June 2019

Long days.  Deadlines.  Demanding customers.

It can be really tough to keep your team motivated during the hottest months of the year.
Even the best leaders need a little help coaxing top performance from their teams.  Here are some ideas you can use each day to increase motivation:     
1) Share your sincere appreciation:  "I appreciate your efforts."   "You did a good job on ..."   "Thanks, keep up the __ ."
2)  Eat lunch with the team.  Less formal time together will help you find out genuine employee concerns so that you can fix things that are not working well.  It's a great way for everyone to get to know each other too. 
3)  Make sure everyone gets some positive recognitionPraise accomplishments in front of peers.  Be sure to share encouragement with everyone.  Don't play favorites.
4) Share the big picture.   Talk about what results the customer needs.  Hold company meetings.  Share what's new.  Tell the good and the bad. 
5) Provide upgraded tools.  Boost safety, productivity and morale. Don't disregard requests when equipment is broken or worn.
Need more ideas for landscape employee motivation?  Check out this FREE handbook written just for contractors. 

The Team at North South Supply

North South Supply always delivers great value to our customers, but many customers don't realize that we also deliver our products!   
Use our delivery to get what you need when you need it.   
Simply call, email or fax into your store so we can get a delivery scheduled for you - and remember, it always helps to plan ahead.    
Our service is not only a convenience, it saves your company Time and Money!
Take Advantage of Our Money-Saving Offers
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More Tariff-Based Price Increases - View Our List
After years of price stability, manufacturers have been raising prices aggressively in the last 3 months.  These changes are impacting nearly every category of landscape and irrigation supplies.   
Collaborate with your North South representative to obtain updated quotes prior to bid. Include material cost increase clauses in your bid documents.
While material cost increases may seem to be bad, discover how they can help you.   They are an opportunity for you to raise your pricing to achieve a higher profit level. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

Contractors Guide to Managing Problem Employees  
Poor performers can really drag your company down.  
They disrupt productivity, make excuses, drag down morale, do sub-standard work, disobey rules, and hurt relationships with long-term customers. 
As a leader, it's up to you to resolve these challenges and turn chaos into order. 
Employees become problems because they feel they can get away with it. Weak management and bad business practices can create a frustrated, disengaged workforce. 
In this free booklet, we'll share practical insights and techniques for dealing with problem workers and the workplace situations they create.
40 Years of Leadership:  Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue
For over 40 years, professional contractors have relied on Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue to make strong, permanent joints for PVC pressure and drain lines. 

We are proud to offer this industry-leading product to our customers.

Wet or dry, rain or shine, no other PVC solvent cement works as well across all weather conditions. Plus it works fast to allow you to quickly pressurize and test new installations and repairs.  

Learn how to use Red Hot Blue Glue to "bond for life" in this informative video.  

In this helpful technical article from LASCO Fittings, discover the forces that cause failure in threaded pipe connections and how to take steps to control them in your installations.

Click here to download the full article PDF 

How do you convert your new hire's excitement and enthusiasm into a great productive start?

Getting your new hire through the initial awkward phase of being the "new person" and moving toward being "a productive member of the team" is a challenging task.

The key is to have a checklist to guide the steps from hire through to the end of the first month. Help the new hire-and the team-through the anxiety that comes with change and encourage productive connections to be made. Here are some essential ingredients in good on-boarding:

  • A welcome message given to employees, welcoming the new hire with a few brief details about the person and his/her new role. Encourage everyone to greet the new person and make them feel a part of your team.
  • A checklist provided to the new employee with information on common questions: work start/end times, break policies, restroom locations, planning for lunch, what to bring on the first day, etc.
  • A brief job description with requirements, expectations and keys to success. Be sure it's clear what the new hire needs to learn, know and accomplish after 14-30 days in the role.
  • A welcome kit including some company logo materials (appropriate to the role - a mousepad, hat, note pad, etc.) and required personal protective equipment (safety glasses, hearing protection, etc.)
Get feedback from recent new employees on other things you could add to your on-boarding program. Think about what would make you feel welcomed and make you excited to get started.

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