October 2018

We're Ready for the October Scramble, Are You?
Contractors are telling us it's busy!  Builders need new landscapes finished to close on new houses.  Snowbirds serve up a long list of special requests to be completed before they arrive.    It's an exciting time of year for all of us!

In busy times, you want a supplier who knows you, knows what you need and who will follow-through.

Take advantage of our value-added services to make your job easier:

    - Direct to job delivery of large orders
    - Call ahead so orders are ready for pickup, no waiting.
    - One-stop shopping for all of your project needs.
    - Expert advice at the counter or by phone.
    - Convenient hours - get what you need, when you need it

Have a great month!     
The Team at North South Supply
North South Expands with New Melbourne Location
Grand Opening Event on October 25th!

North South Supply is primed for growth in one of the country's hottest markets.
Our new location and distribution center in Melbourne, Florida position us as the market leader in product selection, availability and customer service.     This new location will allow us to continue to be the first choice of professionals throughout the region.
Stop by to see the new location at: 3995 Dow Road Melbourne FL 32934 
We will have a grand opening event on Thursday, October 25th from 4:30 to 8:00 PM.
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Check out this month's special offers on products you will need for upcoming projects.
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Don't Miss the Florida Water Summit, November 8-10, 2018
Stay up-to-date on the latest in Irrigation industry news and earn valuable CEU's by attending this year's summit.  Take advantage of these learning opportunities: 
  • Management Track -  leverage new marketing tools and capture new business to become a high-performing irrigation contractor. Become the most effective and profitable manager you can be.
  • Leadership Track - This two day training program is designed specifically for improving the performance of any manager or supervisor. Enjoy a hands-on experience that will make you one of the best in the business.
  • Technology Track - Earn valuable CEU's by taking advantage of our Technology track. This track will offer 2 days of educational courses to fulfill most of your CEU requirements for the year.
Location:  Mission Inn Resort  10400 County Road 48 Howey-In-The-Hills, FL 34737   
How Flow Sensors Make Irrigation Smarter
How can an irrigation system notify you or your customer when it has a problem?     
A flow sensor is a smart new way to report overflow or underflow conditions.   When paired with a master valve, the system can even shut itself down when it needs to. 
A flow sensor helps with 2 concerns:  1)  Underflow conditions indicate watering isn't occurring, alerting before plants die due to lack of water.  Underflow can also mean problems with pumps that if detected early can prevent significant damage. 2)  Overflow conditions indicate wasted water due to line breaks, broken sprinklers or a stuck valve.
A flow sensor can alert you to these conditions before they cause problems for your customer. 
When a change in normal flow occurs, some controllers can send an email or text message to notify someone that there is a problem, and will shut down the problem zone or the master valve if it sees the change on all the zones. Other systems just put an alarm on the controller display. There are a lot of options to fit most systems.   The potential savings and peace of mind are well worth it.
When making low voltage landscape lighting wire splices, time, aesthetics, and security are all important considerations. Good splices should:
-  Provide a solid mechanical connection with a fast cure
-  Be a secure & water-resistant connection eliminating re-work
-  Allow for quick and easy application
-  Offer a concealed design with a clean look
-  Eliminate bulky connections which diminish landscape aesthetics
-  Deliver long-lasting outdoor performance
The ACE Connector by King Innovation delivers! This weather-resistant connector is approved for use with low voltage landscape lighting. The ACE Connector system includes a solid brass screw-tight lug that is designed to dissipate heat quickly, delivering a cooler temperature at the splice. The fast-curing heat shrink is lined with a special sealant that surrounds splices protecting them from harsh elements and water intrusion. You will know the connection is dry and protected, avoiding costly re-work! Once installed, the splice lays flat against decks, trees, or on the ground for seamless and concealed connections.
Packaged with the brass lug, Allen wrench, and heat shrink, the installation will be simple and effective. Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, the ACE Connector fittings cover a wide-range of wire combinations for all your low voltage landscape lighting needs.

Tap into Drainage Lines Easily with New Inserta Tee
Need to add a new line to a drainage system?  Make the connection fast and easy.

Inserta TeeĀ® provides a three-piece lateral connection consisting of a PVC hub, rubber sleeve, and stainless steel band.

Inserta Tee boasts the broadest line of lateral connections in the world and can connect to all solid wall, profile, closed profile, and corrugated pipe manufactured today with unparalleled performance.

Watch the video to learn more 
Inserta TEE Installation
Inserta TEE Installation
Troubleshooting electrical problems with a 2-wire decoder system is significantly more complex than a traditional irrigation system.   It pays to learn the advanced techniques.

Thanks to Regency Wire and Cable, we have new training videos on troubleshooting 2-wire systems.  They share information helpful to all brands.    Watch the video on advanced troubleshooting of components here, then visit their YouTube channel to see the full series.   
Resolving Specific Decoder-Based Irrigation Control System Problems
Resolving Specific Decoder-Based Irrigation Control System Problems
Making the Right First Impression with New Customers

You only get one shot at a first impression - make it count!
Most people won't even consider your product or service solution until they feel confident in you.   Work to develop credibility with a strong first impression. 

Research has found that four major factors influence the credibility of you and your company:
  • Personal presence: grooming, uniform, voice, personality.
  • Conduct: professionalism, preparation, listening, asking good questions, manners, not over-selling, ethics.
  • Credentials: certifications, track-record, education.
  • Knowledge: technical skills and industry acumen.

Taking the time to proactively sell your credibility will put you steps ahead of your competitors.  Plus, building trust will overcomes many of the concerns skeptical buyers have. 

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