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Important Deadlines!

This month's MSA Update includes all the information you need to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the Society! From nominations* to scholarships, membership renewals to webinars, we've got it all outlined for you so that you won't miss a thing!

*The Microscopy Society of America is committed to diversity and inclusion so please remember to consider nominating outstanding women and members of underrepresented groups.

Due October 15, 2021 - Nominations for MSA Fellows, Class of 2022

The designation "MSA Fellow" is intended to recognize those who have been conferred the Society's Distinguished Scientist Awards, as well as senior distinguished members of the Society who have been a member of the Society for at least 10 years and have made significant contributions to the advancement of the field of microscopy and microanalysis through a combination of scientific achievement and service to the scientific community and the Society itself.

Due October 31, 2021 - Nominations for 2022 MSA Society Awards

This is an opportunity to participate in your Society's activities and to participate in honoring deserving individuals. All nominations are submitted entirely through an online form: filling in the basic nominee information and uploading the required supporting documents. For more information on these awards and the nomination process, (including a handy guide on how to write a nomination packet), click here.


Due December 1, 2021 - Undergraduate Scholarship Applications

MSA's scholarships for undergraduate research are intended to foster the educational and research potential of full-time undergraduate students interested in pursuing microscopy as a career or major research tool. Applications for research involving any area of microscopy are suitable for the program.

NEW! Due December 15, 2021 - Kenneth H. Downing Memorial Postdoctoral Scholarship Award

The Kenneth H. Downing Post-Doctoral Scholarship Award was created in honor of Professor Ken Downing, an MSA Past-President, MSA Fellow, and MSA Distinguished Scientist. The scholarship will support postdoctoral researchers in the development of methods and instrumentation applied to the Life Sciences. The award amount for the Kenneth H. Downing Memorial Postdoctoral Scholarship for 2022 will be $4,000 USD.

Due December 31, 2021 (or earlier!) - Renew your membership for 2022!

Keep your membership active to maintain access to exclusive member benefits including peer networking, discounts on educational materials, savings on the annual Microscopy & Microanalysis conference, participation in Society activities, and so much more. Upon renewing, we'd like to ask for five minutes of your time to complete a brief membership feedback survey to ensure that we are providing you valuable benefits as an active member of MSA. 

M&M News

Look for the M&M 2022 Call for Papers Brochure with your November/December issue of Microscopy Today!

Paper Submission Deadline:

February 17, 2022


Register in Advance for the 2021

Distinguished Scientist Awardee Talks!

DSA Awardee Talk | The Path to the First CS-Corrected TEM

Thursday, October 21, 2021 | 1:00pm EST

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Maximilian Haider 

This webinar will describe how the development of the first aberration corrected TEM, with which the point resolution could significantly be improved, could be carried out and which troubles or difficulties had to be solved. The continuation of the development advanced electron optical systems from the first working high resolution EM till today will also be highlighted. Register here.

DSA Awardee Talk | A Personal Journey to See Atoms in Matter

Thursday, November 4, 2021 | 1:00pm EST

Presenter: Prof. Knut Wolf Urban

Atoms were introduced in antiquity as a philosophical term, then in the nineteenth century as a theoretical physical concept. However, no one believed that atoms could ever be seen. This changed during the twentieth century when people set out to develop microscopies that would allow them to associate a direct visual concept with the notion of atoms. I had the privilege of being involved in one of these developments. This is the evolution of transmission electron microscopy to atomic resolution. Register here.

DSA Awardee Talk | From Deconvolution and Super-Resolution Light Microscopy to CryoEM Cameras to Beam Induced Motion Correction: Empowering Biology through Technology Developments

Thursday, November 18, 2021 | 1:00 PM EST

Presenter: Prof. David Agard 

Provided will be a brief summary of technological developments made by David Agard and John Sedat (UCSF) in pioneering 3D light and super-resolution microscopy, followed by a focus on cryoEM cameras culminating in the first single electron counting camera made in collaboration with Peter Denes at LBNL and Paul Mooney at Gatan. This will be followed by discussing our efforts in collaboration with Yifan Cheng (UCSF) to mitigate beam induced motion as a critical step in obtain high resolution reconstructions of biological systems. Register here.

