October 2017 Volume 21  Issue 6
Featured Investor
American Family Insurance - Edward Felker Agency
560 Maple Valley Drive
Farmington, MO 63640
Phone: 573-756-6482

Thank you to Edward for hosting the September 2017 First Friday Coffee! 
We really enjoyed with you and the AmFam team!

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2017 Christmas Parade
First Friday Coffee
October Investor Meeting
Investor News
Investor Events
Investor Job Listings
Investor Deals
Seminars, Training, & Workshops
All About Business: Management - "Practices that May Kill Employees"
All About Business: Leadership - "Free Leadership Skills"
All About Business: Personal Growth - "Boomer Millennial Harmony"

Welcome NEW 2017 Investors!!

Wizzard Carpet Care

Louie Seiberlich

Culver's of Farmington

Coljac Artisan Cafe


St. Francois County
Fair Board

Cafe Redux


Thank You for Continuing to Invest in Our Chamber!!

American Family Insurance - Edward Felker Agency
Since 2016

Busenbark Granite, LLC
Since 2002

C-Barn - Park Hills
Since 2011

Congressman Jason Smith
Since 2014

Dix Garden Center by MCII Sheltered Workshop
Since 2012

Mineral Area Board of Realtors
Since 2013

Pharmax Pharmacy #1343
Since 1996

Proffer Produce Proffer Produce Wholesale
Since 2012

Save A Lot
Since 1999

SEMO Family Violence Council
Southeast Missouri Family Violence Council
Since 1997

St. Francois Community Partnership
Since 2009

St. Joe State Park
Since 1991

T.H. Morgan - Decorative & Memorial Flowers
Since 2014

United Way of St. Francois County
Since 2000

US Bank
Since 1979

Giggle Break!

Strengths & Weakensses...

I went for a job interview today and the interviewer asked me, " What would you consider to be your main weaknesses and strengths?"

I said, " Well my main weakness would be my issues with reality, telling what's real from what's not."

They then asked, " And your strengths?"

I said, " I'm Batman."

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Happy Homecoming Week!

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Annual Hefner Furniture Christmas Parade Under Construction!!

Planning for this year's Christmas Parade will begin with a meeting of the Christmas Parade Committee this Wednesday, September 27th. Mark your Calendar for the event on December 7th and watch for more details in upcoming Chamber emails!!
First Friday Coffee - Belgrade State Bank

Join us at  Belgrade State Bank  located at 414 North State Street in Desloge for the October First Friday Coffee!

First Friday Coffee Events are held the first Friday of each month. They are hosted by Chamber Investors, are held at various investor locations, and include coffee and morning refreshments.

This is a relationship building event for Chamber Investors, clients, and potential clients. Visit with other investors and members of the business community and learn about the sponsoring business or organization and their products and/or services while enjoying coffee, a light breakfast provided by the sponsoring business or organization.

Register Your Attendance Here:  October First Friday Coffee
October Investor Meeting

Please join us for the October Investor Meeting on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at, 12:00 p.m. at Cafe Redux, located at 3413 Rosener Road in Park Hills.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month!
With that, our October Investor Meeting will feature a  guest speaker from the Missouri Office of Cyber Security.  We will be learning about secure computing and ways you can  protect your business, your customers, a nd your employees!  Watch your future emails for more information!


Lunch to be Catered by Cafe Redux And will be $10.00 per person. Reservations Required.

Our October Business Spotlight is on Belgrade State Bank!
Monthly investor meetings provide Chamber investors with a variety of information through guest speakers.  Topics range from small business information to governmental issues and assistance to community interests.  Monthly meetings keep investors abreast of current Chamber happenings and provide an excellent networking opportunity.

Register Your Attendance Here:  October Investor Meeting
Investor Announcements
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Investor News
Investor Events
How often do you check the Chamber Events Calendar?
Looking for something to do?  One of the best places to get you event fix is on the Chamber's website.  Click the event link to find out more about some of the great events coming soon:
  • 10/9 - Adult Coloring Night
  • 10/9 - Silent Reading Party at Park Hills Public Library - Registration Required
  • 10/16 - Monthly Diabetes & You Class at Park Hills Public Library - Registration Required
  • 10/17 - Teen Movie Night at Park Hills Public Library - Registration Required
  • 10/24 - Missouri Archaeological Society Program at Park Hills Public Library - Registration Required

  • 10/26 - Dine Out for United Way at Little Caesar's
  • 10/26 - Girls Night Out
  • 10/26 - Halloween Party/Story Time at Park Hills Public Library - Ages 1-12 - Registration Required
  • 10/31 - 12th Annual Downtown Park Hills Trunk N Treat
And this is only a few of several events coming in August!  See the entire list on the Chamber's Online Event's Calendar !

