OWOW Center Spring Newsletter:
Upcoming Events
The One World One Water Center is participating in a variety of events in the next few months. Here is a brief highlight of some of the events:
April 12th : CEMS Presents NOVA:  Power Surge: 
Are we Finally on the Brink of a Clean Energy Revolution?  Buy Tickets
April 13th: Water Resources Networking Night More Details
April 21st: Undergraduate Research Conference
April 28th: Spectacular Vernacular
May 17th: Denver Metro Water Festival  Volunteers Needed

For the complete list of events and more details, please visit our Events Page.

Dates to Remember

April 22:
Earth Day
May 8-12: 
Finals Week
May 12:
Graduation Commencement
May 17:
Denver Metro Water Festival
May 29:
Memorial Day - Campus Closed
August 21:
Fall Semester Begins  

Student Corner

Registration for Fall 2017 started on March 27th. For a list of water studies classes that are available next semester, please visit the OWOW Center 

Rain Barrel Design Competition

Professor Ted Shin added a new project to his Industrial Design Studio class; a competition with cash prizes. The class was divided into seven teams for the competition. The goal was to create an updated, more functional rain barrel. On March 15th, the teams presented their design to a panel of judges that consisted of working professionals from Denver Water, Denver Botanic Gardens and the Brendle Group. Tom Cech played a vital role in developing the project, and the OWOW Center had the honor of sponsoring the event. Two news channels covered the event. Channel 9 News even interviewed the winners, Wendy Hughes and Ezra Depree. See the Channel 9 News Coverage.
P.A.U.S.E. for Fly Fishing

Parking Lot: As you step out of your car, be sure to take note of the bugs that collided with your windshield and grill. The  wings of mayflies and grasshopper legs will be a strong clue for what flies to use that day.
Above the Water: Swallows flying over the water, swarms of invertebrates over the water and streamside vegetation are signs that you should use your dry flies.
Under the Water: Observe the surface of a rock that you pull from the curren t. 
Pick a fly that mimics the color and size of the bugs on the rock.
Spider Webs: Locate spider webs along the river and "match the Hatch". Find a fly that resembles what the spider has caught.
Eddies: The swirling and reverse currents attract the most active bugs in an on the water. Check your fly box for the closest resemblance.

"For the fly fisher who takes a moment to PAUSE and observe, the rewards will be immediate, the fish will be more frequent, and the experience on the water will be that much richer!"-Peter Stitcher. To read  the full article Click Here .

Bring Back The Bees 
Cheerios has launched a "Bring Back The Bees" campaign. The company started bringing awareness by removing "Buzz" from their cereal boxes. The campaign extends to a collaboration between General Mills,  Xerces Society, and University of Minnesota. The three entities have united to turn oat farms into pollinator habitats. By the end of 2020, three thousand football-field-sized habitats will be created for bees and other pollinators. The goal of the collaboration is that the bee population will double in each of the habitat locations.

"People need bees. And now bees need people."
Learn more HERE.