July Newsletter from Lovejoy Travel Agency
Los Cabos, Mexico:
Finding The Perfect Balance
Los Cabos in Mexico has got to be one of the most wonderful places I have been. It is so full of relaxation and beauty that it was hard to come back home. Being an extension of California on a peninsula separating itself from Mexico, it felt like the perfect blend of Mexico and the USA. As part of a coastal desert region, it never rains and it is always pleasantly sunny.    

If you're looking for pampering and rejuvenation, Los Cabos is your go-to destination with a higher concentration of luxury spas than any other place in Mexico. Catering to your every need, the trained staff focuses on wellness and relaxation paired with beauty and anti-aging treatments. It is a place where you come back refreshed!  

Few destinations on earth offer an array of championship golf courses as impressive as Los Cabos. Layouts designed by Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Greg Norman, and Tiger Woods makes it obvious why Los Cabos is one of the leading golf destinations in the world. 

Hot Spot for Celebrities

Los Cabos grew as a destination for wealthy vacationers, making it a hot spot for celebrities. Even on my last trip to Cabo, a photographer was taking pictures of Puff Daddy’s son who was there doing a photo shoot. It's also fun to know that George Clooney and Avril Lavigne both have houses just down the beach from where I was staying.
Deep Sea Fishing

Los Cabos is noted as one of the top 5 destinations in the world for sport fishing. Prior to the wealthy vacationers coming in, Los Cabos was a fishing town because the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes is a great combination for fish habitats. This also makes for great snorkeling and delicious seafood!
San Jose Del Cabo

When I was in Cabo, I left the property with the other ladies via cab to go shopping in San Jose Del Cabo. It was safe, very clean, cultural, and lovely. No regrets! We checked out the church, bought some pottery (I adore Mexican pottery!) and had a cerveza (aka beer). They do like to bargain, which I am not great at, but luckily I was with ladies who were. I got some great deals!
The Beach

Though some beaches in the region are not as swim-friendly as other resorts, they still provide breathtaking views and beautiful vistas worth exploring. There are still 19 beaches in the area for those looking to take a dip, and if you're looking for some more ocean fun, check out the surfing, deep sea fishing, or whale watching tours!