June 2017
This Can't Be Normal 
Every parent has to go through the terrible toddler stage while raising their child, but Amanda and Chris knew something was different about their 3-year-old son, Christopher. Thanks to your support, they are working with Highfields and learning how to address his needs.
    Highfields' therapists work with children of all ages - even infants and toddlers. So Amanda and Chris were relieved to find support for their 3-year-old son, Christopher.
   Christopher's behavior wasn't normal. He hit his sisters, abused their family pet, and had tantrums that escalated into out-of-control rages. Amanda and Chris stopped taking him out in public because they couldn't handle his destructive behavior.
   "We were frustrated because we couldn't understand what he needed," said Amanda. "We couldn't calm him down no matter how hard we tried."

My Family Always Had To Struggle
"I'm looking forward to a better life. My family has always had to struggle for food, a place to live...everything."  
- Helana
    Helana used to doubt her potential. She felt like she wasn't good enough to go to school. She didn't aspire to graduate or go to college. She was going to figure out a way to make a living off whatever job she could find.
   She skipped so much school that she was put on probation. The judge sent her to Ingham Academy, a day treatment program and alternative school for court adjudicated youth that is operated by Ingham County Circuit Court, Ingham Intermediate School District, Peckham, and Highfields. 
   When Helana first found out she was being sent to Ingham Academy, she cried. 

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July 27 - Garden Gala at Ingham County Family Center

Oct. 19 - Strengthening Families Breakfast at the Kellogg Center on the campus of MSU

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