October 2017

A new look.  A renewed focus...on you

Watermark has a new look, but continues to focus on helping you -
a philanthropist, family or social profit organization - all those who want to make their world,
or even just their community, better.  
The circle in the symbol of Watermark's new logo represents wholeness and a continuous coming together of people, families and communities in shared purpose.  The rising horizon of possibility speaks to making a mark then setting even higher sights. 
Watermark is your partner for both.  
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Philanthropy Must-Reads this Season  
There are two new books worthy of your attention this Fall.   Generation Impact: How NextGen Donors are Revolutionizing Giving by my friends and colleagues Sharna Goldseker and Michael Moody introduces the next generation of big donors.  
Impeccably researched and based on hundreds of interviews with NextGen wealth creators and inheritors, Sharna and Michael highlight how this new cohort is shaping our world and making change now.   With instructive insights into NextGen philanthropic motivations and behaviour, you can download their FREE Discussion Guide to use with your family, foundation or giving group.
Best-selling author David Callahan also explores this extraordinary age of philanthropy albeit with a more cautious tone in The Givers: Wealth, Power and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age I had the pleasure of sharing some time with David on his recent visit to Toronto.  He discussed the staggering increase in wealth among 'super citizens' giving them significant influence.  Their philanthropy - even well-intentioned - can give them an even larger voice, potentially threatening democracy itself.  What do you think?  What might this mean for your future giving?  Check out this link for an interesting debate on the issues.
Does your board assess fundraising effectiveness?

Many boards wrestle with how organizational expenditures are allocated, and fundraising can easily be an area that gets short shrift.

BoardSource's Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness: Why Cost of Fundraising Isn't Enough is a framework for Boards to evaluate fundraising investment and effectiveness.  It makes a case for adequate investment, while offering a reasonable and responsible way to think about fundraising impact beyond cost and return.

As a BoardSource governance advisor and trainer I invite you to add some nuance and depth to your next discussion about fundraising performance by downloading their FREE toolkit and discussion guide for board and senior leaders. 
Where's Sharilyn?
October 16
Blumberg Charitable Law Institute presenting What the best boards do: 5 Practices of High Performance Boards
October 17-18
Listen. Learn. Act. Opportunities for Canadian Philanthropy, Montreal
November 1
21/64 Foundation Book Launch, NYC
December 7
Braintrust Philanthropy Powered by Vitreo panelist Nonprofit Governance: Have we moved the needle? 
Your Philanthropy Matters .
Strategy ~ Family Engagement ~ Governance 

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