fundraising? Do your case materials need a refresh? This workshop will teach you how to tell your organization's story to institutional, corporate and individual funders. This interactive training, led by seasoned communications and fundraising experts, will equip participants with skills to evaluate your audience, strategies to develop your message and practice in crafting and telling your story.

This webinar will be presented by Christa Orth, Senior Consultant, and Doug Wingo, President of Wingo NYC Click here to register .
Thurs., February 8, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Area of Excellence:
Financial Management

The Form 990 is the foundation of the IRS's efforts to ensure tax compliance by nonprofit organizations. Openly available on the internet, the Form also has become a "go to" resource for funders and the press. Since it contains a mixture of financial reporting, tax compliance, and marketing elements, the Form can be particularly challenging to prepare and comprehend.

In this session, we'll explore the key elements of the Form 990. You'll leave with an understanding of the truly important components of the Form. We'll also review the Form's most dangerous traps for 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations.

This webinar will be presented by Douglas Boedeker, CPA, CMA, Partner at Tate & Tryon CPAs and Consultants. Click here to register .
Tell Us How We Can Better Help You!
We are so proud to have you as part of NPCC and we accomplished a lot last year because of your feedback and input. Fill out our annual Membership Satisfaction Survey and be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Deadline is January 31, 2018. Click here to begin.
A New Year:  Message from NPCC President, Sharon Stapel
On behalf of the NPCC team, I'd like to wish you a happy New Year and take a moment to reflect on where we've been and where we're going.

Nonprofits were at the center of many policy and societal debates in 2017, whether we were the front page story or not. This year, nonprofits saw policy changes that deeply impact our communities - budget cuts, threats to nonprofits non-partisanship and to our ability to raise charitable donations, and  reports and  analyses that the sector is not doing enough to close the racial leadership gap.
NPCC entered 2017 with the goal of supporting resilience in nonprofits, addressing policy changes, and providing programs, services and benefits that our members need. In 2018 we'll be doing a lot more with and for our members:
  • Taking Care of Our Teams: In 2018, we have to focus on our people. Nonprofit staff, and the communities we serve, have been through a harrowing year, where laws, funding, and social norms have vacillated wildly, and distressingly. NPCC's members tell us this has taken a toll on their work - and we need to care for staff by providing spaces to reflect, practice self-care, develop coping strategies and resources to address trauma. In February we will be offering the 'Addressing Trauma' series again to give you the tools you need to take care of yourself, and your team.
  • Demanding Equity: In 2018, we should expect more cruel and disruptive policies around immigration, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, and increased attention to white supremacy, violence, and sexual harassment, and our people will feel the effects, directly and vicariously. We need to care for staff by providing equitable, non-oppressive work environments, and resources for staff on the front lines. We also need to pay nonprofit staff a living wage, provide good retirement and health benefits, and truly diversify boards and staff to create creative, productive, and innovative work environments that are prepared to respond to uncertain times. We'll be working with our friends and colleagues across the sector to demand equity within the sector. We know that nonprofits must be diverse and inclusive to be successful and that equitable nonprofits are a model for other sectors. We're going to put our voice, and our resources, behind this movement.
  • Advancing Policy Advocacy: In 2018, in addition to critical policy issues like the 2020 Census, DACA, and net neutrality, nonprofits will have to focus on advocacy for our funding, our missions, and our identity. We will have to strategize and advocate collectively to fight against harmful policies and promote good ones. We will be at the forefront of these issues, asking hard questions and bringing you the information you need on any policy issue impacting our sector.
  • Convening, Strategically: In 2018, we'll also be looking for ways to help you do the thinking and strategizing that we know you need in order to be nimble in these times. We'll be bringing people together to strategize - in ways that are efficient, non-duplicative, and cross-sector where possible.
Thursday, January 11, 2018 3:00pm

The federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, enacted just days before the New Year, contains sweeping changes. Those changes create immediate uncertainty about compliance challenges and certain threats as states scramble to change their own tax laws and spending plans in ways that could impact your nonprofit's mission. 

