The Prologue                                         Tuesday, October 15 , 2019
  Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana
   Congregation founded 1949
   LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation since 1995
   Green Sanctuary since 2007
Seeking the Spirit, Building Community, Changing the World
October 18, 7:00 pm
Coffeehouse Fundraiser 
for Habitat -- Jammin' Java!
     The Habitat Task Force is hosting another Jammin' Java Fundraiser Coffeehouse from 7 to 10 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 18, in Fellowship Hall. Proceeds will support a Habitat build. Performers include Hungry Five, Dan Lodge-Rigal, Travis Puntarelli, Keaton Springfield and Eric Bowling, King Bee and the Stingers, The Wisely Quartet, Heartland String Band, Ed Robbins & Julie Lawson, and J.C. Clements and Jason Blankenship. Admission is Adults $15 and Youth under 18, $10. We will also collect jars of baby food at the door to help the Feed Our Hungry Neighbors Task Force. UU Judy Allensworth will offer her handmade jewelry for sale to benefit Habitat. Finger foods and non-alcoholic drinks will be served. Come enjoy this fun event!

Sunday, October 20, 2019
9:15 am and 11:15 am
The Person You Used to Be
Reverend Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd
Life is a continual evolution of loss and gain. As we ponder letting go, how do we grieve the loss of who we have been as we celebrate who we have become? How do we honor our ever-evolving self? How might we come closer to who we truly are?

Reverend Carrier-Ladd is a guest in our pulpit on four Sundays during Reverend Macklin's sabbatical time away: September 15th, October 20th, October 27th, and November 24th. She is a 4th generation Unitarian Universalist originally from Boston. She received her Master of Divinity from Meadville-Lombard Theological School in Chicago and was ordained by Hope Unitarian Church in Tulsa.  She met her husband, Seth, at UU General Assembly. Together they have three children and live in Muncie, Indiana.
October 20, 5:00 p.m.
Third Sunday Social Justice Film Series: 
And Now for Something Completely Different!   Jordan Peele's Get Out
     For October's pre-Halloween Social Justice Film Series presentation, the Racial Justice Task Force brings you Jordan Peele's controversial horror film, Get Out
 The film is Rated R, and contains violence. Persons under age 17 who wish to attend must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.Click here for plot description. 
     Join us Sunday, October 20th at 5:00 p.m. for this dark thriller, free pizza, and discussion in Fellowship Hall.  
Sunday, October 27, 2019
9:15 am and 11:15 am
Through Accepting Limits
Reverend Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd  
      In what ways have you limited your own potential? What voices from your past keep telling you to stay small or not take the big risk that could seriously pay off? How might you re-frame these limitations to find greater courage and possibility? 
Sunday, November 3, 2019
9:15 am and 11:15 am
Those We've Known
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite, Reverend Scott McNeill
Around this time of year, many cultures and religious traditions pause to reflect on life and death. Each year, we hold a service to remember our ancestors, and people in our lives who have recently died. Joining together as a community - with our children joining us for the first half of the service - gives us a different opportunity to process grief and lift up memories, as we all move forward through the various losses we have experienced.  For our shared altar, you are invited to bring photos or mementos of loved ones who have died. 
From our Associate Minister 
Time continues its rapid flow; and so, we are about 10 weeks away from 2020. If you're anything like me, you may need some time to digest that tidbit! That being said, our monthly theme of "Letting Go" feels appropriately placed here in October 2019 - giving us some time to reflect on what life has been like (this year, this decade, this century) and for us to look ahead to the future.
I invite you to start looking back on the past few months or even years, to begin to think about that which you are ready to let go. Maybe it's a story that you tell yourself (or others told you) that no longer feels true. Maybe it's something (or someone) that caused you pain. Maybe it's a fear, or even a dream.
As we move together through the next few weeks, there will be time to be grateful, to live with anticipation of what may come, and to ring in a new year. In order to do all of that well, perhaps a good starting point is assessing where you are, where you have been, and where your life is headed. With that grounding, "letting go" can be easier than we think.
In faith,
Rev. Scott McNeill
mcneill (at)
Emily's Post
from our Minister of Religious Education
Dear Ones,
     Last year around this time, I visited my parents in Colorado.  My mom and I watched the movie "Coco" together as we waited for trick-or-treaters.  Mom had pretty advanced Alzheimer's disease by then, and yet she was engaged by the video--perhaps by the vivid colors or the songs.  As I watched her face, I recognized that she was much like the elderly Coco in the movie.  Of this world, but not of this world: already letting go.  I, too, was doing the work of letting go: releasing expectations about what our relationship would be like as she lost one ability after the other.  Yet through it all, I didn't feel that I'd totally lost my mother.  Just like Coco's affection for her family, our love sustained us on the journey through loss.  I am reminded that there are things to let go and things to hold close.  

