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River Falls member Maggie Watson displays one of the handwritten posters she created for each district staff workroom explaining the benefits of an active union. Maggie says a handwritten poster will always get teachers' attention in a way that printed advertising won't, and in River Falls, she's right!
~ Way to go Maggie! ~

Dear Region 1 Members,

There really is only one topic in October 2018 and that is the November 6th election that is almost upon us. This is our time! This is our chance to change our leadership. This is the most important election we have had (each election we say that) but this one is SO important! We have an excellent chance to elect a leader that not only believes in education but has dedicated his life to it! I would love to see each and every one of you donate your time or your money to one pro-public education candidate. Then, ask 10 friends to do the same. This is called grassroots campaigning and it is how we beat the millionaires. Small donations from a lot of people can add up and help out a ton. I know you are tired of hearing this but if every person who feels as we do actually votes, we can't lose. I am spending all my free time this month working to get pro-public education leaders elected. We have a very strong chance at turning this around. We cannot waste this opportunity!

Take someone to the polls. Remind your friends, acquaintances to vote, ask them if they need any help registering. If everyone put in two hours of time helping out we could make a wave - a blue wave. By the next newsletter, we will have the elections results. Let's do this! Let's win!

Yes, this requires some effort on all our parts. In recognition of that fact, we have postponed the October Board Meeting, and we're asking that you dedicate that time on October 17th to a Day of Action. Below, in the calendar, you will find a link that can provide you with activities and places you can go to do your part.

I look forward to celebrating with you on November 6th!

Debra H. Bell
Region 1 President

* Upcoming Events *
Ongoing Statewide Professional Development Calendar Available (including NBCT Jump Start Progam)


We highly recommend checking out this calendar if you haven't done so yet!

*POSTPONED* Region 1 Board of Directors Meeting
October 17
6:30 pm
Rice Lake Office & Zoom
16 W John St
As there is no more important Association business than the November 6 election, WEAC Region 1 encourages all leaders and members to devote the time set aside for the October Board of Directors meeting to a Day of Action for Pro-Public Education candidates. For a list of suggested activities or places to take part, click here for a copy of the 2018 Election Action Plan.

Don't Be Jack
A Financial Literacy Game
October 22
Rice Lake Office
16 W John St

WEAC Professional Issues Conference
October 26-27
KI Convention Center, Green Bay

November 6
Get your ID ready and  KNOW WHERE TO VOTE

Region 1 Board of Directors Meeting
November 28
6:30 pm
Rice Lake Office & Zoom
16 W John St

Every Teacher a Leader  NW Regional Summit
Apply NOW!
See flyer below for details


Why Didn't We Think Of That?!
Siren Education Association Sponsors Two Aspiring Educators

As part of its outreach to those entering the profession and early career educators, the Siren Education Association annually sponsors WEA Student Membership for the children of present members who are entering the field of education as a career choice. This year's sponsored student members are Rylie Anderson, UW-Stevens Point (daughter of member Bryn Anderson) and Emily Stiemann, UW-La Crosse (daughter of member Sheryl Stiemann).

What a great way to get future educators off to a great start!

Region 1 Seeking Presentation Proposals for February Learning & Growing Conference 

Region 1 will be again sponsoring a Learning & Growing Professional Issues Conference on February 22-23, 2019 at the Lismore Hotel in Eau Claire.

We are continually looking to expand and improve our offerings for the conference, and that's where you come in! Many of you have skills, ideas, and expertise that we want to encourage you to share with colleagues. HERE you will find a proposal submission form. If you or someone you know has anything in the area of curriculum, classroom management, use of technology, behavior management, mindfulness or any topic members can put to use in their classrooms or their lives, submit a proposal and share it this coming February.

If you have any questions, please contact the Region 1 Office at (800) 472-6711.

FYI - Permanent License Form Available

Form now available HERE for verification of six semesters of teaching and issuance of permanent license. 

Bayfield County Units Host Wisconsin Science Festival Event at South Shore Brewery

On Friday, October 12th the WEAC Region 1 units of Drummond, Washburn, South Shore, and Bayfield hosted The Art and Science of Beer as part of the Wisconsin Science Festival. Events like this are held across the state and this is the third year the Bayfield County units have been involved. The event is open to the public and also provides an entertaining and informative opportunity for members to gather. Click the Science Festival link above for more information if you're interested in attending, or even possibly hosting a future event.

DPI Releases Teacher Turnover and Attrition Brief

It certainly comes as no surprise to anyone as you walk into a faculty meeting in September or down the halls that there are more and more new faces around you at the start of every year. We've also all heard and have experienced in some manner the shortage of teachers and the effect that has as it ripples through our districts.

DPI has just released its latest report on turnover, which is teachers leaving a district for another district within the state, and attrition, which is teachers leaving the profession altogether. The results will be a surprise to no one. 

Click anywhere on the map below to view the full report and see how your district compares. 

The information does raise interesting questions with regard to why districts with the highest and lowest turnover and attrition rates are the way they are. Could it possibly have anything to do with the way they treat their employees?

The Wisconsin Public Education Network is planning to place billboards in the Region 1 area in support of public schools. To help fund this effort, Region 1 will have available yard signs
reading "I love my public school & I vote!". Signs will be available at the Region 1 office beginning October 19th. A $5 donation is being requested to help fund the billboards. Email or call the office to reserve your "I love public schools" message.

'It's About Standing Up for What's Right.' How Hundreds of Teachers Running for Office Are Putting a Jolt in the Midterms

October 3, 2018

Last September, school speech therapist Kathy Hoffman was settling into the new academic year, working with youngsters in her small classroom behind a playground at Sahuaro Ranch Elementary School in a blue-collar neighborhood outside Phoenix.

This year, the political novice is gone from her classroom and on the campaign trail across Arizona full-time as the Democrats' choice in the race to become superintendent of public education, overseeing the state's schools. It's a post typically held by career politicians or political insiders.

"My tipping point was realizing we need more teachers running for office, people who understand what it's like in the classroom, who have seen the effect of having the lack of resources from our lawmakers," Hoffman said.

The Best of Works4Me: Halloween Activities

Editor's Picks from Works4Me E-Newsletter
by NEA Staff editors

A favorite among students everywhere, Halloween can be the context for stimulating activities in reading, history, math, poetry, geography, art, and music. Use these tips from teachers across the country to engage your learners in holiday fun while meeting academic standards at the same time.

Did You Know?
This Month's Member Benefits Highlight

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