Celebrate Christmas With Us! Keeping Life Simple, Shoulders Strong and Safe, Spinach Tofu Quiche, Ayurvedic Insights on Salads, Upcoming 2-Part Beginner Meditation Course.
Keeping Life Simple

Opportunities to help us grow in life are everywhere and the yogic precept of svadhyaya or self enquiry helps us find them. Through our practice of yoga and meditation, we can develop an affinity for reflection and contemplation.
Shoulders - Strong and Safe

Shoulder safety is actually quite simple. We can access it from a table top position.and then use the knowledge gained in all our arm supported poses. There’s three important points...

Spinach Tofu Quiche

For those who aren’t that keen on eggs or those who would like a tasty tofu dish here is an amazing quiche-like recipe that isn’t only tasty, but packed with healthy goodness.

Ayurvedic Insights on Salads

When you think of salads, you think fresh, green, vital, healthy and refreshing. There is a general view in the nutritional community that salads are an important part of daily life. Let’s discover how the ancient science of Ayurveda looks at salads.

Discover Meditation Course

In this beginner 2 part course you will learn several easy and practical techniques to help you learn how to cope better with stress and improve physical and mental well-being - 
21 & 28 November 8-9.15pm
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Live Kirtan
Clap, sway and dance as we weave together melody, music and mantra. Immerse yourself in this simultaneously meditative, exhilarating and fun activity known as kirtan, the heart and soul of an evening at The Mantra Room.  

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