      It seems appropriate that our October congregational theme of Letting Go will lead into an exploration of Inheritance for the month of November.  My mom died in May, so this year for the first time, I will be remembering all that I have inherited from her at our annual Celebration of Ancestors on November 3.  As we begin preparing for that service, I am collecting together memories of members of the congregation who have died during the past year, so I can tell a little bit of each of their stories.  If you have memories you'd like to share, I hope you will send them along.  On that Sunday, we'll adorn our walls with images of all of the members of our congregation who've died in the past decade or so.  I hope you will also bring photos of your own loved ones as we join in remembering the many precious people who have filled our lives with love.

     In the meantime, may we fully inhabit the golden autumn and recognize the beauty all around us as the glorious trees release their leaves and the harvest season nears its end.  

With affection,
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite, Minister of Religious Education 
mre (at)
Sabbatical Scoop October 8, 2019
     Our Senior Minister Rev. Mary Ann Macklin is currently on Sabbatical until December 1, 2019. She is resting, traveling, and restoring at this time. Congregational support of sabbatical leave for our ministers is a long-standing commitment on our part to foster sustainable ministry for those who serve us so well.
      As has been evident during Reverend Macklin's leave, Reverend Scott McNeill, Reverend Emily Manvel Leite, church staff, and our board have pastoral care, programming, pulpit coverage, and other church business well in hand this fall.
     We will welcome Reverend Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd into the pulpit as guest on three more Sundays during Reverend Macklin's sabbatical time away: October 20th, October 27th, and November 24th.
     Please feel free to direct any rising sabbatical-related questions to any of us on  
The Sabbatical Committee,
   Beth Lodge-Rigal,  
   Libby DeVoe, 
   Clarke Miller,  
A Report from 
Your Board of Directors
Observations from   
UU Staff Meetings, Part 2
Dear UUCB Members and Friends -
     I wish to share with you some of my recent observations of our terrific UUCB Staff leaders at work.  
     In keeping with the UUCB Policy Governance Process model for administration, our Senior Minister, Rev. Mary Ann Macklin, is the UUCB executive officer and is required to provide monthly reports to the Board. (Policy V.A.) These reports provide specific updates on designated areas of church administration and overall general performance of clergy and staff.
    With Rev. Macklin away on sabbatical until the end of November, the Board authorized me, as Board President, to meet regularly with the ministers and staff to ensure an uninterrupted flow of communication and information. One of the ways I have been able to keep the Board informed has been by attending the weekly UUCB Staff Meeting.
     After a chalice lighting, reading, and check-in at each meeting, next up is an careful review of the weekly email communications the staff send out to UUCB members and friends. The discussions around the Prologue and Friday Update not only focus on activities and events, but also all the details surrounding and coordinating how the building will be used. A critical part of this review focuses on the calendar - the what, when, where and who questions - as the team plans and coordinates future activities.
     For me, one of the most significant and inspiring moments of each weekly staff meeting has been the time set aside to focus on Our Folks. This is a time to share what each member of the team has learned in the past week concerning the special needs of UUCB members and friends. Who may be ill, going to the hospital or needing home care, moving, getting married, has a newborn - all the many ways in which members of our church family may be celebrating or in need of extra care.  
     The final two agenda items at each staff meeting demonstrate the high quality of care the ministers and staff bring to their work. First, each person identifies their goals and objectives for the coming week and reports back on how well they accomplished their goals from the previous week. Second, the recorder for the meeting reads off the action items the team as identified for the week ahead.
     Attending the weekly staff meetings is extremely informative and enables me to keep the Board apprised of important activities and tasks being accomplished by the entire UUCB team of ministers and staff. Our church is truly blessed by the professionalism, dedication and cooperation each member of the staff brings to their work. And, on a personal note, I have never attended a staff meeting with so much laughter. Joy and love for our church fills the room when our staff meets each week.

