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November is Caregiver Month
As we enter the season of celebrations and thanksgiving, we're recognizing the behind-the-scenes heroes who sacrifice so much to take care of others. This month's newsletter includes resources, programs and holiday tips for caregivers. Enjoy a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!
Golden Guidance: Holiday Tips for Caregivers and Visitors
With the holidays approaching, our loved ones with memory loss can become overwhelmed with the many changes in schedule and routine.  
Make the holidays easier and less stressful for everyone with these tips.  

Holiday Tips for Caregivers
  • Keep visits short and gatherings small.
  • Offer time outs.
  • Help visitors understand the current situation before interacting.
  • Encourage going out or doing something fun together rather than just talking.
  • Ask visitors to bring old pictures, familiar items or props, and be prepared to reminisce about old times.
  • Take breaks from each other.
  • Exercise and monitor your own stress. See Fit for Me article below!
  • Have a friend help the person with dementia select a gift or do something special for loved ones, including you!
Holiday Tips for Visitors 

  • Begin visits with a friendly smile, and offer your hand for a handshake.
  • Introduce yourself by name, then pause. Give more information about yourself.
  • Use shorter phrases and pause, giving a chance to respond.
  • Talk about old times.
  • Keep memories positive.
  • Be prepared to hear stories over and over. Use pictures or props to bring up old memories. And laugh!
  • Do something, rather than just talk.
  • Don't correct errors, go with the flow of conversation.
  • If the person says something distressing or seems worried, realize it may not be true. They are not lying to you; their brain is lying to them. Consult with the caregiver before taking action.
10 Dementia Holiday "Don'ts"
  1. Don't argue. Ever. 
  2. Don't ask if they remember you.
  3. Don't be disappointed if they don't recognize you.
  4. Don't ask them if they remember certain people, places or events.
  5. Don't treat them in ways you wouldn't want to be treated yourself.
  6. Don't exclude them from activities.
  7. Don't talk about them as if they aren't there when they are right there with you.
  8. Don't pity or patronize them.
  9. Don't forget they are people just like you.
  10. Don't focus on what they can't do. Celebrate the things they can do and participate with them!
Fit for Me: Six-Week Program for Caregivers
Do you often feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Come strengthen and tone those shoulders at Riverside's NEW six-week group exercise class, Fit for Me.
Designed specifically for caregivers, this fun, interactive class meets weekly and focuses on building overall strength.
This class will help you:
  • Strengthen your muscles to make caregiving less taxing
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Improve your emotional well-being
  • Connect with other caregivers and develop a support system
  • Recharge and renew your commitment to caring for your loved one
Get fit for YOU! Call 757-378-6883.
Golden Getaways
"Miracle on South Division Street" 
Dec. 13 │$85/person
Hanover Tavern in Hanover, Virginia. This heartfelt and hilarious play will have you laughing throughout the holidays.  
Lunch on your own before the show at Cracker Barrel. Limited seating. Taking reservations now.

Christmas in New York City

Dec. 4-7 │ Prices begin at $830/person (double), $220 deposit due at registration 

  • Three nights at Radio City Apartments in the heart of Times Square
  • Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show
  • "Anastasia" on Broadway
  • Four-hour guided tour of Manhattan
Meals on your own. Optional "Bandstand" Broadway show will be available at additional cost.   
For more information or to reserve a spot on any GoldenClub trip, please contact Jeannine's Tours of Virginia: 757-877-8799 or
Diabetes and Chronic Disease Self-Management Classes

Chronic conditions can feel immobilizing, but there is a workshop th at can make a huge difference in the quality of your life! These six-week workshops are FREE and available throughout the Peninsula and Middle Peninsula.
You CAN live well, Virginia!


New classes coming soon

New classes coming soon

Questions? Call Kim at 757-220-4751.
Upcoming Programs & Events

Riverside offers a variety of support groups from Parkinson's to diabetes. Find your community here.

Free admission to the Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center for GoldenClub members on the first Friday of every month
Nov. 3 │ RWFC, 12650 Jefferson Ave., Newport News

All events are subject to change without notice. Please confirm all dates/times. 
FAMILIES: Family Access to Memory Impairment and Loss Information, Engagement and Supports
(A Program of Riverside ClearPath)
This New York University - Caregiver Intervention program is designed to reduce caregiver stress and increase family support. There may be fees associated with this program depending on your geographic location. Please inquire for more details.

To determine if you are eligible, call Riverside Senior Care Navigation at 757-856-7030 or 1-888-597-0828.

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