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Night Lights is Back for Year Two!

The second annual Night Lights is returning on November 17 and 18 between 7:00 and 11:00 pm. Over 1200 people attended last year despite it falling on Grey Cup weekend, so we anticipate a larger crowd this year. Last year, this event filled up the Bakeries and Cafes so be prepared!

Night Lights 2018 will have double the number of attractions, and more interactive elements. The amazing Fire Poi performers will be back as well. Let your social media followers know about this! It is free, and family-friendly with lots of selfie spots.

AGM and Election

The AGM will be held on Tuesday, January 15 th , 2019, at the Sala San Marco Banquet Hall.

This year is our election year (as our terms are tied to the terms of Council). All board positions are up for election. The existing Board Members must resign their seats and if they wish to continue on the Board they must stand for election. The Board is composed of ten voting members, and two alternates who do not vote unless there is an absence of a voting member. There are 11 Board positions available through the election.

The election will be run by secret ballot.

The candidates will be elected based on the eleven who receive the most votes.

The elected Board of Management members shall be subject to final approval and appointment by Ottawa City Council.
The Executive of the Board is elected by the Board at the first board meeting held after the Annual General Meeting and Election. The Executive includes the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Treasurer.
Eligibility to stand for board election

All members in good standing of the Preston Street BIA, or nominees of such individuals or corporations are eligible for the election to the Board of Management.

Every BIA member has one vote, no matter how many properties they own. You must attend the AGM to vote. If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can cast your ballot by Proxy.

If you would like to register a Proxy, simply email , using the subject "vote by proxy". In the email body, please include your name, your business, the name of the proxy you are assigning and their email address.


Nominations of Board Candidates: 5:00 pm, Friday,  December 14, 2018. Nomination form to be emailed to , using the subject "nomination"

Assignment of Proxy: 5:00 pm, Friday,  December 14, 2018. Email , using the subject "vote by proxy".
RSVP: 5:00 pm, Thursday, January 10 th , 2018

StopGap Accessibility  Ramps

StopGap  Ottawa is a small nonprofit organization under the bigger  StopGap  Foundation based out of Toronto. They build ramps for businesses with a simple 1-step entrance. 

We are looking for businesses who would like to have a ramp built for them at the next Community Ramp Build, which will be organized by StopGap Ottawa once they have 10-12 businesses on board. 

If any businesses would like a ramp built for them, StopGap charges about $150 per ramp just to cover cost of materials. The work is done by volunteers. 

Harvest Decorations
The Autumn Harvest decorations have been very popular with both the Merchants and our customers. 

They will be taken down the week of November 1st. If you would like some of the straw bales for yourselves, you can grab on Thursday the 1st, after noon.

Note: This is the straw bales ONLY. All the other décor will be re-used next year.

"Meet Me on Preston" Events Calendar gives you free listings of events and promotions at your business

Did you know that as a BIA Member you can put your events on the monthly calendar?

This is your tool to promote your business and attract customers. All you need do is come up with a great promotion, and we'll get it up in the calendar. 

Start thinking about promotions you might want to do in the month of June. Deadline for the print version of the December calendar is November 14th.

We can add events to the web calendar throughout the month so be sure to make us aware of any special event or promotion you are having. We will also use that information to expand your advertising reach through the BIA social media channels.

If you have an event that you would like listed on the website, please email
Other News
Poppy Collection Tray Stolen from Preston Square

Good Afternoon, I wanted to report the following to you:
We currently have Remembrance Day poppy collection trays at all three of Preston Square's front desks.  On Saturday night around 8:30 a man and woman came in to use the washroom at 333 Preston Street.  They were back and forth in the lobby, and the man seemed to know how to avoid being seen by our Commissionaire on duty.   The woman came out of the washroom, held the main door open and then the man grabbed the tray and they took off.   The Legion was made aware of it, actually found the discarded tray and have replaced the tray.  We have taken measures for this not to happen again. 
I wanted to let you know in case this is happening elsewhere in the community.
Lisa Enslev
Waterford Property Group/ Sakto

The two different sessions in this series are:

KEYS for Business (Knowledge That Empowers Your Success) is a set of 3 presentations that aims to assist business partners or owners/part owners of businesses with the tools needed as they transition through various stages of business and life.

KEY for Individuals (Knowledge That Empowers You) is aimed at individual wome n  with stand-alone workshops focused on delivering content to empower women with necessary financial, legal and life literacy tools to assist at the different stages in life.

