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Artifact found at Beaver Ponds...
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Earlier this month, our site manager Eric Chatt was walking the Beaver Ponds property and found a scraper (pictured above).  Scrapers would have been used by native people to remove the extraneous tissue and blood of animal skins to allow for better curing.   It is a tool that's sharp on one side and blunt on the other. You hold it in between your thumb and fingers with the blunt side resting on your palm and use the sharp side to scrape newly-skinned hides.  To read an informative and interesting explanation of archaeology in this region, click here.

As we've been reporting, Beaver Ponds is experiencing explosive growth - well over 1,000 visitors so far this year!  Some highlights from this past month included hosting two sold-out fiber programs that introduced participants to the art of spinning fiber (which is tougher than it looks according to one gal). Participants used fleece that came from our animals who are being fed by our sustainable micro fodder barley growing system (fodder pictured above).  

Local preschool students and some home schooled kiddos came by for a good old-fashioned potato pull.  Parents and teachers alike agreed that it was so good to see kids getting dirty while learning about a food source. 

Downtown Denver Expeditionary School students spent several days at Beaver Ponds engaged in all sorts of environmental education activities.  As one third-grader said, "Been at camp for 3 days hiking, it rained, we built two beaver dams and mud pits, got stuck in quicksand-mud up to my 'chest', slept in freezing cold temps, climbed a mountain 25 stories tall, lost a molar on the bus and almost barfed...all with a smile on my face."    
Hope to see you this Sunday at Beaver Ponds - 10/23 - for our FREE four year anniversary celebration.   Our friends at Nature's Educators are bringing an owl, turkey vulture, peregrine falcon, and one other surprise feathered friend for the Talon Talk at 2pm.  Cake follows at 3pm.  More info below!

Thanks for your continued interest and support of our mission to provide environmental education that gives individuals of all ages the tools and knowledge they need to become better stewards of the earth.   
Beaver Ponds Director of Operations

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Gandhi
Meet Athena and her feathered friends at Beaver Ponds on 10/23

Please join us for a very special birds of prey program starting at 2pm with cake afterwards at 3pm!

In celebration of providing environmental education for four years, Beaver Ponds will host a birds of prey program at 2pm. The "Talon Talk" program, sponsored by Alpine Bank, will feature a falcon, owl, turkey vulture, and one other mystery raptor from Nature's Educators. Appropriate for individuals of all ages, the birds will also be available for pictures after the presentation. 

Please share this event with folks who might be interested in attending. We expect this FREE event to be popular, so please also try to car pool.

It isn't necessary to RSVP, however in order to help Beaver Ponds plan for the day, individuals are being encouraged to join the Facebook event and indicate if they will be attending at:

Can't make the program? We're open from noon - 5pm this day and you can either take a guided hands-on tour with one of our staff - OR - if you're into electronics we'll send you on a trail with an iPad loaded full of fun educational information!

If you can't make it to this event, please check Facebook or our website for public days, or contact us to arrange a visit when you will be in the area.

Learn more about the Raptor Program and Celebration by clicking here.   
Upcoming Events at Beaver Ponds

15th - Mountains, Gold, and Glaciers with Professor Robert Anderson from CU, 7pm, Free
Professor Anderson will talk about the geologic history of gold deposits found in the South Park area due to glaciation.  Many parts of South Park mountain area were under glaciers.  Come and find out about the link between the glaciers and the gold still being discovered today.  Professor Anderson is a Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and INSTAAR (Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research) at CU - Boulder. 

19th - Medicinal Plant Workshop, 1-4pm, Cost is $25

Please join Beaver Ponds staff for a fun afternoon learning how to harvest and process local medicinal herbs. You'll learn:
¨ to identify a variety of native alpine plants and herbs right in your backyard!
¨ to harness their medicinal properties and ethical harvesting.
¨ how these plants were used in Native American culture, as well as some fun facts related to field survival skills.
¨ the process of being your own at-home herbalist from identification of herbs to making your own tinctures and balms from these herbs.

Make and take home several healing balms ~ great for your home or as a gift. This workshop will sell out, so please sign up early ~

10th - Free Public Day, Open to visitors between the hours of 11am - 3pm. 

11th - Full Moon X-Country Ski/Snowshoe, Time TBD

11th - Free Public Day, Open to visitors between the hours of 11am - 3pm. 

22nd - Celebrate Earth Day at Beaver Ponds, programs to be announced closer to event.

27th- Open House, enjoy a visit and special FREE programs!

24th - Free Public Day, Open to visitors between the hours of 11am - 3pm. 

22nd - Free Public Day, Open to visitors between the hours of 11am - 3pm.

12th- Save the Date for Beaver Ponds First Annual Fundraising Event, Details coming soon!

You're invited to join The Beaver Colony!    

Will you please join Beaver Ponds Founders Terry & Al Hershey, Cindy & Brent Hart, Polly & John Loewy, and me in becoming an inaugural member of The Beaver Colony?  Members of this special giving society believe in the power of providing the tools and knowledge necessary for individuals to become better stewards of the earth by committing to a gift of $1,000 or more in a year to support the Beaver Ponds mission. 

That breaks down to a donation of only $83 or more a month.

Y ou'll join a bunch of committed supporters in growing Beaver Ponds into an exceptional environmental education center! 

With Inspiration,

Director of Development
Inaugural Member of The Beaver Colony  

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