By the Light of the Moon - October 2015
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Happy October! I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather as much as I am.

The Singers have spent their last few Sundays hard at work, getting ready for their very first show. Their season will kick off on October 10, as the troupe will be performing a sold out show at Gordon Commons for Family Weekend. The Singers will also be appearing in the Homecoming parade again this year.

With November just around the corner, the Singers are getting ready for their big "On Campus" shows, which will take place November 20 and 21 at Shannon Hall in the Memorial Union Theater. Make sure to check out the link below to get your tickets now, and don't forget to look at the upcoming events for your chance to see the Singers put on, "So Classic!"

On Wisconsin!

Jason Chladek
Alumni Spotlight: Jenny Parshley

Photo by: Drive the Image

October's spotlight is on Jenny Parshley (formerly Artz). Jenny was a Singer/Dancer from 1995-1996 and has many great memories from her time with the troupe. One of her best memories was performing in her hometown of Antigo. This show was Jenny's favorite show, as it was the most sentimental to her. One of the things she misses the most about her time with the Singers is the comradery and great friendships that were made both on and off the stage. 

Jenny graduated from the UW as a Theater/Drama Acting Specialist, and later went on to earn her Masters of Science in Psychology from Walden University. After graduating, Jenny moved to L.A. where she got to continue performing in movies and stand-up, working with huge names such as Jack Nicholson, Jennifer Lopez, Nicholas Cage, and Adam Sandler. Some of her favorite films to work on were Anger Management, Enough, The Animal, and The Master of Disguise. She says that she can thank the Wisconsin Singers for introducing her to the world of performing and making her California experience an easy transition. Jenny also spent some time in L.A. as a behavioral therapist, and currently lives in Aurora, Colorado where she works as a Customer Service Specialist. 

October has been an exciting time for Jenny as she married her husband, Sean, earlier this month. She also welcomed two new stepdaughters, Kira and Jessie, to her family. In honor of this exciting time, Jenny's family will be traveling back to Antigo on October 24 for a Wisconsin reception. 

Singer Spotlight: Alyssa Mohr

This month's Singer Spotlight is Alyssa Mohr. Alyssa is a second year Singer/Dancer. This year she is also serving as Social Media Co-Chair. Alyssa has a lot of good memories from last year, including the spring break trip to Florida. She loved being able to spend time in the Florida sun and watch the Badgers play in the Final Four game on the bus ride home. She also loved all of the funny, behind-the-scenes events from the shows. This year, Alyssa is looking forward to growing as a performer and becoming even greater friends with the troupe.

In school, Alyssa is studying Life Sciences Communication and Global Health, as she is very interested in promoting sustainable living through the use of reusable resources. At home, she enjoys planting flowers with her mom, gardening, and cooking. When at school, you can find her shopping at the farmer's market, hanging out with friends at the Terrace, watching Netflix (especially How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl), or attending Badger games. Fun facts about Alyssa, she can quote every line from her favorite movie, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." She also has a special place in her heart for country music, as she thought she was going to marry Toby Keith when she was younger. 

Upcoming Events
Fri. Oct. 16 - 
Homecoming Parade - 6 p.m.

Sat. Oct. 24 - Oconto Falls High School - 7 p.m. 

Sat. Nov. 14 - Merrill High School - TBA 

Sun. Nov. 15 - Wausau West High School - TBA 

Fri. Nov. 20 - "On Campus"- Memorial Union Theater - 8 p.m. 

Sat. Nov. 21 - Retirement Celebration - Gordon Commons - 2 p.m.

Sat. Nov. 21 - "On Campus"- Memorial Union Theater - 8 p.m.  


Need a place to stay for On Campus? Check out the Wisconsin Singers' sponsor, Best Western. For reservations, call 608-233-8778, or visit their website at Be sure to mention you are there for the Wisconsin Singers show and thank them for their sponsorship.

In This Issue
Developing a New Show
Part 4:  Showtime!

Now that the Singers have been through camps and started rehearsals, it's time to bring the show to the stage!

Waking up on a show day is always much more exciting than a normal school day, as the Singers get to roll out of bed, grab their costume bags, and head over to load. Although having to load all the equipment into the bus isn't the most fun, it's always great getting to see everyone else after a long and stressful week of classes. Many of the Singers will agree that getting on the bus and traveling to the show is one of their favorite parts. You never know what's going to happen on the bus, but it's always sure to be filled with many laughs.....and Culvers. 