NPCC is working with the National Council of Nonprofits to give our members the most up-to-date information about the new tax laws. We wrote about  some of the changes that you should be aware of  last week and this webinar will give you an assessment of these changes and what they mean to your nonprofit. Join a special nationwide webinar,  Now What: How the New Federal Tax Law Impacts Charitable Nonprofits , on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 3:00 pm Eastern, to learn what operational changes you may need to make right away, what you need to know about related state and local policy changes, and other items that will affect your nonprofit and the people you serve.  To make this information available as widely as possible, NPCC's national partner, the National Council of Nonprofits, is preparing and hosting this event free of charge. All who care about the vital work of charitable nonprofits - including board members, staff members, volunteers, foundations, and others - are invited to attend.  Click here to register.
The Final Tax Bill: What Nonprofits Need to Know - From Our Friends at Venable LLP
Because many provisions have been included in various versions of the House and Senate bills, Venable LLP created a chart that breaks down what key provisions are that will affect nonprofit organizations.  Click here to download.
Injury and Illness Filings with OSHA
Revised federal OSHA record-keeping rules requiring electronic filing of injury and illness data by eligible employers became effective in December. The rules state " Establishments with 250 or more employees in industries covered by the recordkeeping regulation must submit information from their 2016 Form 300A by December 15, 2017. These same employers will be required to submit information from all 2017 forms (300A, 300, and 301) by July 1, 2018. Beginning in 2019 and every year thereafter, the information must be submitted by March 2."
Pathways to Excellence Workshops Begin Next Month
Pathways to Excellence Workshops give nonprofits practical, substantive knowledge and tools to improve their nonprofit management. Focusing on  Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence , and featuring past winners and finalists of the  Nonprofit Excellence Awards , the workshops cover topics from managing for results to fundraising to diversity and inclusion. Whether you've applied in the past or just want to learn more, these workshops will give you strategies that work to achieve management excellence .
In 2017 NPCC and the Mental Health Association of New York City (MHA-NYC) teamed up to provide a productive and safe space for nonprofits to identify and address traumatic reactions of nonprofits' communities and those experienced by staff, to exchange and develop resources, and to provide opportunities to collaborate and develop relationships among participants. A series of 7 workshops launched in October 2017 and helped attendees learn techniques to reduce the impact of trauma and create a framework for self-care. Because of the overwhelming response NPCC and MHA-NYC will be hosting the series again in February 2018. Lookout for the upcoming workshop calendar to register!
New York Minimum Salary for Exemption and Minimum Wage Increase in Effect
New York State's annual threshold increases for overtime exemption and minimum wage went into effect. Employers whose exempt "administrative" and "executive" employees are currently paid less than the new salary thresholds must either increase those salaries to the new minimums or start paying the affected employees overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 in a work-week.  As of December 31, 2017:
  • The minimum salary for exemption as an "administrative" or "executive" employee increases from $727.50 per week ($37,830 annually) to $780 per week ($40,560 annually) for other counties in New York State; and
  • The minimum wage increases to $13 per hour (NYC employers with eleven or more employees), $12 per hour (NYC employers with ten or fewer employee), $11 per hour (Nassau/Suffolk/Westchester), or $10.40 per hour (remainder of NYS).
New Employee Benefits in 2018
Along with minimum wage increases, new   paid time off benefits   (paid for through a small contribution from employees into a state fund) went into effect on January 1, 2018. Sax LLP put together   a helpful resource that helps you navigate payroll tax rate updates for 2018 .

