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You work too hard to let your profits be list to mistakes, inaccuracies and neglect. Review these tips and be sure you're capturing every dollar you can!
  1. Improve your bidding accuracy. Don't leave money on the table by bidding projects using bad data. Update your charts to reflect rising costs for materials, labor, labor burden and overhead. Use an estimating checklist to avoid forgotten items.
  2. Stop trying to work too many projects at once. Many contractors fall into the trap of saying "yes" to every opportunity. Suddenly your schedule is stretched, you're paying lots of overtime and efficiencies go out the window. Manage your workflow so it's a level, sustainable pace.
  3. Turn off marketing when you have too many leads. It's expensive to generate sales leads with Google AdWords and other advertising. If you're getting too many leads and not following up on them immediately, you're wasting money. A general rule of thumb: the first contractor on-site to give a quote has the best shot at the work. If you can't keep up with quotes, put ads on hold.
  4. If your gut tells you it will be a problem project, don't take it. Your experience and intuition mean a lot. If the project seems risky or if the customer seems flaky, go somewhere else. Keep a written list of criteria you use to determine the best customers - the ones who seek your professional advice, don't ask for price cuts, and who pay on time. When a customer doesn't fit, don't take the job.
  5. Stop doing work for free. Avoid being the "nice guy" who forgets to write down and bill for all of the extras you do for clients. Those extra trips to the site, change orders and freebies add up to additional hours and costs for materials that can really be a drag on your bottom line.
  6. Fix quality problems that cause call-backs. Track warranty calls and causes so you can address field mistakes that lead to warranty work. Costly problems repeat when workers lack training or cut corners. Track down and eliminate root causes.
  7. Bargain brands can hurt your profits and your reputation. Avoid "off-brand" materials that have poor track records for quality. The small percentage savings from knock-off products can cost you dearly in free labor to do the warranty replacements.

Better Solutions for Better Outcomes
Kichler is rewriting the rules for integrated LED flexibility with the 12V LED Accent Light with Variable Lumen Output (VLO).  
VLO technology allows you to easily switch between three lumen outputs without a need for mechanical adjustments - eliminating the increased failure risk or long-term reliability concerns associated with the fixtures that have a mechanical lumen adjustment.
VLO truly makes it easier than ever to design, install and service landscape lighting either during the initial installation for the right amount of light output or years down the road as the landscape application needs change.   Contractors can even carry less fixtures in their inventory since its like having three fixtures in one!
Take your projects to the next level with the new 12V LED Accent with VLO and Kichler as your trusted partner.   Learn more here
King's ACE Connector for Landscape Lighting
When making low voltage landscape lighting wire splices, time, aesthetics, and security are all important considerations. Good splices should:
-  Provide a solid mechanical connection with a fast cure
-  Be a secure & water-resistant connection eliminating re-work
-  Allow for quick and easy application
-  Offer a concealed design with a clean look
-  Eliminate bulky connections which diminish landscape aesthetics
-  Deliver long-lasting outdoor performance
The ACE Connector by King Innovation delivers! This weather-resistant connector is approved for use with low voltage landscape lighting. The ACE Connector system includes a solid brass screw-tight lug that is designed to dissipate heat quickly, delivering a cooler temperature at the splice. The fast-curing heat shrink is lined with a special sealant that surrounds splices protecting them from harsh elements and water intrusion. You will know the connection is dry and protected, avoiding costly re-work! Once installed, the splice lays flat against decks, trees, or on the ground for seamless and concealed connections.
Packaged with the brass lug, Allen wrench, and heat shrink, the installation will be simple and effective. Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, the ACE Connector fittings cover a wide-range of wire combinations for all your low voltage landscape lighting needs.
Looking Ahead:  NIBCO's Economic Update for Contractors
This quarter's NIBCO report points to continued growth for professional irrigation and landscape contractors.       
NIBCO asks industry expert Andrew Duguay to provide us with regional forecasts specifically targeted to the outlook for your business operations.
We encourage you to get all of the details by clicking the link to view the report.   Click here to view the report.

Go with the Leader: LASCO Fittings
Users of LASCO PVC fittings can rely upon a product accepted and relied upon by millions of contractors and users worldwide.

For over 50 years LASCO has provided the experience needed to transport liquids from source to application with reliability and ease. Designers know the commitment LASCO has to providing trouble free products and services.         

Check out their full offering for irrigation here.   Watch the video below to learn about their company-wide commitment to quality, value and service.
How Flow Sensors Make Irrigation Smarter
How can an irrigation system notify you or your customer when it has a problem?     
A flow sensor is a smart new way to report overflow or underflow conditions.   When paired with a master valve, the system can even shut itself down when it needs to. 
A flow sensor helps with 2 concerns:  1)  Underflow conditions indicate watering isn't occurring, alerting before plants die due to lack of water.  Underflow can also mean problems with pumps that if detected early can prevent significant damage. 2)  Overflow conditions indicate wasted water due to line breaks, broken sprinklers or a stuck valve.
A flow sensor can alert you to these conditions before they cause problems for your customer. 
When a change in normal flow occurs, some controllers can send an email or text message to notify someone that there is a problem, and will shut down the problem zone or the master valve if it sees the change on all the zones. Other systems just put an alarm on the controller display. There are a lot of options to fit most systems.   The potential savings and peace of mind are well worth it.
NDS Trench Drain Solutions
Dura Slope Trench Drains
Pre-sloped and neutral trench drain system provides a solution for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal drainage needs. Interlocking tongue and groove joints for secure alignment and easy installation - no extra screws or clamps needed. Duraloc integral joint lock to prevent joint movement with various grate options, up to Class D traffic rating.
Filcoten Trench Drains
High-performance fiber-reinforced concrete trench drain system designed to handle heavy loads in pre-sloped and neutral configurations. Superior impact resistance compared to the competition. Resistant to changes in temperature, exposure to UV, and non-flammable.
Pro-Series Channel Drains  
Lightweight channel drain system with interlocking joints and modular design offers flexibility and quick, easy connections. Lightweight parts connect easily to sewer and drain pipe and fittings or SCH 40 pipe and fittings. Side and bottom outlets can be connected anywhere along the channel run. Load Rated: Up to Class C with appropriate grate.
Spee-D Channel Drains - Ideal for commercial or residential applications. Effective in everything from patios to light vehicular traffic areas. Durable polyolefin parts are lightweight and snap together for fast, easy installation. Available in 4' and 10' sections. 
Mini Channel Drains   Excellent for light-duty applications including residential pools, concrete and paver patios, spas and tennis courts. Durable polyolefin parts are lightweight and snap together for fast, easy installation. System components are chemically-resistant, rust proof and feature UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking from the sun. 

Micro Channel Drains - Designed for residential applications including swimming pools, spas and patios. Available in 10' sections, parts are lightweight and easy to install.

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