November-December 2020
Issue:6 Volume:6
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Progressive Safety Gears and Engineering

The simplest way to stop a moving object within a certain period of time by absorbing its kinetic energy is to convert its kinetic energy into heat through friction. In general, when a safety gear mechanism is activated, one half of the safety gear that is connected to the cabin is contacted with the rail through springs, and its other half is pressed to the rail through the wheelhouse, which is called “roller.” The rail is clamped between these two parts. The normal force that is generated turns into a friction force and starts using the kinetic energy of the cabin. The friction continues until the cabin stops. Progressive safety gear is a mechanical system. It can be installed to the lower or upper supporting girders of the cabin suspension. If there is a living space like a residence or office under the travel range of the counterweight, the counterweight should also be equipped with progressive safety gear.

Muharrem Çakırer
ELEVATOR WORLD 2020 Photo Contest

This year’s contest had 10 categories, and the number of entries — nearly 300 — was the most we’ve ever received. There were highlights throughout, such as our first-place winner in the “Who Reads EW?” category from Yasemin Bulut, president of Turkey’s Lift and Escalator Industry Women’s Business Association, for an entry titled “Future Women Elevator Technicians.” The photo shows six young ladies — elevator vocational high school students — wearing bright yellow hard hats as they peruse EWs on a pier overlooking the Bosporus strait in Istanbul. Read Article