Feburary 2019

What will you change this year to streamline your business? 
Here are some ideas from leading contractors:
Improve processes to reduce fire-fighting.  Keep track of time wasters, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and then work to avoid making them again.  Don't yell at the problem, fix the process.  
Two heads are better than one.  Consult with industry leaders, suppliers and business experts on your strengths and weaknesses.  Get realistic advice on what's really important to focus on.  
Implement productivity-based incentives.   Team members are motivated to work overtime in season when they have extra-incentives based on production goals.  Reduces absenteeism too.   
Strengthen your financial position.  Pay down debt when times are good.  Sell off idle equipment when the market for it is strong.   
Adopt more technology.   Embrace e-invoicing, crew routing and tracking software and e-payments.  Get connected with customers with WiFi irrigation controls.  
Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals in the coming season. 

The Team at North South Supply

Take Advantage of Our Take-Off and Estimating Services
Have a residential or commercial project coming up?   
North South can make your job easier and increase your profits.

Our experts are trained to:
  • Produce an accurate comprehensive materials list
  • Identify special-order, non-stock items and provide accurate lead times
  • Identify opportunities to value-engineer.  
To get started, e-mail the plans along with any notes regarding changes or substitutions to takeoffs@northsouth.net.  We will contact you with any questions to get started. 
Beyond the apps offered by the popular irrigation brands, we've discovered some free cool apps that are well-supported by their sponsors and that offer a wealth of value for the pro contractor.
Bosch Toolbox: Includes a measurement feature for measuring your jobsite. Includes a daily documentation feature to gather up media (photos, video, notes) and export as tracking documentation.
Milwaukee One-Key: Free to use program to inventory and track tools and equipment. Better control your equipment and hand tools. Pairs with the Tick, a device that can be hidden on your equipment, and can help track its whereabouts.
iAuditor: Tracks weekly safety audits by your crew leaders.
PlanGrid: Provides contractors with real-time access to drawings, punch lists, submittals and more in digital form from a mobile device.   Eliminate paper plans on site.
TSheets:  Cloud-based time tracking, and scheduling app is an alternative to a paper timesheet or punch cards.  

#1 Solvent Cement Preferred by Contractors:
Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue 
For over 40 years, professional contractors have relied on Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue to make strong, permanent joints for PVC pressure and drain lines. 

We are proud to offer this industry-leading product to our customers.

Wet or dry, rain or shine, no other PVC solvent cement works as well across all weather conditions. Plus it works fast to allow you to quickly pressurize and test new installations and repairs.  

Learn how to use Red Hot Blue Glue to "bond for life" in this informative video.
3 Easy Steps to Calculate Drainage Requirements
By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to determine the amount of water draining from your customer's property and ways that this water can be efficiently stored.
Step 1: Calculate Stormwater Runoff using the Rational Method: Q = C x I x A where
  • Q = Storm Water Runoff (in cubic feet per second)
  • C = Coefficient of Runoff
  • I = Rainfall Intensity (in inches per hour)
  • A = Area of Drainage Zone (in acres)
Draw a sketch of the customer's yard to gather the area measurements. Examine the property to determine where and how much water is draining.

Step 2:  Calculate the volume of water being stored
Each municipality has their specific rules when it comes to determining how much water can be drained off of a property. A method that is commonly used is called the First Flush rule (check your local codes).

The First Flush rule states that the first 15 minutes (or other duration determined by your municipality) of water from a storm must be stored on your property. Any water after that first 15 minutes can be discharged off your property.

Step 3: Determine how to store runoff
There are two ways that this water can be stored: 1) above ground in retention and detention ponds and 2) Below ground in dry wells, french drains, etc.

The NDS Flo-Well and Ezflow are two products that can help you efficiently store your runoff.
Click here for a complete step by step guide on How to Calculate Drainage.
In a six part video series, NDS' resident civil engineer, Dr. Drainage, walks you through how to calculate runoff, store runoff, size a catch basin and determine what drain pipe to use. Click here to view the entire series.  
In addition to these videos, NDS has created a series of online calculators that make it easy for contractors to plug in information from their job site and it helps you calculate drainage for your customer's dry well, French drain, and drain pipe.

Go with the Leader: LASCO Fittings
Users of LASCO PVC fittings can rely upon a product accepted and relied upon by millions of contractors and users worldwide.

For over 50 years LASCO has provided the experience needed to transport liquids from source to application with reliability and ease. Designers know the commitment LASCO has to providing trouble free products and services.         

Check out their full offering for irrigation here.   Watch the video below to learn about their company-wide commitment to quality, value and service.
Meet Our Pipe Supplier:  Silver-Line

Since 1962, Silver-Line has led the plastic pipe industry in Quality, Service & Innovation!  
In that time, Silver-Line has become a Green/Irrigation industry leader and pioneer.
Silver-Line was first to offer fully computerized blending of PVC compound, which ensures a better, more consistent finished pipe product.
Silver-Line is the only pipe manufacturer who produces an Impact Class-2 rated Well Casing product.
Silver-Line became an Irrigation industry leader by producing a longer bell on all of our pressure pipe products, ensuring a better, more consistent fit, and greater ease/confidence in installation for irrigation-oriented jobs.
As an industry leader for over 50-years, Silver-Line is uniquely equipped to handle the needs of its irrigation wholesalers and contractors from our state-of-the-art production facilities in NC, OK & FL. 

Must Have Problem-Solver for Irrigation Repairs
Need to work around bad or broken field wires without digging up an entire landscape?  Now you can control 2 valves with only one good wire pair with Add-A-Zone.
Exclusive features:
  • Both valves connected to Add-A-Zone are independently timed and controlled.
  • The two valves can be set to separate watering schedules and programs in the controller.
  • No disruption of the landscape to repair problems.
Solve these problems:
  • Divide existing zones stations with a new valve to correct pressure problems.   Permits the addition of an additional valve to systems that have an open station on the controller. 
  • Work around broken field wires and maintain full system functionality.
Solving Broken Wire Problems
Solving Broken Wire Problems

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