November 2018 Monthly News and Updates
Provider Transformation Manual 2.0 is Now Available!
The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) recently announced the release of their Provider  Transformation  Manual (PTM) 2.0.   

The Manual resulted from valuable feedback  ODEP received from more than 150 providers who participated in the initial "Provider  Transformation Webinar Series" in 2017 and the "Provider  Transformation 2.0 Webinar Series" that followed in 2018. 

Across the nation, many providers have moved past the beginning stages of  transformation. This Manual offers modules that give an in depth look at specific areas of organizational change that are central to  transformation. To learn more, visit TM 2.0 and the "Provider Transformation 2.0 Webinar Series."

Module 1: Redesigning your organization: Structure, processes and people
(Authors: Karen Lee, M.Ed., CESP and Thomas Wilds, M.A.)
Module 2: Staff development, recruitment, restructuring
(Authors: Gail Fanjoy, M.A. and Dale Verstegen, M.B.A.)
Module 3: Staff training specifics
(Authors: Gail Fanjoy, M.A. and Genni Sasnett, M.A.)
Module 4: Effective stakeholder engagement
(Authors: Pat Rogan, Ph.D. and Sean Roy, M.S.)
Module 5: The importance of effective advocacy for better policy: Collaboration, coalitions,
communities of practice, and capacity-building at the local level
(Authors: Karen Lee, M.Ed., CESP and Rachel Pollock, J.D.)
Module 6: Financial planning for transformative change
(Authors: Rachel Pollock, J.D. and Genni Sasnett, M.A.)

For more information, download the Word document at  Provider Transformation Manual 2.0. or the .pdf document at Provider Transformation Manual 2.0..

Employment Services: "Bringing it all Together - Part II"

If you're still trying to make sense of DDA's Employment and Meaningful Day Services, join Staci Jones, the DDA employment services coordinator, for a continuation of July's webinar with a more in-depth discussion.

This webinar will move beyond basic service definitions, to include multiple scenarios that will help bring the new service delivery system to life.

Date: Friday, Nov. 16
Time: 10 a.m. to noon
Register for the webinar at Bringing it all together - Part II . 

 Maryland State Department of Education Collaboration Efforts

(DDA) leadership participated in multiple Professional Learning Opportunities (PLOs) statewide this week to continue strengthening state partner collaboration for Employment First. The DDA staff provided an overview to the Maryland State Department of Education Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services staff on Employment First values, as well as systems realignment. The opportunities also included "Speed Learning" sessions that allowed state partners to facilitate brief, small-group conversations related to their area of focus.

These cross-training and collaborative initiatives help to strengthen Maryland's joint vision that students with disabilities will have a smooth transition from school to work and community life, with a vision for their " good life." 
What Walgreens has Learned About the Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities

Former vice president of Walgreens, Randy Lewis, has a lot to say about hiring people with disabilities. The inclusive hiring initiatives that he started at Walgreens went on to provide data that makes the strong business case for hiring people with disabilities. 

After his retirement, Mr. Lewis went on to found a company called No Greatness Without Goodness ( NOGWOG) . To learn more about what Walgreens learned and what other employers can learn about the value of employing people with disabilities, visit NOGWOG

Mr. Lewis talked about his experiences in this TedTalk

Learn more in Walgreens'  annual Disability and Inclusion Reports
Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program 
Community of Practice Monthly Webinar

The webinar will take place Wednesday, Nov. 14,  from 3 - 4 p.m. at CoP Webinar. 

The Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program (EFSLMP) Community of Practice (CoP) Webinar Series is structured to augment the technical assistance areas of primary focus in Employment First systems change (Capacity building, provider transformation, school-to-work transition, employer engagement, and policy/funding alignment). CoP participants will benefit from national subject matter experts (SMEs) presenting information and resources to support Employment First efforts.

Topic: Living and Working with a Serious Mental Illness (SMI): My Path to Competitive Integrated Employment with SMI and Helping Others with SMI to Reach Their Employment Goals
Deborah Homan is a professional with a serious mental illness. With support from her family and working with her psychiatrist, she has successfully maintained her career in competitive, integrated employment. In this webinar, Deborah will share her personal story about her return to work after experiencing mental health symptoms and explain how her current work as an Individual Placement and Support (IPS) trainer for the state of Illinois has helped others with serious mental health conditions do the same.

By attending this webinar you will learn:
  • What is IPS?
  • How is IPS funded?
  • Why does IPS work?
  • The importance of work as a social determinant of health for people with mental health disabilities.
Webinar Procedures:
  1. In advance of the webinar, we strongly recommend you test your connection and review the Adobe Connect Instructions and Troubleshooting Tips.
  2. On the day of the webinar, enter room here:
  3. In the GUEST field, enter your first and last name followed by state abbreviation (i.e., Jeff, Smith, DC).
  4. To connect your audio, follow the prompts to enter your phone number (direct line), and the system will immediately call you back (see step-by-step instructions).
  5. If you are unfamiliar with Adobe Connect, please review these tips before participating.
Meeting materials will be shared closer to the event.

Unable to Attend?
EFSLMP Webinars are recorded and the link will be distributed to the list serve within two business days following the webinar. 

Share this announcement with your colleagues! If they are not a current subscriber to ODEP's EFSLMP mailing list, visit the ODEP subscription page

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