Once the troupe arrives on site, it's go time. Everyone works hard and quickly unloading the bus and getting everything set up. Each member in the troupe has a specific job, whether it's setting up staging, putting together our projector screen, getting lighting and sound ready, or organizing the props. The sound of music from the sound engineer sends the Singers into warm-ups. Warm-ups are a great time for everyone to relax again and get their head ready for the day. Towards the end of the year, the Singer/Dancers also use this time to run some of the understudies, which is always fun to listen to. 

By the time, everything is set up, it's time for the Singers to move into their clinic. The clinics are some of the most rewarding experiences of the year, as they get to work with and help students as young as elementary school all the way up through high school. It is always the best getting to pair up and meet all of the kids. During the clinic, the Singers either teach the students a number from the show, or work with them on their own songs. The best part for the troupe, though, is getting to take a seat in the audience and watch the kids perform what they learned. Nothing beats seeing the smiles on the students' faces as the Singers cheer as loud as they can for them. After many of the clinics, the troupe will do a Q and A with the students. This is a super helpful time to answer all of the questions they have about college and what it's like to be a Wisconsin Singer. 

At this point, it's time for the Singers to grab a quick bite to eat and go get ready for the show. This time is always super busy with everyone putting on costumes, getting their hair and makeup ready, and making sure their props are good to go. With less than an hour until curtain, the Singers come back together to do a few more physical and vocal warm-ups, ending with circle. Pre-show circle is always a great time to stand with everyone and get mentally ready for the night. Often, the troupe will take turns saying something to get everyone else pumped and excited. Words of encouragement from the rest of the Singers are the best thing to start the show with. 

With only a few minutes until showtime, the troupe will be ready backstage. These backstage moments are also some of the most memorable, as you never know what laughs will come up. As the opening groups take the stage, the mixture of excitement and nerves takes over the Singers. Before long, the stage manager gives the two minute call, and the troupe takes their places with that anxious feeling in their stomachs. Soon, the curtain opens, and the Singers take one final breathe before stepping out into the spotlight to give it their all - it's showtime!
UW Nanotechnology Research receives national grant

The Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology, a research center at the UW, just signed a new contract with the National Science Foundation that will provide them will $20 million for projects over the next few years. 

The center, headed by Madison chemistry Professor Robert Hamers, will focus on studies that show how nanoparticles interact with biological systems. There are currently many products that use nanoparticles, including car wax, solar cells, and hybrid car batteries, but scientists still have many questions about how these particles interact with organisms such as bacteria, plants, animals, and people.

One of the major studies that the group is working on is seeing how nanoparticles interact with the surface of cell membranes. By creating model cell membranes, the researchers can study how the nanoparticles interact at a molecular level. Hamer states that, "such studies promise a science-based understanding that can help insure technology leaves a minimal environmental footprint." 

On Campus Dinner

Join friends and family of the Wisconsin Singers  at the historic University Club on the Memorial Library Mall. Avoid waiting in line at other restaurants on this home football game weekend and instead enjoy beverages, dinner and conversation at the University Club, located just steps away from the Wisconsin Singers performance at the newly remodeled Memorial Union Theater. There will be a fixed three course dinner menu with three entree options as well as a beverage service. The cost for the reception and dinner is $25 per person including gratuities. In addition, there is a cash bar. 

4:45-6 pm: Reception featuring World Champion Gouda Cheese provided by Penterman Farms and Cash Bar in the Fireside Room

6 pm: Dinner, three courses -- Mixed Green salad, bread & butter, choice of entree which includes a starch and vegetable, dessert, coffee, tea & water

Entree Choices:
1) Lemon Grilled Bone-In Chicken Breast 
2) Marinated Flank Steak 
3) Wild Seasonal Mushrooms with Sauteed Spinach Wrapped in a Flakey Puff Pastry

4:45-7:30 pm: Cash Bar

This event is limited to 100 people. Contact Kay Gruling at or 715-845-1487 for further information or to RSVP. Include choice of entree(s) as well as payment with your RSVP. Please RSVP by November 13, 2015.

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