Respectfully yours,  
Stuart D. Yoak
President, Board of Directors
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington
pres (at)
Our Folks...
      Our hearts go out to the friends and family of Greg Haas upon his sudden passing in September. A memorial service for Greg will be held here on Saturday, October 26 at 2:00 p.m. Reverend Leite will officiate.
      Our thoughts are also with the family and friends of former member Marcie Grossack, who passed away on October 12 in Connecticut, where she had been living near her family in recent years.
      Congratulations to Colleen Haas, who recently received a Foundational Studies Teaching Award from University College, Indiana State University. Colleen has taught in ISU's African and African American Studies Program since 2011.
Register your Children and Youth for Sunday Morning 
Religious Education!   Register online at .  

Calling Families of First Graders!
Age of Reason Ceremony is October 27
On Sunday, October 27, we will be recognizing first graders during the service as we join in our Age of Reason celebration.  If you have a first grader and have not received an invitation in the mail, please email Reverend Emily ASAP at mre (at)   so she can send you all the information.  We hope you'll join us!
  Seeking the Spirit  
Religious Education for Adults
Shambhala Meditation Meets Mondays at 12 noon
Join us at 12 noon every Monday in the Library for an hour of Shambhala Meditation.  There is no cost to sit down with us and practice meditation. We are beginner friendly. We meet in the library at church on the second floor. Use the Portico entrance and turn right, we are in the first room on the left, the library. You can use a cushion or a chair or switch between. We stretch 1/2 way through, and walk, then sit some more and close with some teachings in chant form. Take what you want and leave the rest. All are welcome. Info:  Contact Sarah Flint.
Open Mind Zen Meets Mondays at 7:00 pm
Join Frank Seisho Diaz for meditation, talks, and discussions on Zen Buddhism, Mondays 7:00-8:30 pm, in the Library here at the church. All are welcome regardless of faith or experience. 
For more info: Contact Open Mind Zen or visit  
Gentle Hatha Yoga is Back!
on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm
A gentle Hatha Yoga practice to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Tuesday evenings, from 5:30-7 pm, in Fellowship Hall. Led by Kate Mulligan of Maxwell House Yoga.
Traditional Taiji Meets Tuesdays at 7:15 pm
Brian Flaherty leads "Wu (Hao)" style Taiji in Fellowship Hall on Tuesdays at 7:15 pm. All are welcome, even those with no previous Taiji experience. Please wear loose-fitting clothing. NOTE: There will be no Taiji class on October 29 or November 5.
For more i nfo: Contact Brian.
UU Humanist Forum Meets October 20, 12:45 pm
On Sunday, October 20 at 12:45 pm the UU Humanist Forum will meet in Room 208, after children's Religious Education classes end. Jon Chaffin will lead a discussion on "Recognizing and Understanding Cultism." The Humanist Forum meets every other Sunday, with a different  discussion topic.
UU Freethinkers Meet October 27 , 12:45 pm
The UU Freethinkers bi-weekly meeting creates the opportunity for participants to raise questions and engage in open and non-structured discussion of issues of social, political, and theological/religious concern. UU Freethinkers meet on every other Sunday in Room 208 at 12:45 pm, after children's Religious Education classes end.
Samhain Ritual Wednesday, October 30
Join Earth Kin for its annual Samhain Ritual on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 from 7-9pm in the Fellowship Hall. On Samhain (Sow-in)--the Celtic New Year and third final festival--the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest. Earth Kin's Samhain ritual will honor this sacred time of the year by remembering and communing with our ancestors and preparing ourselves for the dark time of the year. This will include a summoning of Cailleach (the Divine Hag and Scottish ancestor deity), a guided meditation, and an ancestor calling. All are welcome to bring photographs of or offerings to the ancestor(s) you wish to honor, which will be placed on an ancestor altar and returned to you after the ritual.
UU History for You
George Santayana: Animal Faith, the Life of Reason, and Living with Skepticism  
     George Santayana (1863-1952) was born in Madrid, Spain. His father married a widow of an American merchant, and when young Santayana was 8, his family moved to Boston. There Santayana got his education and attended Harvard for his BA and PhD in philosophy. His mentors were William James and Josiah Royce. He joined Harvard's philosophy department and wrote numerous books and essays influencing American philosophy with his humanistic views, his love for Spinoza, and his skepticism. These entered a few influential books, especially the Life of Reason. 
     One of the most profound essays I read when I was a student at NYU was from his book, Dialogues in Limbo, in which he describes "Normal Madness" as a parable of a boy torn between his faith in beauty and symbols and the atheism of a tutor who destroys that faith, leaving the boy dead of grief and the tutor dead because he had no one to teach, and only an indifferent aged witch to prune the garden of its dead remains. It's somewhat pessimistic but illustrates the themes Santayana raised. 
     We have an "animal faith" that there is a reality, but there is a skepticism that we cannot demonstrate it or avoid doubt. Nevertheless, in my view, reason is superior to faith; it is the only tool that allows us to trust our knowledge. Santayana gave us a phrase we all know, and few know he coined it: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." He also coined the phrase, "Only the dead experience the end of war."   -- Elof Carlson, UUCB Historian
  Building Community 
Give a warm welcome to our new members!
Carolyn Bailey and Jeff Davis became members of the congregation on July 21.  Their bios are below to help you get to know them better.

