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November 2019 Newsletter

We're pleased to send this November newsletter to keep you updated on everything that's happening at Fire Replicas. We're packing up for our annual factory visit in a couple of days, so this newsletter will be more brief than most...but full of details!

Our offices will be closed next week as we work in China on our 2020-2021 project planning. Thank you in advance for your patience as we'll do our best to reply to your emails and calls as quickly as possible. Of course the website never shuts down...and there will be no interruption in our daily shipping.

Detroit Engines , FDNY Brush Fire Units , Chicago O'Hare 655 Crash Trucks and the 1954 Autocar Semi-Truck arrived last week and all shipments are out the door. If you've received yours...we'd appreciate it if you would post an online review! Limited quantities still remain of some of these replicas.

The next release in the FDNY line of support vehicles is the Marine Incident Response Unit. About half of the 250 piece run sold the first day!

The Christmas Season lineup is set.....and throughout the month of November, we will be officially releasing new FDNY Rearmounts , the 1954 Chicago FWD Tractor Drawn Aerial and the Autocar DC-100T tractors . They are all available to order now in the COMING SOON section.

The pre-production prototype of the St. Louis Rescues are here!...and unbelievably impressive. They are so long and beautiful...dwarfing any rescues we've built to date.

And as always...if you missed out on any models, Check out Alliance Scale Models for a growing selection of hard to find replicas.

Read on for more info...and thank you for being part of the growing FR elite collector family!

Arriving for Christmas...
50 units each of six Hook & Ladder Companies!
250 produced....50% sold first day!
Production limited to 75 with about 25 remaining.
50 each produced in 4 colors .
Arrived last week and now in stock.
A glimpse of the St Louis Rescue 2...Coming 2020!
Nearly 11 inches long...will have to step up to a longer case!
Missed out on a model?
Check out Alliance Scale Models for those hard to find items!