(Some) Action on Federal Salary and Overtime Rules
The U.S. House of Representatives has a bill that would "establish a minimum salary threshold for bona fide executive, administrative, and professional employees exempt from Federal overtime compensation requirements, and automatically update such threshold every 3 years."  It remains to be seen whether this will go anywhere, particularly after the Labor Department did not defend a higher salary and overtime threshold in a recent court filing.
Nearly all New York businesses will have to offer employees two days off annually for personal reasons under legislation the City Council passed on December 19, 2017. Intro 1399 would "require an employer to allow employees to take two temporary schedule changes per calendar year-including paid time off, remote work, changing work hours and unpaid leave-relating to a care giving  emergency, a legal proceeding or hearing for subsistence benefits, or any circumstance that would constitute a basis for permissible use of safe time or sick time under chapter 8 of title 20 of the administration code," and include written process and anti-retaliation terms. The regulation applies to workers who have been on the job at least four months and work more than 80 hours annually. Certain union members and television and film workers are not covered. The bill has been sent to the Mayor for signature.
New York City Council Bills of Interest
The City Council passed a number of bills in December, all awaiting the Mayor's signature into law, including:
  • 1538-A (Dromm), which "requires the Department of Education (DOE) to report information on its website regarding how to report incidents of bullying, harassment, intimidation or discrimination, including information about to which school staff such reports may be made."
  • 1678-B (Koos) expands the definition of harassment of tenants to include threats based on a person's actual or perceived status in a protected class, including threats to report immigrant tenants to ICE. The bill also adds to the definition of harassment requests for identifying documentation that would disclose a person's immigration status, when the person has already provided the owner with a current form of personal identification.
  • 1186-A (Dromm) updates the language in the Human Rights Law, to recognize that sexual orientation ranges along a continuum.
  • 1241-A (Espinal) requires that new or renovated buildings that contain places of public accommodation include diaper changing tables that are accessible to persons regardless of their gender.
2017 Pennies for Charities Report
The New York State Charities Bureau released its 2017 report on campaigns by professional fundraisers. The report found that fundraisers retained 33% ($403 million) of the over $1.2 billion total funds raised to cover the cost of raising the money, while charities retained $822 million .
Net Neutrality Repealed by FCC. How Will State Lawmakers Respond?
On December 14, 2017 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal the protections put in place in 2015 that safeguard net neutrality. In response, lawmakers and officials in New York are exploring passing legislation at the state level to keep the internet free, and the New York Attorney General is suing the FCC. Click here to read more.
Keeping ICE Out of Courthouses
New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, City Comptroller Scott Stringer, along with a coalition of nearly 80 legal groups, labor leaders and politicians, sent a letter to Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, asking her to ban Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from courthouses . Click here to read more.
Free Legal Services For Immigrants Policy Extended - With a Catch 
Mayor Bill De Blasio extended an administration policy that prevents any immigrant convicted of a crime from receiving access to free legal services. This policy, which has been in effect for several years, denies legal services to immigrants convicted of 170 "serious or violent crimes." Immigration advocates, including many of NPCC's members, urged the Mayor to reconsider this policy, particularly in light of the increased threat of deportation from federal administration policies.
Increased Protections for Freedom of Information Requests
Human Rights Law and Punitive Damages
In Chauca v. Abraham, the NYS Court of Appeals clarified the standard for awarding punitive damages under the City Human Rights Law where the wrongdoer's (in this case, the employer's) actions amount to willful or wanton negligence, or recklessness, or where there is a "conscious disregard of the rights of others or conduct so reckless as to amount to such disregard."
Title VII and Sexual Orientation
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case in which the plaintiff claimed discrimination based on sexual orientation violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which protects against workplace discrimination based on sex, leaving the U.S. Court of Appeals are divided on this issue. The 11th Circuit (Atlanta) found Title VII does not cover sexual orientation, and the Seventh Circuit (Chicago) held it does. The Second Circuit (New York) recently heard a case on this issue in September 2017. 
De Blasio Signs Bill Expanding Online Voter Registration
Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation  last month that allows voters without DMV-issued identification to register to vote online. This bill, which takes effect in mid-2019, is meant to modernize voter registration and increase voter turnout.
Human Services Council Releases Results of GovGrader
Human Services Council surveyed over 100 New York City nonprofits to get feedback on government procurement and contract management processes. This tool was created in response to providers' frustration with government contracting partners and their inefficiencies.  Click here to read the results.
Nonprofit Resiliency Committee Updates
The Nonprofit Resiliency Committee, a collaboration between the Mayor's Office and human services organizations in New York City, and to which NPCC is a member, shared the following updates:
  • HireNYC - Human Services: Any provider with a human services contract amount less than $250,000 in annual value of personnel costs will be automatically exempted from the Public Assistance Hiring Commitment Rider.
  • Collaborative Program Design: The Guide to Collaborative Communication with Human Services Providers is nearly finished and will be posted on the NRC web page to dispel the myths surrounding communication during the RFP process. MOCS and NYC Opportunity are co-designing a procurement training course to teach agency staff the principles outlined in the Guide and support implementation across City agencies. The course will go live in Spring 2018.
  • Performance Based Contracting: The NRC is drafting a guide for City agencies to use in determining when to use and how to design performance based contracting as the budget model for a program. 
  • Standardized Audits: The NRC is developing a standardized human service contract audit process.
  • Consistent Indirect PolicyOMB, with support from KPMG, is working with City agencies to develop a Citywide manual for indirect practices and policies. The work seeks to develop consistent definitions and a calculation methodology that is aligned with the Federal Guidance.
  • Insurance Cost Work Stream: The NRC is exploring options to assist providers with city human services contracts in obtaining insurance. They have created a short survey for providers to identify existing insurance companies.
  • Adopted Implementation Update: Agencies are undergoing the amendment process to implement the funding for indirect and COLA. 
  • Subcontracting Work Stream: Working with DYCD, this work stream is exploring opportunities to streamline the human service subcontractor approval process.
The White House Fellows
Deadline: January 10, 2018

The application for the 2018-2019 White House Fellowship is now open. The White House Fellowship offers exceptional Americans first-hand experience working at the highest levels of the Federal Government on a strictly non-partisan basis. Selected individuals spend a year in Washington, D.C., working as full-time, paid government employees aiding Cabinet Secretaries, senior White House staff, and other top-ranking government officials. The Fellowship program year will begin in August 2018 and conclude in August 2019. Click here for more information and to apply.
Nonprofit HR
Deadline: Fri., January 12, 2018

