Each year the Daedalians present nearly $150,000 in scholarships to deserving youth. We're able to do this because of your generous donations.
Loren and Randy Spencer Scholarship
The Colonel Loren and Mrs. Randy Spencer annual scholarships are awards made to applicants submitted and sponsored by the four flight(s) most successful in recruiting new members into Daedalians. The New Aviator Recruiting Award also goes to the top flight in new aviator recruiting and can be awarded as the flight sees fit. This year, Old Pueblo Flight 12 was selected.
Cadet Jeremy White, AFROTC
Junior, University of Arizona
Old Pueblo Flight 12, Spencer Scholarship
Major: Criminal Justice
Academic Distinction, Dean's List
Career Goal: “To serve 20+ years in the Air Force, doing the best job I can do and be better at than I was the day before. I want to leave lasting positive effects on the countless Airmen that I will come across throughout my service.”
Matching Scholarships
The Daedalian Foundation matches up to $2,000 in flight scholarship awards, and then adds another $1,000. Thus, $3,000 is the maximum total that the Foundation awards per flight. When a flight awards multiple scholarships, the Foundation's matching, up to $3,000, is done in accordance with flight instructions.
Cadet Gabrielle Giuliano, AFROTC
Senior, University of California - Los Angeles
Harold L. George Flight 7 matching scholarship
Flight $1,000. Foundation $2,500.
Major: Integrated Engineering with emphasis on Biomedical Engineering
21.5 student pilot hours. Pilot slot and will be commissioned in 2021.
Career Goal: “In my near future, I hope to attend Undergraduate Pilot Training School with the Air Force. I am confident that my experiences in the aerospace field have confirmed my enthusiasm and eagerness to become a pilot in the United States Air Force.”
MIDN Reed Orren, NROTC
Senior, University of California - Los Angeles
Harold L. George Flight 7 matching scholarship
Flight $1,000. Foundation $500.
Major: Aerospace Engineering
ERAU NROTC Battalion Commendation Award, 1st Place in Armed Drill at Tulane NROTC Drill Meet, Society of Collegiate Scholars. Pilot slot and will be commissioned in June, 2021
Career Goal: “Whether it has been watching airshows or drawing aircraft designs, I have always been interested in aviation. My passion for aircraft and design drew me to attend college for a degree in Aerospace Engineering and to join the Navy to become a Naval Aviator. As an aviator I hope to fly the F-35C as I would like to operate the forefront of aerospace technology. Continuing this goal, I will strive to attend Naval Test Pilot school and other institutions in hopes of becoming a member of the most advanced team on Earth: the NASA Astronaut Program.”
We're proud to highlight these scholarship recipients who are pursuing careers
as military aviators. If you would like to offer them career advice or words of encouragement,
please email us at communications@daedalians.org.
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Thank you to Flight 9 for sharing this new documentary about the Memphis Belle restoration.
An In-Depth Look at The Memphis Belle Restoration
Bomber aircraft have played an important role in the legacy of military aviation and will continue to be critical to the force of the future. Last month, PBS aired a new documentary featuring the story of the Memphis Belle and its thirteen year restoration before being displayed in 2018 at the National Museum of the United Sates Air Force.

The B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator formed the backbone of the U.S. Army Air Force's strategic bombing force. Strategic bombing was essential to victory in crippling Germany's war industry. However, it was one of the most dangerous missions in the war. The Memphis Belle was a B-17F Flying Fortress that flew in the European Theater in WWII. The plane and its crew become iconic symbols of the heavy bomber crews and support personnel after being the first to successfully complete twenty-five combat missions over Nazi Germany.
After completing their twenty-fifth combat mission on May 17, 1943, the Memphis Belle and its crew were selected for a thirty-one city war bond tour during the summer of 1943 and were celebrated as national heroes. With the high casualty rates experienced by bomber crews, their story helped inspire and boost morale on the home front and continued to propel the war effort. Additionally, legendary director William Wyler released a documentary featuring the Memphis Belle in 1944.

Though a celebrated airplane, the Memphis Belle nearly succumbed to the scrap heap. Memphis Mayor Walter Chandler heard that the B-17F was slated to be chopped up with other bombers in Altus, Oklahoma via a reporter. He purchased the aircraft for $350 in honor of its namesake and the plane was relocated to the City of Memphis. The Memphis Belle was placed on display at the city's National Guard armory into the 1980s. In addition to the damages incurred in combat, which included a splintered tail, hundreds of holes from German flak, and the loss of five engines, the plane succumbed to weather corrosion and vandalism.

An effort was made to keep its location in Memphis by the Memphis Belle Memorial Association. However, they had difficulty raising the funds to restore it. In 2004, the Air Force decided to relocate the plane and begin restoration efforts so the Memphis Belle could be displayed at their national museum in Dayton, Ohio.
The documentary details the story of the crew and the incredible effort required to restore the aircraft to its original glory. Featuring testimony from the air crew recounting their journey toward the twenty-five mission milestone along with original footage from William Wyler, it uniquely captures the challenges and heroism of WWII bomber crews in their treacherous task. The context provided regarding the impact of heavy losses on morale emphasizes the critical nature of the Memphis Belle crew's public affairs mission as well.

The story of the thirteen-year restoration is just as inspiring. Nearly the entire interior of the plane had to be completely restored, in addition to a complete overhaul of the exterior of the aircraft. Only about 100 B-17s remain in the world today, making sourcing parts extremely difficult. Many had to be fabricated in order to complete the restoration. It was a labor of love for many on the restoration team, including a member who was inspired to become an Air Force crew chief after meeting one of the Memphis Belle crew at an airshow as a child, and one whose father was a B-17 tail gunner.
The aircraft was put on display on May 17, 2018, seventy-five years to the day that its aircrew flew their final combat mission. It remains an iconic and celebrated piece of military aviation history. We encourage you to view the documentary by clicking on the first photo above, which will link you to the page with the video.