The Biggest HR Nightmare in 2017...
Looking back, 2017 was a year of change. A change in presidential leadership, a change in how citizens assert their values and opinions, a change of social climate on a federal and state level and most significantly, a change in one of the workplace's biggest hidden (or not-so-hidden) secrets.
Timeline of the Weinstein Story 
The Weinstein Ripple Effect: Well Known Figures Accused of Sexual Harassment 
Sexual Harassment isn't a Hollywood, Tech, or Comedy World Issue - in Fact, It Affects Everyone

According to Working Woman Magazine, a typical Fortune 500 corporation blighted by sexual harassment incidents can expect to lose $14.02 million adjusted for inflation annually from absenteeism, lower productivity, increased health-care costs, poor morale, and employee turnover.

"Claims are so common now that it's more or less part of the cost of doing business,"  New Jersey employment lawyer  Stephanie Gironda  told Business Insider .

Will Focus on Hollywood Toxicity Force a Culture Change at Top Agencies? 

The cost to a company can be significant if unchecked - not just in potential settlements to victims but in corporate culture. Harassment drives promising employees to leave, and overall performance can suffer due to weak morale or the lack of teamwork.

The Silver Lining: 
How Harvey Weinstein is Altering the Landscape of Workplace Sexual Harassment 

"If we can see a silver lining in this horrible situation, it has started a dialogue," said Michelle Lee Flores, an employment litigation attorney with Cozen O'Connor in Los Angeles. "It's a paradigm shift. I think it will encourage and empower people to speak up."

"Because just saying you have a zero-tolerance policy alone is symbolic," Edelman said. "You have to back it up or it's not going to work."

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Dave Baker's Take on the Issue: 

"They say that 85% of an iceberg is underwater.  If that is so we are only seeing a mere fraction of what is to come..."