Carolyn Bailey       Hi,
I am Carolyn Bailey. I am not new to UU, only slow in signing the book. I first attended the UU in 1960's in Bloomington and Indianapolis in the 1970's.  Joining UU is coming home to a family of shared values. This year I formally retired from my consulting practice that focused on helping non-profit organizations work better. I meditate and try to journal regularly but am not always successful. I enjoy reading and belong to several book groups. I am learning to play bridge and recently joined Bob Taylor's Jung study group. For over 26 years I have continued to meet and study Jungian (depth) Psychology with a Woman's Circle in Indianapolis.  What fun to be fully retired and enjoying life with my life partner, H. Jeffrey Davis. 
Henry Jeffrey Davis       Hello, Te chnically, my name is Henry Jeffrey Davis, but I go by "Jeff."  I am a retired clinical psychologist who is in the process of moving to Bloomington from Indianap olis.  While new to Bloomington, I am not new to the Unitarian Church.  I was a member of All Souls in Indianapolis for almost 25 years.  I am a golf fanatic, I like to read, and I look forward to doing volunteer work in Bloomington, alongside my  life partner, Carolyn Bailey.

UU Singles Fellowship Group News
Sunday Singles Lunch
     On Sundays we generally go out to lunch together after the second service. Look for us as we gather in the foyer near the sanctuary to decide together where to go.
Monthly Singles Fellowship Potluck     
     Our Sunday night fellowship potluck for October will be held on Sunday evening, October 27th, at 5:30 p.m. at the home of Marie Deer. Email Marie for address. Please bring a dish to share and come spend time in relaxed conversation and fellowship. There will be no singles lunch after church on that day.
All-Adult Game Night November 8
     As of November we will be switching game night to the second Friday of the month, and on November 8th, at 7 pm, we will be partnering with the UU Young Adult group to open our game night to the whole church (18 and over). Please let Marie know at 812 391 0900 if you can commit to helping out with the hosting on that evening.
     If you'd like to be added to our singles fellowship e-mail list or Facebook group, or if you have any questions, contact Marie Deer at 812 391 0900 or  
Ruellen Giving Tarot Readings October 16
Ruellen Fessenbecker will be available to give fun, free tarot readings on Wednesday October 16 from 6.30 to 8 PM.  If you are taking advantage of the child care that evening, come and get a reading in Room 112.  
Science Fiction and Fantasy Readers Unite!
October 20 during Coffee Hour
Come join other Sci Fi & Fantasy readers at the Birds of a Feather Common Interest table this Sunday, October 20, during coffee hour (10:15-11:15). We'll talk about our favorite books, authors, and more. Look for the table with the "reserved" sign in Fellowship Hall.  
Hike at Laura Hare Nature Preserve, Sunday, Oct 20
Join us to hike at the Laura Hare Nature Preserve in Brown County this Sunday, Oct 20. This is a six mile moderate trail, so bring your water, a snack, good shoes, etc. We will meet at 2:00 pm at the old east side K-mart parking lot, behind Bloomingfoods east, to carpool to the trail (about 30 minute drive). Email if you plan to join us. Click here f or more info about the trail.  If it rains, we will cancel or reschedule.  

Young Adult Events
The Young Adults (age 18-35) meet every second and fourth Sunday at 12:30 pm.  This past Sunday, ten young adults gathered for lunch and great conversation at Hive.  On October 27, we will gather in Room 112 to share pizza and go deeper into that Sunday's sermon topic. On Friday, November 8, we will join forces with the UU Singles Fellowship to host an all church adult game night.  If you are age 18 to 35, join us and bring a friend!  

Are you looking for new ways to get involved?
If so, complete this handy on-line form to help us help you. --Ann LeDuc, Connections Coordinator
Be an Activist!  Letter to the Editor and  
Op Ed Workshop Oct. 27 
Be an activist! Come to our letter to the editor writing workshop.  On October 27, 2-4 PM, join us for a workshop aimed at empowering everyone to write good Letters to the Editor (LTE) and Op Eds. In this workshop we will discuss how to write a good LTE and/or Op Ed, and get it published. Experienced activists, LTE writers, and Op Ed writers will facilitate this free workshop. Join us to learn how to make your voice heard. Register by emailing .   
New! Drop-in Childcare on Wednesdays
On Wednesday evenings, from 6-8 pm, we are offering free drop-in childcare in Room 108 (as space allows).  Parents must remain on site, on the building grounds or in the building. Please use the Courtyard Entrance. We hope to provide a moment for parents to breathe deeply, have a cup of tea with a friend, or sit in silence before running children to the next event. The Meeting Room will be available for quiet meditation. For more info contact Adrienne Summerlot,
The Bazaar Needs Your Books  
DONATE your BOOKS, DVDs, CDs, and LPs to the BAZAAR BOOK STORE. Bring DONATIONS to the church DECEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 4. Have questions or want help? Contact Craig at 812-287-3368 or