Science News

Microscopy Method Enables Deep In Vivo Brain Imaging

A method developed by the Prevedel Group at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) allows neuroscientists to observe live neurons deep within the brain — or any other cell hidden within an opaque tissue. The method is based on three-photon microscopy and adaptive optics. Read more.

Microscopy plus AI equals rapid COVID-19 detection: study

Beckman researchers paired microscopy with artificial intelligence to develop a COVID-19 test that's fast, accurate, and cost-effective. All we need to do is say "ahh." Many of us have encountered or experienced a COVID-19 test. Like the pandemic itself, frequent screening has become part of daily life. As SARS-CoV-2 continues to be a formidable foe, our strategies to detect and classify the virus must remain agile and sophisticated. Read more.

MSA Student Council News

StC Appointed Position Applications Are Open!


The Call for Applications for the Appointed Positions (Social Chair and Regional Liaisons) will remain open until all positions are filled. There are only a few roles left, so please contact studentcouncil@microscopy.org for updated information on which positions are not yet filled!


The application and role descriptions can be accessed on the MSA Student Council website, Responsibilities page. If you are interested in getting involved but aren’t sure if you’re ready for a full position, keep an eye on our communications for information about committees!

call for apps.png

Call for Applications

app for appointed positions.png

Application for Appointed Positions

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Josh Dickerson

The Microscopy Society of America Student Council is pleased to introduce Josh Dickerson, our October Student Spotlight designee. Josh is a Ph.D. student studying Biological Sciences at the University of Cambridge with Dr. Chris Russo and is also a 2021 M&M Student Scholar.

Josh completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Oxford in biochemistry. During his studies there, he became interested in cryo electron microscopy and its potential to revolutionize imaging studies in the biological sciences. He has pursued that interest into his Ph.D. studies, recently delivering a presentation at M&M 2021 on chromatic aberration correction for imaging of thick biological specimens.

Outside of the laboratory, Josh is an avid cyclist, routinely taking 100+ mile weekend excursions around the countryside of his native England. One of the highlights from his cycling experiences was a trip to northern Italy, which included arduous climbs in the Dolomites and in particular on Monte Zoncolan. He has another major trip planned in the coming months to southern Spain, where he will go for more mountain cycling in the Sierra Nevada around Granada.

Josh enjoys exploring the outdoors from beyond the seat of a bicycle, too. Also on his bucket list is to travel to Iceland, where he wants to hike and explore the unique geology of the island. He enjoys the opportunities to experience the mountainous scenery which such cycling and hiking trips afford, as well as the valuable time spent with family.

He is especially well-traveled, taking trips halfway around the world, from New York to Indonesia (and he looks forward to filling in the areas in between in the coming years!). In the little free time that he has which isn’t taken up by traveling or cycling, he enjoys cooking, baking, experimenting with new recipes at home.

Local Affiliated Societies

Local Affiliated Societies News

by Ru-ching Hsia, LAS Director


LAS Business Meetings


The next LAS business meeting will be held on December 9, 1 to 2 PM EDT. Officers and members of LAS are welcome to attend the meeting. Different LAS will be featured in each meeting and present their activities and events. We will also share ideas and tips for running local societies and events during the meeting. LAS are encouraged to work with regional liaisons from the MSA Student Council (StC), local colleges, and other regional scientific or teachers’ societies, etc.


Please save the date in your calendar now.

Renew Your LAS membership


While you are renewing your MSA membership, please consider renewing your membership of your local microscopy society and support their activities too.


Regional LAS Activities


Find out more about your local microscopy society and what is happening in your neighborhood by checking the MSA community page at http://microscopy.org/communities/local.cfm.


LAS Programs

MSA provides LAS support with Tour Speakers, Grants-in-Aid, and Special Meeting grants. Details can be found at http://www.microscopy.org/communities/programs.cfm.


If you are interested to start an Affiliated Society in your region or have any questions and concerns, please feel free to contact me at rhsia@carnegiescience.edu.


Enjoy the Fall! It’s the season to share a nice warm mug of apple cider or pumpkin spice Latte with your microscopy buddy.



Focused Interest Groups

MSA FIGs are groups of MSA members who have organized, with the approval of MSA Council, to promote a specific discipline relevant to microscopy or microanalysis. Each FIG must have a minimum of 10 members to remain active. All MSA members are eligible and encouraged to participate in the existing FIGs. There is an annual fee of $15 per FIG joined. Learn more about FIGs here.

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