Author packet
Nothing excites me more than a newly signed book contract. (Well, that’s not exactly true. Christmas and visits from my nieces and nephews excite me a little bit more. But new book deals with terrific authors are a solid runner-up.)

And we know that sometimes after the flurry of the proposal, negotiations, and contract-signing, the silence can be — well — deafening.

To help keep you informed about next steps and what to expect now that you’re a signed author, especially if this is your first book, we’ve assembled an Author Information Packet. We send this to our authors once their contract is signed, complete with information about the OSV team, marketing tips, and checkpoints for writing and editing.

Up until now this resource has been digital, but starting in the next few weeks, we’ll be sending a hard copy to each of our authors, including an Author Checklist to help you keep track of the pieces and parts as you write and edit your book.

If you have suggestions, tips, or questions, please send them our way! We are always looking to improve this resource, as we want it to be as helpful as possible for you. In the meantime, whether you’ve worked with us many times before or are newly signed, welcome aboard. We love working with you in our shared mission to serve the Church.

-- By Mary Beth Baker, senior acquisitions editor