We Give Thanks
b y Terri Plank Brenneman in
Practicing Presence 2014 Bible Study Guide
We give thanks, O God,
For your steadfast love that creates, sustains and heals us.
For the wonders of your presence with us,
      day and night,
            on the mountaintop and in the valley,
                  and in plenty and in want.
May we daily be present to you,
      meditate on you,
            listen for your voice,
                  and express our gratitude for
your ever-companioning presence. Amen.

An Invitation from Cyneatha

Just two months in and I am truly enjoying Mennonite Women USA. I have been in the company of so many wonderful women of God. I have enjoyed having lunch with volunteers from Kansas preparing our fall appeal letter. This is the main way Mennonite Women USA receives funding. These women have been gathering annually make sure those letters make it to your mailboxes. I want to thank our beloved mothers for this valuable work.
I have also visited College Mennonite Church in Goshen IN, Women Sister Circle. Let me say, it was nothing short of amazing to see these women gather to knot quilts for Mennonite Central Committee, create hospital bandages for overseas hospitals, even making prayer shawls for local families in the community.
I was blessed to attend Women Doing Theology created by the Women in Leadership Project a part of MC USA, in which I saw the future of the church, women, leading, teaching, guiding and holding the past and presence together in Holy spaces.
As Mennonite Women USA continues to craft our new direction, while holding the beauty and power of all women in the church, we ask that you join us in this ministry. Please share your stories and ideas for Mennonite Women with us. 

Please support the ministry financially by clicking this link as we walk together into our new world.
New Sister Care teachers commissioned for
North America

After a 3-day training at the Spiritual Life Center in Bel Aire, Kansas October 25-27,  eight women, who will be working in pairs, were certified by Mennonite Women USA (MW USA) as new Sister Care presenters for the US and Canada:  Front (l-r) Alicia Manning (VA), Sandra Drescher-Lehman (PA), Twila Lehman and Jill Baker (OR); Back (l-r) Hyacinth Stevens (CT), Marta Castilla (PA), Graciela Tijerina and Hildalejandra Pellecer (TX).  The training was led by Sister Care developers, Rhoda Keener and Carolyn Heggen. They will continue teaching international seminars. 
Cyneatha Millsaps, MW USA executive director said: "Mennonite Women is excited about certifying 8 new women for facilitating our Sister Care Seminar. We have reached thousands of women in the last 10 years; with the additional teachers at this very critical time in the history of our church and country, the need for Sister Care is more important than ever. We believe God is about to do something new with and through women."
Photo by Rashell Kaufman

"No Fear of Feminism"

Did you see Paul Schrag's editorial in the Mennonite World Review about our fall issue of Timbrel, "Faith and Feminism"? Timbrel is Mennonite Women USA's quarterly magazine. Each issue includes a spotlight on International Women's Fund recipients; updates and stories from Sister Care; an excerpt from our current Bible study guide, Every Day Worship; our Q&A column, "Three Women, Three Windows"; two feature articles; and news from Cyneatha Millsaps our executive director.

To read Paul's article, go to mennoworld.org

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Honoring our history, celebrating the present

Denise Nickel has served on the MW USA board for eight years! In this post, she reflects on the changes she's seen during her service.

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Question | Self-preservation?

Executive director Cyneatha Millsaps poses the question, "Why do young people feel comfortable carrying firearms to apprehend 'the bad guys'?"

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