By the Light of the Moon - November 2015
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Can you believe it's already November? Time has been flying by, and the Singers have been staying very busy. During the past month, the troupe performed their 
first full show at Oconto Falls High School. They also  finished  recording their CD, continued with the final rehearsals of the semester, and had the chance to sing in the Homecoming parade once again.   

On top of all of that, the Singers only have  two  more weeks until their On Campus  performances . This year, the show will be held at the newly renovated Shannon Hall in the Memorial Union Theater.  Show times are November 20 and 21 at 8 p.m.  

Make sure to check out the link under "Upcoming Events" to order your tickets for On Campus now. You won't want to miss it!  

On Wisconsin!  

Jason  Chladek  

On Campus - Nov. 20 & 21 


On Campus is right around the corner, so if you have not yet ordered your tickets, do so now.  It is a concert that you will not want to miss!


Don't forget Robin's retirement party on Saturday afternoon starting at 2:00.  If you are an alumni, parent, or friend, please plan on joining us at Gordon Commons to celebrate Robin's 25 years with the Singers program.  Reservation info can be found at the link below.


Join the Singers for a post On Campus get together on Saturday evening at the newly renovated Edgewater hotel (on the corner of Langdon and Wisconsin).  Singers alum David Buss has arranged for us to have space reserved on the 5th floor, with a full bar and appetizers available. Alumni, family and friends are welcome to head over and begin socializing right after the show, and the Singers will join as soon as they are finished loading out of the Union.

This event has become a tradition to close out On Campus, and we hope you will all join us after the show for a drink and great conversation!  No reservations needed.

We will see you there!
Alumni Spotlight: Siri Pinter

This month, the Singers spotlight is on Siri Pinter. Siri was a singer/dancer from 2000-2002. Looking back on her time with the Wisconsin Singers, what she misses the most is the constant performing. She loved being able to create music on stage and receive live feedback from the audience, a feeling that isn't easily replicated anywhere else. Siri's hardest decision was choosing her favorite memory, as there were thousands for her. Some of the best for her, though, were the McDonlads lunch breaks during production camp, the spring break trips down to Florida, and the countless Singer after parties - all memories that remind her of being young and carefree with her greatest friends. Another one of Siri's best memories was getting to travel back to Minnesota for her hometown show and having the excitement of performing on her high school stage once again.

Siri  graduated in 2003 with a degree in Communications. The day after classes ended, she packed up her Honda Accord and moved to California, where she was able to  start  a job as a Production Assistant on Frasier.  Siri  currently lives in Long Island, New York with her fiancĂ©,  Carson Daly, and their three children, Jackson, Etta, and London. When not staying super busy as a mother, she writes a food blog called  Sirioulsy  Delicious and works as a Food Contributor on the Today Show on NBC. In her free time,  Siri  enjoys baking, obsessively organizing her pantry, and playing her old sheet music on the piano. Looking back on everything,  Siri  says she can thank the Wisconsin Singers for helping to give her direction and purpose, as well as providing her with a slew of life lessons she has carried with her ever  since .

You can find Siri's food blog at: 
Upcoming Events
Sat. Nov. 14 - Merrill High School - 7 pm

Sun. Nov. 15 - Wausau West High School - 4:30 pm

Fri. Nov. 20 - "On Campus"- Memorial Union Theater - 8 p.m. 

Sat. Nov. 21 - Retirement Celebration - Gordon Commons - 2 p.m.

Sat. Nov. 21 - "On Campus"- Memorial Union Theater - 8 p.m.  


Need a place to stay for On Campus? Check out the Wisconsin Singers' sponsor, Best Western. For reservations, call 608-233-8778, or visit their website at
 Be sure to mention you are there for the Wisconsin Singers show (order code "Sing") and thank them for their sponsorship.

In This Issue
Developing a New Show
Part 5: The B-Team

By now, we've seen how the Wisconsin Singers take their show from camp, to rehearsals, to the stage.  However, successfully putting the show  on the  road would not be possible without the work of another group of people - the business team.  Every year the performing troupe is backed by a group of professional students who work to promote and market the Singers, as well as keep everything running smoothly. Each person has a unique set of jobs to take charge of. What are these jobs exactly? Well, let's take a look.

Production and Business Administrative Assistants:
The Administrative Assistants act as the  right hand  men  of the Director and Director of Business Operations. They help out with everything from sending and receiving mail, outreaching to Singers patrons, processing donations, printing materials for promotion, and whatever other tasks the Directors may need. The assistants are in charge of keeping the Singers' offices organized and making sure everyone else is keeping on task.

Project Managers:
The Project Managers are here to take over the Singers  Partnered Shows . In order to make this happen, each manager is responsible for organizing local volunteer groups in the area, sending  marketing and promotional materials to the sponsor, and organizing local patron donations. The Project Managers also attend the Singers Partnered Show they are responsible for in order to make sure every last detail is good to go. Project management is a very challenging job, as  these students are responsible for running events in communities around the state to ensure the financial health of the Wisconsin Singers program.

Public Relations Interns:
It is the PR Interns  who act as the voice of the Singers. They aim to get the Wisconsin Singers out into the public as much as possible, spending the year developing very strategic marketing plans.   From contacting radio stations, to creating announcements and articles for newspapers, to scheduling television appearances, the PR interns are responsible for making connections and getting our name out there. 

Graphic Arts Interns:
And last, but certainly not least, the Wisconsin Singers wouldn't look as good as they do without the Graphic Artists. Whenever a design is need, these are the people we turn to. These interns put in endless hours formatting pictures, creating posters and advertising materials, designing labels and covers, and updating images for our digital and social media promotions. The graphic artists make sure that every last detail of our look is just right. 

Whatever the job, the entire business team works hard together all year to make sure the season is a huge success!
Singer Spotlight: A.J. King

The spotlight for November is on AJ King. AJ, a senior from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is in his second year with the Wisconsin Singers. He has served as the Stage Manager both years, and also took on the role of Tech Director for the 15-16  season One of AJ's favorite memories is getting to witness all of Isaac  Buttke's  hilarious backstage dancing during the shows. 

This year, he is looking forward to getting to know all of the new troupe members better and extending his Singer's family. In school, AJ is studying Technical Theater.  When not busy with school and Singers, he enjoys playing guitar, singing, reading, and playing soccer. Fun fact about AJ- his dream is to one day live in London.     

Advances in Phototransistors at the UW

Electrical engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have just created the most responsive and quickest silicon phototransistor ever made. This new phototransistor, developed by Professor  Zhenqiang  "Jack" Ma and research scientist Jung-Hun  Seo , could greatly improve the performance of many different products, such as digital cameras, night-vision goggles, smoke detectors, and surveillance systems.  For example, it could reduce the bulkiness of cameras and improve the speed and quality of their videos or photos. 

Phototransistors ultimately sense and collect light, converting it into an electrical charge. That electrical charge then becomes a string of 1s and 0s that create a digital image. While many phototransistors are on rigid surfaces, this new innovation is flexible, allowing them to closely mimic the behavior of mammalian eyes. Ma and  Seo  have also implemented a new "flip-transfer" fabrication method, in which the final step is to invert the finished phototransistor onto a plastic substrate. This allows light absorption to be much more efficient, as it isn't blocked by any metal  layers  

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