March 2019

Looking for great employees to grow your team? 

Who isn't!

The market for hardworking and reliable employees seems to get tighter every day.  

We asked leading contractors to share their strategies for finding the "best of the best" to build their crews.

Here's their advice: 
  • Pay existing employees a "bounty" for finding new team members.  The bounty is paid after the newcomer's first 60 days.
  • Have an active careers page on your company website where applicants can apply. 
  • Establish rapport with local vocational school instructors and scout students with a great work ethic.
  • Maintain a presence on Indeed and other digital sites.  Take advantage of association job boards too.  Always be visible even when you're not hiring.
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The Team at North South Supply

Take Advantage of Our Money-Saving Offers
Learn how to save $$ on your irrigation and drainage projects with our special offers from K-Rain and NDS.   Click here for details

Easily troubleshoot and complete repairs in less time for backflows, pressure reducing valves and automatic control valves with the help of step by step YouTube videos. Zurn Wilkins has a new Irrigation Playlist on their OneZurn YouTube channel that puts valuable videos in one location. Zurn has a large library of helpful irrigation videos that cover start-up, step by step troubleshooting and repair guides, and product overviews to help you maintain optimum system performance.
The Spring Start-Up video below is just one of the many videos available. Visit the OneZurn YouTube Channel for their complete video library.  

Better Solutions for Better Outcomes  
Kichler is rewriting the rules for integrated LED flexibility with the 12V LED Accent Light with Variable Lumen Output (VLO).  
VLO technology allows you to easily switch between three lumen outputs without a need for mechanical adjustments - eliminating the increased failure risk or long-term reliability concerns associated with the fixtures that have a mechanical lumen adjustment.
VLO truly makes it easier than ever to design, install and service landscape lighting either during the initial installation for the right amount of light output or years down the road as the landscape application needs change.   Contractors can even carry less fixtures in their inventory since its like having three fixtures in one!
Take your projects to the next level with the new 12V LED Accent with VLO and Kichler as your trusted partner.   Learn more here.  
3 Easy Steps to Calculate Drainage Requirements
By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to determine the amount of water draining from your customer's property and ways that this water can be efficiently stored.
Step 1: Calculate Stormwater Runoff using the Rational Method: Q = C x I x A where
  • Q = Storm Water Runoff (in cubic feet per second)
  • C = Coefficient of Runoff
  • I = Rainfall Intensity (in inches per hour)
  • A = Area of Drainage Zone (in acres)
Draw a sketch of the customer's yard to gather the area measurements. Examine the property to determine where and how much water is draining.

Step 2:  Calculate the volume of water being stored
Each municipality has their specific rules when it comes to determining how much water can be drained off of a property. A method that is commonly used is called the First Flush rule (check your local codes).

The First Flush rule states that the first 15 minutes (or other duration determined by your municipality) of water from a storm must be stored on your property. Any water after that first 15 minutes can be discharged off your property.

Step 3: Determine how to store runoff
There are two ways that this water can be stored: 1) above ground in retention and detention ponds and 2) Below ground in dry wells, french drains, etc.

The NDS Flo-Well and Ezflow are two products that can help you efficiently store your runoff.
Click here for a complete step by step guide on How to Calculate Drainage.
In a six part video series, NDS' resident civil engineer, Dr. Drainage, walks you through how to calculate runoff, store runoff, size a catch basin and determine what drain pipe to use. Click here to view the entire series.  
In addition to these videos, NDS has created a series of online calculators that make it easy for contractors to plug in information from their job site and it helps you calculate drainage for your customer's dry well, French drain, and drain pipe.

King's ACE Connector for Landscape Lighting 
When making low voltage landscape lighting wire splices, time, aesthetics, and security are all important considerations. Good splices should:
-  Provide a solid mechanical connection with a fast cure
-  Be a secure & water-resistant connection eliminating re-work
-  Allow for quick and easy application
-  Offer a concealed design with a clean look
-  Eliminate bulky connections which diminish landscape aesthetics
-  Deliver long-lasting outdoor performance
The ACE Connector by King Innovation delivers! This weather-resistant connector is approved for use with low voltage landscape lighting. The ACE Connector system includes a solid brass screw-tight lug that is designed to dissipate heat quickly, delivering a cooler temperature at the splice. The fast-curing heat shrink is lined with a special sealant that surrounds splices protecting them from harsh elements and water intrusion. You will know the connection is dry and protected, avoiding costly re-work! Once installed, the splice lays flat against decks, trees, or on the ground for seamless and concealed connections.
Packaged with the brass lug, Allen wrench, and heat shrink, the installation will be simple and effective. Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, the ACE Connector fittings cover a wide-range of wire combinations for all your low voltage landscape lighting needs.
Manufacturer Price Increases - View Our List
After years of price stability, manufacturers have been raising prices aggressively in the last 3 months.  These changes are impacting nearly every category of landscape and irrigation supplies.   
Collaborate with your North South representative to obtain updated quotes prior to bid. Include material cost increase clauses in your bid documents.
While material cost increases may seem to be bad, discover how they can help you.   They are an opportunity for you to raise your pricing to achieve a higher profit level. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

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