Throughout the KEYS for Business series, guests will:
  • learn about corporate structures and shareholder agreements;
  • better understand the interconnectivity of tax, estate and retirement planning; and
  • learn to navigate family dynamics often revealed as businesses mature and key stakeholders lives change in unexpected ways.

Women attending the individual KEY presentations will learn about topics including:
  • Estate planning, wills, Powers of Attorneys;
  • Wealth, retirement and financial planning;
  • Marriage / death / divorce; and
  • Other life transitions.
There is no cost to attend any of these complimentary sessions.
Pre-registration is required.
These presentations have been designed to deliver interactive sessions focused on providing on-going education to expand knowledge and understanding of several facets of retirement planning and investments, business succession and estate planning.
2018-2019 Session Dates

KEY for Individuals - Wednesday November 7, 2018 and Tuesday January 15, 2019
6:00 to 8:00pm at Mann Lawyers, 11 Holland Ave, Suite 300
KEYS for Business - Part 1, January 23, 2019 / Part 2, February 27, 2019 / Part 3, March 27, 2019
5:30 to 8:30 pm at DiVino Wine Bar, 225 Preston Street
The full KEYS series was formed by Tricia K. Spooner (CIBC Wood Gundy) and Heather Austin-Skaret (Mann  Lawyers) and is presented along with Danielle Walsh (Walsh Family Business Advisory Services) and Natalie Schuler (MNP).
To register, or for more information, visit

Participants agreed that understanding all of the nuances of this issue will take time and experience.

What employers need to know:
  • Prior to legalization, marijuana is the most prevalently used illicit drug in Canada.
  • Consuming recreational marijuana at work is and will remain illegal.
  • Marijuana use, particularly THC products (the principal psychoactive constituent), can cause residual impairment for 24 to 48 hours.
  • The legislation may affect the entire organization, not just safety-sensitive positions.

Basic principles when dealing with marijuana in the workplace:
  • Safety should always come first.
  • Protecting employees' rights is important, but employers have rights too.

How to move your organization forward:
  • Review highlights of the federal cannabis legislation and Ontario's new workplace rules.
  • Update your hazard assessments to include the potential for impairment.
  • Create a policy and program on the use of any substance that can cause impairment. Write the policy in a way that leaves room for dialogue. Include definitions of key terms, such as "impairment" and "fitness to work".
  • Consider the entire organization's needs, not just safety-sensitive positions.
  • Consult with stakeholders and experts.
  • Follow what leading organizations are doing, such as the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). In the White Paper, you'll find an interview with Megan MacRae, the TTC's Executive Director, Human Resources, on the organization's drug and alcohol testing program.

How WSPS can help

Two Upcoming Events at Docere Naturopathic Clinic

  1) Wellness Workshop on PMS called PMS SOS. Event details are HERE 

2) Weight Loss Group Program with Holistic Nutritionist Pamela Groh:

Articles Online on Government Regulations and on Motivating Employees

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) offers a practical   5-step recruitment plan for small businesses  which explains the planning you need to do before starting your search for an employee. Explore links to related articles on topics such as how to hire the right people, and how to keep employees engaged and productive.  

The Government of Canada links to government standards and regulations as well as to checklists and guides regarding the   hiring and managing of employees. Employment and Social Development Canada explains the regulations in the case where you need to   downsize your company  and let go of employees. These regulations protect the employees, allowing them to apply for benefits.  

The Government of Ontario's Ministry of Labour explains employee rights and employer obligations in Ontario.  Canada Business Ontario's Managing Employees guide will help you with employer regulations in Ontario and the resources that are available for employers.  Also included is information on setting up a pay system.

Adecco staffing services offers guidelines for Motivating Employees .  When employees feel engaged and can see what their contributions mean to the company's success, the more likely the will work harder for the company.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is pleased to host a free webinar series to inform you of the coming changes to the CPP.
The next webinar in the series is for self-employed individuals who are interested in learning more about how the enhancement of the CPP will affect them.
When: Wednesday, November 7, 2018
English: Quebec and Ontario at 1:00 pm, Maritimes at 2:00 pm, Newfoundland and Labrador at 2:30 pm, Manitoba at 12:00 pm, Saskatchewan and Alberta at 11:00 am, British Columbia at 10:00 am. 

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is pleased to host a free webinar series to inform you of the coming changes to the CPP.

The next webinar in the series is for self-employed individuals who are interested in learning more about how the enhancement of the CPP will affect them.

When: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

English: Quebec and Ontario at 1:00 pm,    Register now.

French: Quebec and Ontario at 10:00 am,    Register now.

Check out our previous webinar episodes in the Canada Pension Plan enhancement series:

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