June 2018

Make Sure Your Event is LIT!
Creatively use lighting to create a focal point, draw attendees, or provide drama. The uses of lighting at a corporate event are only as limited as your ability to tap into electricity. (See below for how to deal with situation where electricity isn't easily available!)
Hanging Signage
Start by grabbing the attention of your attendees by using lit hanging signs.  Hanging signs are a great investment, especially for the corporate event marketer. A well-thought out, exhibit solution uses many trade show accessories like the hanging sign. Raise your marketing message above the clutter of the convention floor, and use your hanging sign with custom fabric graphics for all your corporate events. 
Tension Fabric Displays 

Shine a light at your next event with tension fabric pop-up displays. Backlit fabric displays are visually different. They capture the attention of your attendees with your custom designed stretch tension fabric. They can be fashioned in a variety of shapes and sizes. (See the image at the top of the page - a great example of the drama created by tension fabric displays). 

Backlit LED Displays

Backlit displays light up your area without overhead spotlights. The LED white lights are placed behind the graphic panels and can be set up to change colors or stay constant. The true white bulbs enhance the vibrant colors of your fabric graphics and because they are LED, they are energy saving and long lasting.
Backlit displays are available in different sizes and can also be built back-to-back so that you have a two-sided display, perfect for entryways, island exhibits or event walkways.
Spotlight on the Stage
When it comes to keynote speeches - you will want to make sure the light shines bright on your executive team. W ow the audience with the use of backlit fabric architecture.  C arry the graphic theme of your event through to the stage where a variety of lighting solutions will wow the audience. 
Electricity Challenges - A Great Solution
One of the challenges in setting up for a corporate event is the dangers of electrical cords that crisscross throughout your displays; supplying electricity to your monitors, charging tables, displays and lighting.
Most of our display systems are designed to allow for cord management. If there is an unusual circumstance.... consider raised flooring! Including a raised floor allows you to manage electrical cords without worrying about safety or fire hazards. With a raised floor you are no longer hampered by available outlets when configuring where you will place display counters, charging stations or any other accessory that might require electricity.

Consider the creative use of lighting at your next corporate event - i nterested in learning more about the corporate event services   and how E&E Exhibit Solutions┬« can help?  Give us a call.  
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