President's Update -  Larry Kirlin

First I want to thank the membership for entrusting me with this office.  I will do my best to  honor the association with my work. I intend for my term to be filled with new ideas and plenty of collaboration.

My goals as president are simple:

- Reach deeper into the membership for participation
- Get more members to attend conference
- Communicate more often with members via short e-blasts
- Become more relevant to the average legal support professional (not just business owners)

Accomplishing these goals is going to take a team effort.  Our Board of Directors and committee chairpersons are already bringing great new ideas to the table so I can see that they are eager to join me in this endeavor. Don't expect any revolutionary changes this year. Think incremental improvements.  It's the little things that can make the biggest difference.

Thank you,

Larry Kirlin,  CALSPro President
New CALSPro Leadership

CALSPro Leadership 2016-2107

President: Larry Kirlin
Vice President: Robert Porambo
Treasurer/Secretary: Ken Hastings
Immediate Past President: Cliff Jacobs

Board of Directors: Tom Alkema, Chad Barger, Tom Bowman, Andy Estin, Ken Hastings, Cliff Jacobs, Paul Janney, Larry Kirlin, Robert Porambo, Kris Pujol, Lauri Taylor
Chairman of Board: Chad Barger

2016 Conference Wrap-up

Many thanks to all members, guests, vendors and sponsors for their participation and attendance at this year's conference.  It is by the generosity and support of its sponsors, vendors and members that allows the CALSPro Annual Business Meeting and Conference to succeed.  Special thanks also to Jennifer Blevins, Stephanie Schoen and Natalie Thurn for their rolls in making our conference so amazing.

CALSPro Membership - Join the Crowd

With renewals quickly approaching we want to highlight some NEW eye catching PROMOTIONS for those who renew early this year:
  • Early Bird:  Anyone whose renewal is received on or before December 31, 2016 shall receive a 10% discount to our annual conference in 2017.
  • Timely Renewal:  Ten renewals received from January 1 through January 15, 2017 will be entered into a drawing to receive a 10% discount to our annual conference in 2017.
Don't forget about these ONGOING membership promotions:
  1. REFERRAL - New members, or those inactive for 3 years, who are referred by a member receive this discount: Individual Member - $50 discount;  Company Member - $75 discount;  Associate Member - $25 discount The referring member will receive the same discount, up to 2 discounts per year.

2. DEFFERAL - Company members may opt to pay ½ of their renewal by Friday January

   13, 2017; and the other half no later than Tuesday February 28, 2017.


3. ADD A MEMBER - Company Members may add new Individual Members for $100 each.


4. UPGRADE - Individual Members can upgrade to a Company Member, or add Company Membership for $400.

Update to Bylaws

In accordance with the CALSPro Bylaws, proper notice was given to the members in September regarding two proposed Bylaw amendments.  Both of the proposed Bylaw amendments pertained to membership.  The proposed amendments were presented, thoroughly discussed, amended on the floor and approved by the membership in attendance during the Business Meeting.

Sales and Use Tax Rate Decreases

The statewide sales and use tax rate will decrease one quarter of one percent (0.25%) from 7.50 percent to 7.25 percent on January 1, 2017. The decrease in the statewide rate is effective for all cities and counties in California; however, the actual sales and use tax rate may still be higher than the statewide rate in many jurisdictions in California due to the addition of district taxes.

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Congratulations to Michael Kern
Recipient of the 2016 Bert Rosenthal Memorial Award!

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