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October 2019
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Normalization Adjustments are Essential in Valuation
By: John Eberhart

Fine-tuning financial statements helps a business valuation expert compare the subject company's performance to the financial performance of similar public or private companies. In turn, normalization [...]
Accelerate Depreciation Deductions with a Cost Segregation Study
By: Brian Stautberg

Is your business depreciating over a 30-year period the entire cost of constructing the building that houses your operation? If so, you should consider a cost segregation study. It may allow you to accelerate [...]
Recessions: Breaking Down the Buzz
By: Emilie Schwarz

If you've listened to the news the past two years, you may have heard speculation on when the next recession will be. Commentators are looking for signs as to when the recession will start and making [...]
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