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The Goodness Finder

Do I see the good and positive things in people or do I see their faults? Am I a fault finder or a goodness finder? The answer determines whether we will taste the sweetness of spiritual love.

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Yoga & Meditation for Stress Relief

Although it’s not the real goal of yoga, there are many healthy side benefits of engaging in certain yoga practices such as yoga meditation, yoga asanas, yoga relaxation and yoga breathing.

Mexican Chimichangers
Chimichangers are a much sought after Mexican recipe that we served at one of our Deep Peace Retreats. Mmmmm it's making me hungry just to think about them. 

Why Ayurveda?

There are many highly effective health systems available to us at present. With Western modalities such as traditional allopathic medicine, to ancient Eastern traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine being so readily available, Why is it that yogis tend to gravitate towards Ayurveda?

Discover Meditation Course

In this beginner 2 part course you will learn several easy and practical techniques to help you learn how to cope better with stress and improve physical and mental well-being - 
17 & 24 October 8-9.15pm
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Live Kirtan
Clap, sway and dance as we weave together melody, music and mantra. Immerse yourself in this simultaneously meditative, exhilarating and fun activity known as kirtan, the heart and soul of an evening at The Mantra Room.  

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