November 2020 - Newsletter
Upcoming Dates & Reminders

  • December 2, 7pm - Whiddon Property Community Meeting (separate zoom invitation has gone out with this information)
  • December 5, 8am - 12pm - TRCA Yard Sale (neighbors are encouraged to participate individually and follow social distance guidelines. TRCA will put out signage throughout the neighborhood as done in previous years to indicate an upcoming community sale)
  • December 10 - 7pm - TRCA December General Meeting - annual elections will take place at this meeting!

A message from our President
Allison Foster
Hello, Tarpon River neighbors! 

Somehow we are entering into the end of 2020. This year has both flown by and slowly moved through each day and month. I hope however you chose to spend Thanksgiving, you were able to do so safely.

I continue to be thankful for our community!

We have a lot coming up in the next two weeks (see the dates above) and we hope that you will be a part of our happenings. Most important, I hope you join our TRCA December General Meeting. This would "normally" be our December Holiday party, but this year we will be together via zoom. This meeting is important as we are holding our elections. Please be on the lookout for the information regarding how to join this zoom meeting.

As I've shared in the last few months, It is time for membership renewal! . We ask that you renew your membership and encourage your neighbors to do so, also! (follow this link to renew!) Your membership helps continue to ensure we continue to build community in Tarpon River, advocate for needs of the community, and in times when we can be physically together - to host events like Party in the Park.

Best Regards,

Tarpon River Civic Association President
 Tarpon River Civic Association Board of Directors wants to share our commitment to equitable and respectful treatment of all individuals everywhere and specifically within the Tarpon River Civic Association Boundaries. We understand and acknowledge the problem of systemic racism and discriminatory practices across our country toward many different groups and particularly towards Black Americans. Additionally, we want to reaffirm our commitment to creating a safe and inclusive community in Tarpon River. We recognize we have much work to do and we are committed to cultivate space for ongoing conversations to ensure our community continues to thrive as a place where all feel welcome.  

Tarpon River Civic Association - Board of Directors - Slate of Candidates

Slate of Officers (to be voted on in December)

The nominating committee puts forth the following slate of candidates:

President - Jay Shechtman
Vice President- Mike Stone
Secretary - Marita Flam
Treasurer - Marie McLaughlin
Director - Brucie Cummings
Director - Dave Rose
Director- Brian Engel

Associate Board Members - Allison Foster, Janet Scraper, Cynthia Hatfield, Felice Fontana

COVID-19 Updates


To find ongoing COVID-19 updates, information can be found on the City of Fort Lauderdale home page, found here.

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Learn More at a Virtual Public Meetings:
Virtual City Commission Regular Meeting
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