Galaxy Quest for the Bazaar
Calling all bakers: The UU Holiday Bazaar Galaxy Gourmet is looking for donations of your most delicious goodies. This year's Bazaar will be Dec. 6th and 7th, and now is the perfect time to start baking and freezing!  We're especially interested in yeast bread and other savory yummies.   Questions? Contact Shannon Grimme ( ). 
Call for Cookies!
The UU Holiday Bazaar (Dec 6-7) Cookie Cruise (the ship formerly known as the Cookie Walk) is under sail! All you bakers can get aboard to bake and freeze the confections that earned the church $1,500 last year. All types are welcome, from chocolate chip to fancy-dress. Questions? Contact Linda Pickle or Meg Sears
Explore Unitarian Universalism - Nov 10 and 17
The Exploring Unitarian Universalism class will be held on November 10 and 17, 2-4 PM, in room the church library.  This class is a great opportunity to learn about the UU Principles and how we live into them, the history of this church, all the ways to get involved here, and what it means to be a member of the church.  To sign up for the class, just email Ann LeDuc at Plan to attend both dates, since different material will be covered in each session.  We ask for completion of this class before becoming a member of the church. Everyone ages 14 to 100+ is welcome!  
B uy Grocery Cards on Sunday and Support the Church
We have grocery gift cards for sale in the Commons every Sunday between services. The participating grocery stores send a percentage of your purchases back to the church to support our operating budget. We have gift cards for Bloomingfoods, Lucky's, and Fresh Thyme, and you can  register your Kroger Plus card by clicking here. Our Kroger organization ID number is EW763. 
MidAmerica UU Annual Regional Assembly  
April 18, 2020 - Save the Date!
Please save the date for the MidAmerica UU Annual Regional Assembly, to be held at the  Unitarian Universalist Church, Rockford, Illinois, on Saturday, April 18, 2020 . Our keynote speaker will be  Taquiena Boston , Special Advisor to the UUA President for Institutional Inclusion, Equity, and Change. The day will feature worship, the annual business meeting, lunch, keynote presentation, and  workshops. On Friday evening, April 17, the UU Church in Rockford will host an evening gathering. 
  Changing the World 
Will You Join Us in Reducing Our Reliance on Single Use Plastics? October: Take-out Containers
The new  Task of the Month Program for Reducing Plastic Use   focuses on a single category of plastic each month, allowing participants the time to try alternatives and establish new habits.  Each month, you'll receive an email with suggestions for reducing (and eventually eliminating) that month's target type of plastic.  Click here to sign up!
-- Stephanie Kimball for the Green Sanctuary Task Force 
Green Grounds Work Day
Saturday, October 19, 9:00 am - 12:00 Noon
     Are you able to help with our grounds maintenance on
Saturday 10/19 from 9 am to noon, with a rain date of 10/26? 
     Tasks: mulching trees, trimming plants that obstruct sidewalks.
