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Association News

Don't miss these upcoming MSA deadlines!

Submissions for MSA Society Awards extended to December 16!

We've added more time for you to submit a nomination for MSA Society Awards!

Don't miss out on an opportunity to participate in your Society's activities and to participate in honoring deserving individuals. All nominations are submitted entirely through an online form: filling in the basic nominee information and uploading the required supporting documents. For more information and to view the nomination process, click here.

Annual Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program

Due December 1!

The MSA Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program has been providing funding for undergraduate research for over 25 years. Over 100 projects covering a wide range of topics in the physical and biological sciences have received support through this program. MSA scholarships for undergraduate research are intended to foster the educational and research potential of full-time undergraduate students interested in pursuing microscopy as a career or major research tool. Apply today!

Kenneth H. Downing Memorial Postdoctoral Scholarship Award

Due December 15!

The Kenneth H. Downing Post-Doctoral Scholarship Award was created in honor of Professor Ken Downing, an MSA Past-President, MSA Fellow, and MSA Distinguished Scientist.

The scholarship will support postdoctoral researchers in the development of methods and instrumentation applied to the Life Sciences. Applications are due annually on December 15.

Awards are announced by February 1 of the following year. Learn more and apply today!

It's time to renew your MSA membership for 2023!

Keep your membership active to maintain access to exclusive member benefits including peer networking, discounts on educational materials, savings on the annual Microscopy & Microanalysis conference, participation in Society activities, and so much more. Log in to the member portal and renew today!

M&M 2023 News

Coming in December!

The M&M 2023 Call for Papers Submission Site opens in mid-December, and the M&M 2023 meeting website will be live in the first half of December. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the official M&M 2023 Call for Papers Brochure, mailed with the January issue of Microscopy Today.

Publications News

Microscopy Today.jpg

Submit an Article to Microscopy Today

The Editors of Microscopy Today (MTO) encourage and greatly appreciate submission of articles from microscope users as well as microscope manufacturers and suppliers. Of particular interest are summaries of in-depth articles published in peer-reviewed journals and articles that describe new equipment and applications. Microscopy Today is open access and there are no charges for publishing in MTO. All articles are available free to our subscription list of over 18,000 microscopists and through our collaboration with Cambridge University Press over 8,000 libraries worldwide. For further information email the Editor-in-Chief at Bob.Price@uscmed.sc.edu or visit


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Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/microscopytoday

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MicroscopyToday/

Technologists’ Forum News

The Technologists’ Forum is free to join and provides a community for those who work in the technical areas of microscopy sample preparation and imaging or anyone interested in expanding their skills.

Tech Forum M&M2023 Session Planning

We are excited to announce that the Tech Forum will be working with a few new symposia organizers for the 2023 meeting. Below is our list of sessions being developed. We welcome your suggestions and feedback for potential speakers and Mega Booth activities/demo ideas.

·      X30 – Methods in Tissue Clearing and Expansion to Achieve Improved Resolution [Partnering with B04]

·      X31 - New and Developing Technologies in Light Microscopy [Partnering with B06]

·      X32 - 4D STEM Tips and Techniques [Partnering with A04]


Professional Development Survey

Do you need additional training or want to better prepare for employer expectations? The Tech Forum, in conjunction with MSA Student Council has prepared a survey to find out which skills early and established scientists would like to learn. Results from this survey will help us develop future online and in-person training opportunities. The google survey can be found at: https://forms.gle/UDkyBSN4SodzJ7kh9.

MSA Student Council News

StC Appointed Positions:

Yes, we are STILL Accepting Applications!

While the official application deadline has closed, we will continue to accept applications for available positions until they are filled. Positions we are specifically targeting are Regional Liaisons and the PMCx60 Planning Committee which includes a Program Chair, Biological Science Co-chair, Social Chair. If you enjoyed the PMCx60 and would like to get involved but maybe aren’t sure, reach out! We’d love to chat with you about the positions, responsibilities, and benefits of StC participation. No previous leadership experience is required! We are a council of students, learning to be leaders together.


