November 3rd, 2010

It doesn't take courage to change America,

it takes courage to keep it.

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Asking for bi-partisanship reminds me of the bully who pushes and pushes until finally one kid punches him in the nose. Then, he cries foul. Only then is bi-partisanship interesting to him.

Michelle Malkin joins me today with her essay which echoes my very thoughts.

David Codrea has a roundup and analysis of the election.

Larry Pratt - Executive Director of Gun Owners of America - sent me this lineup of wins in lieu of a commentary for today's edition. Thanks, Larry, that is a commentary, isn't it!!

Glad you're with me, too.

Love of Liberty,
John Longenecker

John Longenecker Safer Streets No more even-handedness, please.


Excuse me, I am not a fan of even - handedness. We did not send people to Washington or their state capitols to be cooperative, but to be partisan. Because, when you sit down to negotiate what you now have (to paraphrase Marie Parente) you lose. Democrats will never treat you nearly as well when you lose as we treat them when they lose.
And when they use that against us, it is only because we went in and were even - handed.

This election win and all its message didn't happen just so we can give it all away, or even some of it. That's how we were played into this mess to begin with.

Which brings me to another saying... If you think the cost of a good education is expensive, try the cost of ignorance.

Has America learned anything or not? No more compromise. It's what's made our streets unsafer.

The idea of getting along in Washington might have been praised and appreciated as dignified and decent, but it has always been a trap to keep governance a one-way street. I have complained that Republicans are so pre-occupied with being ladies and gentlemen that they never really did anything for constituents; they let the left punch them in the stomach, steal their milk money and eat their lunch.

You're going to hear a lot of this for the foreseeable future: now is not the time for compromise, or you'll simply be played again and again. Nor is this payback for anything.

This is blowback for the viciousness, the indignities and the corruption where we had been goaded into 'tolerance' or 'patience', political carping, smear and other traps which were pure demagoguery, distraction and self-indulgence.

For now, therefore, things have to be rectified to be much more compatible with our way of life, and our way of life is that the people are the Sovereign, not the governments here. And this will never be restored if we plan on being even-handed.

Or... haven't we learned anything?


David Codrea Second Amendment Was election a victory for gun owners?


Republicans have taken the House. While Democrats retained the Senate, the balance of power is too close for them to steamroll anything through. Add to this mix "pro-gun" Democrats and Second Amendment-friendly leadership in both chambers (assuming Sen. Reid still feels he needs to be), and yesterday appears to have been a good day for gun owners. At the federal and state levels.

How did races in your state and district go? More . . .


Michelle Malkin Independence
Take your olive branch and shove it, Democrats.

MALKIN[...] Voters have spoken: They've had enough. Enough of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner's rhetorical abuse. Enough of his feints at bipartisanship. Whatever the final tally, this week's turnover in Congress is a GOP mandate for legislative pugilism, not peace. Voters have had enough of big government meddlers "getting things done." They are sending fresh blood to the nation's Capitol to get things undone.

More . . .


Plain talk columnist Gerard Valentino launches his first book...
Tenth Amendment Center's Enumerated Powers article is especially sharp at clarifying the nature of the relationship between the government and the governed. It's a must-read for any Good WIll Ambassador for our Bill Of Rights. See it here.
"I am not a gun owner: how do gun laws affect me?"
Are liberty purists speaking to non-gun owners before the election?

See exactly how the health of the second amendment is the primary indicator of the overall health of the nation.

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