Bring labeled tools (small rakes, clippers, loppers, weeding knives) and sunscreen, gloves, hats & water. 
     Details: Molly O'Donnell (
Thank you, Molly O'Donnell and Jana Pereau , Co-chairs, Green Grounds Team
Sweet Sunshine: An Evening of Music with Janiece Jaffe and Curtis Cantwell Jackson
to Support Solar for All
October 25 at 7:00 p.m.
The Green Sanctuary Task Force is hosting a fundraiser for Solar for All to raise money to support installation of solar panels on local homes. Join us Friday, October 25 at 7:00 p.m. here in our Meeting Room for a wonderful evening of music with Janiece Jaffe and Curtis Cantwell Jackson. Tickets available at the Green Sanctuary coffee sales table on Sundays, $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Contact Sura Gail Tala for details.
BLUU Announces Fall Symposium on Black Theology
10/30 to 11/2 in St. Paul, Minnesota
Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) is sponsoring a three-day symposium on black theology this fall. The Harper-Jordan Memorial Symposium will be October 30 to November 2 in St. Paul, Minnesota, named for Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, an abolitionist, suffragist, author, and Unitarian, and the Rev. Joseph Jordan, the first black ordained Universalist minister.  Learn more and register at
Women's Alliance Welcomes 
Beverly Calender-Anderson on November 7
      Everyone is welcome to bring a brown bag lunch and joins us on Thursday, November 7 from 11:30 to 12:00 p.m., followed by a discussion at 12:00 noon led by Beverly Calender-Anderson, focusing on how all segments of our community can work togehter to make Bloomington the welcoming, inclusive community we say we are. It takes the entire community to combat the sin and history of racism. Ms. Calender-Anderson has been Director of the City of Bloomington Community and Family Resources Dept. since 2014.  
     Ann Watzel and Denise Ogren will host the event.
Community Connections
Faith in Action in Our Community
Bridging the Divide: Hate, Racism, and Polarization
Community Justice and Mediation Center Fundraiser Evening 
with Professor Jeannine Bell,  Friday, October 18, 2019 at 5:30 pm
Come to the Table, Annual fundraiser for CJAM (Community Justice and Mediation Center) " Bridging the Divide: Hate, Racism, and Polarization, An Evening with Jeannine Bell"  The evening at Woolery Mill includes a cocktail reception, silent auction, and dinner. Professor Bell will speak about how the current state of housing segregation leads most Americans to live racially separate lives, and discuss how we can repair this fracture. Call or email Liz Grenat for more information:  812-336-8677, 
Jewish Theatre of Bloomington Presents Oh God in October & November
The Jewish Theatre of Bloomington presents Oh God written by Israeli playwright Anat Gov. Directed by Dale McFadden, performances are October 24, 26, & November 2 nd at 7:30 PM and October 27 & November 3 rd at 3:00 PM at the Rose Firebay.  Tickets are $25 and are available through the BCT box office in person (114 E Kirkwood Avenue) or online ( ). Click here for details.  