If you are interested in getting involved but aren’t sure if you’re ready for a full position, keep an eye on our communications for information about committees!


Click here for position descriptions.

Click here for the application form and instructions. 

Complete Our Survey:

What skills do you need for career development/advancement?


The Microscopy Society of America (MSA) has established an E-learning Task Force to identify how MSA can develop their online learning space to better serve our members and carry out the organization’s mission. As such, we are collecting information from trainees on what technical skills they may need to develop or advance their career beyond graduate school.


Let us know the types of microscopy techniques or skills you would like to learn: https://forms.gle/zcjPfUAC2UKKfPEQ8

Regional Updates

Region VIII

Carolina Science Symposium

When: Friday, Nov.18, 2022 


Where: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Registration: Student fee is $10 (includes lunch!), RSVP by November 11th

Event link: https://www.aif.ncsu.edu/event/carolina-science-symposium-3/

MSA Resources

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the resources the MSA offers!

Focused Interest Groups

Focused Interest Groups (FIG) are a great place for students to learn from the best! These are made of MSA members who can offer their expertise in a specific discipline. So if you need help troubleshooting your experiments, or want to learn a new microscopy technique, or even want to just network as you start looking for jobs after graduation, join a FIG! MSA student members can join one FIG annually for free! Find a FIG HERE!


Jobs Board

Hundreds of exciting professional opportunities are continuously updated on the MSA jobs site: https://jobs.microscopy.org/

Lots of featured career advice is shared on the MSA jobs site as well:


Student members also receive regular emails with new job postings. Stay connected for updates! 

Subscribe to our

YouTube Channel!

MSA Student Council

Our YouTube channel, MSA Student Council, has rich and diverse microscopy resources, including research webinars held by StC, career panels and young scholars offering invaluable insights based on their experiences. Subscribe to our channel to review our diverse events on YouTube 🤩:

     Advanced Microscopy Characterization Seminar Series;

     Grant Writing Series;

     Microscopy Careers Series: Industry, National Lab, and Academia;

     Communicating Science Series

… … (More events are coming soon!)

Local Affiliated Societies

Local Affiliated Societies News

by Bernd Zechmann, LAS Director


MSA members across the country have established 25 local affiliated societies (LAS). These LAS hold regular meetings and social events and publish newsletters to provide regional networking and outreach opportunities for the local microscopy community. Please join a local society or renew your membership in 2022. Find out more about your local microscopy society and its activities on the LAS community page at http://microscopy.org/communities/local.cfm.


LAS Quarterly Business Meeting

The next LAS meeting will be held virtually on December 8th, Thursday 1 -2 PM EST. 


During these meetings, we share ideas for event organization, fundraising, and tips on publishing newsletters and boosting membership. All are welcome. 

LAS Activities

If your LAS is organizing an event (meeting, workshop, outreach), please let me know so we can advertise it in this newsletter, on the MSA webpage, and on MSA social media.


Updating LAS Webpage

If you have new officers taking over the leadership in your society please let me know (Bernd_Zechmann@baylor.edu) so we can update the LAS directory on the MSA webpage.


LAS Programs

MSA provides LAS support with Tour Speakers, Grants-in-Aid, and Special Meeting grants. If you are planning any activities for your LAS, please consider applying for one of these funding sources. Details can be found at http://www.microscopy.org/communities/programs.cfm


If you are interested in starting an Affiliated Society in your region or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at Bernd_Zechmann@baylor.edu


Bernd Zechmann

Focused Interest Groups

MSA FIGs are groups of MSA members who have organized, with the approval of the MSA Council, to promote a specific discipline relevant to microscopy or microanalysis. Each FIG must have a minimum of 10 members to remain active. All MSA members are eligible and encouraged to participate in the existing FIGs. There is an annual fee of $15 per FIG joined. Learn more about FIGs here.

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