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By Judith Krummeck

As I was wandering around the media preview of A Modern Influence: Henri Matisse, Etta Cone, and Baltimore, which is on view at the Baltimore Museum of Art until January 2nd, it struck me once again how magical it is when the arts collide. My little epiphany happened in the gallery displaying some of Etta Cone’s most important purchases, the maquette, or preliminary drawings, for the first of Matisse’s thirty-eight artist’s books, Poésies de Stéphane Mallarmé. In particular, it was Matisse’s illustrations for the poem, L’après-midi d’un faune, or The Afternoon of a Faun.

The French poet, Stéphane Mallarmé, along with compatriot Paul Verlaine, developed a Symbolist aesthetic in the 1860s and 1870s as a reaction against the movements of Realism and Naturalism... READ ON

November 6 @1pm
Carmen (in French) - Bizet
Vienna State Opera

November 13 @1pm
Peter Grimes (in English) - Britten
Teatro Real, Madrid

November 20 @1pm
Luisa Miller (in Italian) - Verdi
Teatro dell’Opera, Rome

November 27 @1pm
Silent Night (in English) - Puts
Minnesota Opera

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Marking Veterans Days this month, the guest for November’s edition of Booknotes is Rafe Posey, talking about his debut novel The Stars We Share.

Word on Wine

By Jonathan Palevsky

Granted Fall has been mostly mild but the nights are starting to get cool…so why not think about some hot cocktails! LISTEN HERE
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From the Blogs
By Jonathan Palevsky 

Bonjour Mes Petits Amis! What do Beethoven, Mahler and Dvorak Have in common? They all died not too long after writing their Ninth Symphonies!

Franz Schubert also didn’t live too much longer after his Ninth Symphony, but considering Schubert died at age 31 he didn’t live too much longer after anything!

Anton Bruckner died before his Ninth Symphony was completed and it was finished by others.

And what about these two ‘gentlemen’? READ THE REST AND LISTEN HERE
By Kati Harrison

“The Only Interesting Thing About Me Is My Blood Type.” I can relate to this quote as I am a universal giver with the somewhat rare blood type of O negative. The American Red Cross is in serious need of ALL blood types and platelets. Ashley Henyan, Communications Director of The American Red Cross spoke with me about what people can do to help. 

By Judith Krummeck

Two gorgeous exhibitions—A Modern Influence: Henri Matisse, Etta Cone, and Baltimore and Color and Illusion: The Still Lifes of Juan Gris—are on view at the Baltimore Museum of Art through early January, both of them co-curated by Katy Rothkopf.

By Judith Krummeck 

Author and clinical psychologist, Mike Keren, takes a poignant and darkly humorous look at caregiving and end of life issues in his memoir, Four Funerals, No Marriage, published by Woodhall Press.

By Steve Elville

Inheriting real estate from your parents is either a blessing or a burden — or a little bit of both. Figuring out what to do with the property can be overwhelming, so it is good to carefully think through your choices.

There are three main options when you inheriting real estate: move in, sell, or rent. Which one you choose will depend on your current living situation, whether or not you have siblings, your finances, whether the house has a mortgage or liens, and the physical condition of the house. The following are some things to consider... READ MORE

Dyana Neal been cast as Ana in "The Clean House" by Sara Ruhl - the show is a comedy and will run from January 7-30 at Vagabond Players in Fell's point.


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