PhD Student Seeks Participation in Survey about Energy in Indiana
     Hello, I'm a PhD student from Indiana University conducting research to understand what Indiana residents think about energy. Adults who have lived in Indiana for at least 3 years are invited to participate. Participation includes a short survey and an interview in which I will ask for your thoughts and opinions on energy resources and policies about energy. The interview will take about 30 minutes, and you will be given $10 as a token of appreciation for your time. If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact me at 812-225-6170 or via email at
. Thank you! --Deidra Miniard  

Childhood Conditions Summit  
on Equity and Inclusion
November 19
     Th e Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County and Building a Thriving Compassionate Community are hosting the 4 th  Annual Monroe County Childhood Conditions Summit on Tuesday, November 19 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. at the Monroe County Convention Center. Cost is $20 and includes breakfast and lunch. Scholarships available. Free for youth under age 21. The Summit will focus on  Equity and Inclusion  because we know that  an equitable, inclusive community protects us and our children from a host of health and social problems .Youth, youth workers, social service and healthcare providers, parents, educators, and community members are encouraged to attend. Registration   closes November 8 th . -- Ruth Aydt , Planning team member    Questions? Send BTCC an  email.  
Our Ministers

Reverend Mary Ann Macklin, our Senior Minister
Reverend Macklin is on sabbatical 
until December 1.

Reverend Scott McNeill, our Associate Minister,  
can be reached at 812-332-3695 (ext. 209) and is available by appointment on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 
For pastoral emergencies, please call Scott at 812-727-0919.
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite our Minister of Religious Education,  can be reached at  812-332 -3695 (ext. 207) and is available by appointment  on Wednesday and Friday mornings. 
Email: mre (at)

Our Covenant of Right Relations
In June 2017, our members affirmed a Covenant of Right Relations. 
Deadlines for Order of Service and Friday Update Info
Thursdays at 9:00 am
We ask everyone to please send us information for the Order of Service as well as the Friday Update by 9:00 am on Thursdays. Please send info to  admin (at)
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Click here for a semi-comprehensive list of which UUCB Staff Member to call for various kinds of questions, some humorous. A staff email directory is included. 
--Carol Marks, Church Administrator, 812-332-3695, ext 200
Pertinent Details:
Office hours : M-F, 10 am-4 pm
Calendar:  For our full calendar of events, visit
Facebook: Many church events are also posted on our  Facebook page
Prologue  Publication Schedule:  
The deadline for articles is 10 am on the date of publication, which is 
the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. 
Send articles about church matters to Carol Marks  
Upcoming  issues:   Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 17.
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Membership: 533 certified members; 547 current members.
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Sunday, October 13       9:15 - 106   11:15 - 148     RE: 32     TOTAL:   254
Non-Pledge Offering:     October 6 :  $544       October 13 $563
   Total to be donated (25%) to Volunteers in Medicine: $267.65
Grocery Card Sales:    (Bloomingfoods, Lucky's Market, or Fresh Thyme)  
October 6: $100       October 13:  $200     Total income to UUCB: $15
During the last quarter (July thru September 2019) we received $446.72 from Kroger, with 134 UU households participating.
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