Investor Job Listings
Your fellow Chamber Investors have Employment Opportunities available now!
Are you, or is someone you know, looking for employment?  We've got the low-down on some of the area's current job openings!  Look who's hiring right now:
Find out what other local companies are in need of employees on the Chamber's Job Listings page!  

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Seminars, Training & Workshops  
Are you looking for opportunities to improve on something old or learn something new?  We have several learning opportunities, business and personal interests, for you and your employees listed on the Chamber's Event Calendar!
Various training opportunities are offered by Chamber Investors and the St. Louis SCORE ( St. Louis SCORE offers free business counseling and resources, low-cost workshops, and free business scan services. ) See what benefits YOU!
  • Embracing Technology - September 27, 2017
  • Traveling With Diabetes - October 5, 2017
F ind out more about these and other upcoming seminars, training opportunities and workshops on the Chamber's  Seminars, Training, and Workshops page!

All About Business 
Interesting business related articles to help exercise your brain, peek your curiosity, increase your knowledge, or simply to make you smile; all intended for finding ways to enhance you and your business.
A Harvard Study Says These 10 Management Practices May Literally Kill Your Employees

By: Marcel Schwantes, Principal & Founder, Leadership From the Core
Image Credit: Getty Images
Alarming research has discovered that more than 120,000 deaths per year may be attributable to the way U.S. companies manage their work force.

Alarming research has discovered that more than 120,000 deaths per year may be attributable to the way U.S. companies (and its managers) manage their work force.

That's according to professors Joel Goh at Harvard Business School, and Jeffrey Pfeffer and Stefanos A. Zenios at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. Using meta-analysis, they combed over 228 studies to assess the effects of ten workplace stressors, mostly attributable to managerial practices. They are:
  • Lack of health insurance
  • Layoffs and unemployment
  • Job insecurity
  • Shift work
  • Long working hours
  • Work-family conflict
11 Places to Learn Leadership Skills that Will Make You More Confident Without Costing You a Dime

By: Larry Kim, Founder & CEO, WordStream
Image Credit: Getty Images
A high-quality education doesn't have to be expensive thanks to these resources

Most people fall into two camps: natural born leaders and the rest of us.

While some people were gifted with the charisma and confidence required to make leading others a breeze, everyone else has to cultivate these skills through time, dedication, and hard work.

But, signing up for long classes that focus on leadership isn't ideal for many, especially if you are focused on building or running a business. Plus, the financial investment required for some courses can leave such training out of reach if you're fighting with a limited budget.

Does that mean you have to put aside your dreams of being the simmering unicorn of leadership wisdom your team needs to succeed? Well, of course not. There are plenty of free resources that can help you increase your competency, often on your own schedule.

These classes let you access high-quality educational resources (some are even from leading universities) without asking for a dime. Here are 11 places that will help you increase your skill level on a rocket-like trajectory.

1.  Udemy
While the majority of Udemy's offerings are paid, there is a selection of free leadership courses that anyone can attend.

You can review the descriptions to identify classes that meet your needs and view the ratings provided by other people who have taken the course.

2.  Open Learn
Everything available on Open Learn is free to anyone who wants to participate. There is a wide selection of classes focused on management and leadership, so you can choose the options that best suit your needs and available time.

As you proceed, you have the ability to earn badges on the site, giving you proof that you completed the coursework, should you need to demonstrate your credentials.

Continue reading here: 11 Places to Learn Leadership Skills
6 Steps to Boomer Millennial Harmony

By:  HRCIView
Image Credit: Getty Images
Here are six critical differences between the Boomer and Millennial mindset that a certified HR team can help navigate

In April 2016, millennials - who have been turning the workplace into uncharted territory ever since they started earning paychecks - officially surpassed baby boomers as America's largest generation (Pew Research).

Given that these two significantly different generations will need to co-exist in the workplace for some time to come, it is imperative for them to successfully work together to further company goals.

Here are six critical differences between the mindsets of these two (equally remarkable) generations that a certified HR team can help managers navigate:

1. Boomers want a job; millennials want a career.
The typical boomer resume looks considerably different from that of the millennial. According to a 2016 Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research study, 40 percent of boomers had stayed with one company for over 20 years.

Not so much millennials, as Natasha Bowman, JD, SPHR, Founder & CEO of Performance ReNEW, points out. "Millennials are known to bounce around from organization to organization, especially if they don't see an opportunity for immediate growth."

This can have significant ramifications for the company, as boomers will be less inclined to share their institutional knowledge with their millennial colleagues (why bother sharing with someone who won't be around long enough to use it?)

HR can step up to make sure the organization has, and communicates clearly about, career growth opportunities.

"This will help you retain millennial employees longer, as well as help to bridge the knowledge gap between the two generations," says Bowman.

Continue reading here: 6 Steps To Boomer Millennial Harmony

Thank You Again to September's Business Spotlight!