What is the nonprofit sector most concerned about when it comes to talent management? Is it diversity? Recruitment and talent acquisition? Learning and development? Harassment prevention? Or something else entirely? Take five minutes today to help answer these questions by participating in the 2018 Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities Survey. The social sector needs this data now more than ever to continue to improve its people practices in the face of mounting political and social challenges, and you can play a role in helping to uncover meaningful insights. Click here to take the survey.
The Gathering, The Field
Sun., January 14, 2018 2:30pm - 4:00pm and 4:30pm - 6:00pm

The Gathering is a forum for intergenerational black female artists to support one another and to advocate for greater cultural equity and acknowledgement in contemporary dance. The Field is leading workshops on self-producing as well as how to engage communities in and through your work in a thoughtful, inclusive way. Included with admission to The Gathering 2018. Click here for more information.
Wed., January 17, 2018 6:00pm - 7:30pm
75 Maiden Lane, Suite 906, New York, NY 10038

In FY17 NYSCA awarded 1,926 grants to 1,229 artists and organizations totaling $41,287,075. If you are considering applying in 2018, join The Field's Deputy Director Shawn René Graham for information on eligibility, tips on writing a competitive application, and guidelines for applying as a 501(c)(3) or a with fiscal sponsor. Attendance is strongly encouraged if you are a first-time applicant. Space is limited. Free for Members of The Field and NPCC. Click here to register.
New York Nonprofit Media
Wed., January 24, 2018  8:00am - 5:00pm
36 Battery Pl, New York, NY
$30 - 150

This year's Nonprofit BoardCon will be focused on the collaboration of staff and boardroom. Discussions include board responsibilities, diversity and inclusion, governance practices, and fiduciary responsibility.  Click here for more information and registration.
BBB of Metropolitan New York
Tues., February 27, 2018  8:00am - 12:00pm
55 Lexington Avenue at 24th Street, New York, NY

Dealing with Disruption  symposium will focus on how nonprofit leaders can cope with significant disruptions in our operating environment. Keynote speaker will be Teresa C. Younger, President and CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women. The half-day program features two panel discussions:
  • Framing Leadership: moderated by Doug Bauer, Executive Director of The Clark Foundation
  • NextGen Philanthropy, moderated by Ronna D. Brown, President of Philanthropy New York
Click here to register.
April 11 -  13, 2018
New Orleans, LA
NPCC members get a special discount of $300

NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network will hold its annual Nonprofit Technology Conference in New Orleans from April 11 - 13, 2018. With more than 100 practical and accessible sessions, a bustling exhibit hall, career center, and lots of opportunities to network, the conference is a great opportunity to level up your skills. This event is guaranteed to be friendly, supportive, and fun-be sure to check it out!  Click here for more details .
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- African Cultural Promotions, Inc.
- New York Service and Justice Collaborative
- PFLAG New York City
- Lifting Lives, Inc.
Google Adwords Grant Policy Updates for 2018
Google, Whole Whale

On January 1, 2018 new policy updates for the Ad Grants - the AdWords program that gives nonprofits advertising grants of up to $10,000 per month - went into effect. Updates include:
- accounts are required to maintain a minimum 5% click through rate
- keywords must have quality scores of 3 or higher.
Tools to Engage: Resources for Nonprofits
Building Movement Project

Earlier this year, the Building Movement Project launched Tools to Engage: Resources for Nonprofits, an interactive, multi-level search portal that connects people and organizations looking to align the values and principles of their work to the best tools, research, and resources from across the social sector. Membership is required (free of charge).  Click here to read more .
Legends Hospitality, Yankee Stadium

Legends Hospitality at Yankee Stadium is looking for motivated nonprofit organizations to work in concession stands for a portion of the profits. The stand is a great opportunity for fundraising. The organization would earn 8% of the sales of the stands. Organizations must be able to work 60% of Yankee home games along with New York City Football Club games as well. Please contact Jaclyn Darigo at jaclyn.darigo@legends.net or
646-977-8498 if interested; serious inquiries only.
New York City Council
Deadline: February 20, 2018

The application for Fiscal Year 2019 New York City Council discretionary funding is now open. Please be advised that all not for profit community based organizations that wish to apply for discretionary funding for FY 2019 must submit a Council Application. Click here to apply.
Do you need to rent a meeting, office or event space? Do you have space to rent? NPCC connects you through our Space Ads. These Ads are solely for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations with office space available, those seeking space, or those with meeting or conference space for rent in the New York City area.

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