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October Chapter Meeting
OCTOBER 19, 2017

Join us as we start up our Chapter Meetings again on Thursday October 19th at Classic Club in Palm Desert.

1100 Hrs | Guest Speaker: 
SgtMaj Edward Zapata,
7th Marine Regiment

Please RSVP via phone: 760 901 5494 or email JIm Olson at olsoncj5@aol.com

Chapter Members Participate in 
7th Marines Centennial Celebration
Chapter members Vince Mast, Dick Partee, Henry Sanchez, Mike Bales, Mike Holguin, Bob Shepard, Howard Lehman, Harry Covert, Sam Huttenhower.  Quint Villanueva,  and all their spouses and Marilyn Paige attended the  7th Marines Regiment Centennial celebration as guests of the Colonel William Vivian.  Marilyn Paige, widow of Mitchell Paige was a special guest of honor of the Regiment's.

Our Chapter was doubly honored by Colonel Vivian's invitation to participate in the 
re-dedication ceremony of the Regiment's Colors.  Huttenhower, Partee, Lehman, Sanchez, Hoguin and Villanueva each, individually, stepped forward onto the parade field filled with a battalion formation of Marines, marched up to the color guard and presented a  7th Marines battle streamer to  Colonel Vivian who attached it to the Regiment's flag staff. 

Our own Sam Huttenhower, a World War II veteran who served with the 7th Regiment in the Pacific  was given the honor of presenting the first battle streamer to Colonel Vivian.  It was especially meaningful to Sanchez and Villanueva who presented the battle streamers for the Viet Nam and Korean wars, both veterans of those wars, respectively. 

The event was well attended by a number of Marine Generals and dignitaries.
Colonel Vivian, in his remarks, singled out the Desert Cities Mitchell Paige Marines for special recognition  and kudos.

Since July Board members had been totally engaged with the City of Palm Desert  i n soliciting support for the centennial and assisting in its planning.  Special mention goes to Palm Desert Mayor Jan Harnik for her tremendous support and who recruited support from Renova SunPower and Mr. Chandi..........!

A barbecue dinner for 1000 was held on victory field after the ceremony.
Memorial Services will be held for long time Chapter member  Carl Brooks on November 4
1300 to 1600  
Mario's Italian Restaurant
49-906 Jefferson, La Quinta, 

Carl passed away on June 11. His memorial service was set for the fall so that his "snowbird" friends would be able to pay their respects.  He was highly respected and loved by his neighbors at PGA West.  Carl was a great American, outstanding Marine and long time member of our Chapter who served on the Board of Directors for a number of years.

Carl served in the Marine Corps from June 1963 to July 1971 and was promoted to the rank of Captain.

Carl was always the first member of  the Chapter to show up for our monthly meetings.  Carl loved the Corps and loved being a member of our Chapter.
Mark your calendars now.   Save the date, November 4.
  Our Chapter is expanding its initiatives to raise funds that will enable us to carry out our mission of supporting Marines and their families.  
 To that end and with support from all members the Chapter is compiling a donors mailing list.  
Please forward names, addresses and telephone numbers of individuals and businesses you would recommend  be included on the donors database. 
Forward the information to Chapter Secretary Quint Villanueva at Qlv@aol.com.

The donors list will be confidential and will not be shared with any other organizations.
Marine Corps Anniversary Luncheon
November 10

The Jason L. Dunham MOH Detachment, Marine Corps League will hold its annual Marine Corps Birthday luncheon on November 10 at the Miracle Springs Resort and Spa, Desert Hot Springs. The ticket price is $40.
Our members, stalwart supporters of the event over the years, are encouraged to sponsor a MCJROTC Cadet for lunch by making a $40 donation to the MCL Detachment in addition to purchasing a luncheon ticket for themselves.
Honored speaker at the luncheon will be Colonel Bill Vivian, Commanding Officer, 7th Marine Regiment and member of our Chapter.

If you haven't already done so, make your reservations now, tickets sell  out fast.
Chapter Receives Aloha from Dave Franklin,

Here's a photo of Dave Franklin, one of the founding members of our Chapter. Dave was a close friend of Mitchell Paige and is retired judge from the Coachella Valley and was a long time Legal Officer for out Chapter and the 1st MarDiv Assoc.  Dave now resides on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii and as you can see from his photo Dave continues to carry the torch for the Mitchell Paige MOH Chapter. 

The following unedited article, written by Dave, is his take on the recent Ken Burns Vietnam war Series.  

M arines: 
"Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, I'm stuck in the middle with ..." A TV Series on Vietnam. A song, late 1960's. You can find the words to "stuck in the middle with you" ( Stealer'sWheel) on You Tube. The Producers of the Vietnam Series say a conversation on Vietnam is needed at this time. I say nonsense! With home grown terrorists/discontents, war problems in the Far East, Middle East, south of the Border, East Europe,  Africa and elsewhere the timing on showing this starting in the week before the new TV Season really sucks. After President Kennedy there existed enough sense not to show "The Manchurian Candidate" in movie houses. 

Evidently some of the Americans in the series had much guilt on their minds or someother need to vent their story. Now all enemies and prospective enemies have been reminded that stirring up revolt in the U.S. is a way to split the country. That presentation can have a definite negative impact on recruitment for the Military as we are still engaged with War. It can also impact the Defense budget in a negative manner. 

Did Vietnam Veterans really learn new and important things that matter in 2017-2018 by this series? 

"Sameo, Sameo, in Jinglish Same old, same old, in pop slang. Okay, the Producers had a great experience and made money on the grants probably thinking that they rated a Pulitzer Prize dredging up stuff from 1950- 1975+. 

The series itself was okay at best but certainly not a "Needed conversation on Vietnam" as the hype marketing stated. The come away message to all is do not send anyone to war, especially your Children and Grand Children. Do not go in the Military or all those bad things will happen to you. Resist and enjoy demonstrations including the violent confrontations with Law enforcement. 

On my trips to Vietnam in 2016 & 2017, there were still no Cemeteries for the Dead South Vietnam Military. The Government has backed off , let the people pursue capitalism. The people want to be like Americans and have lots of stuff. The Marine bumper sticker "We were winning when I left" fast forward is "We are winning the hearts & minds in the year 2000 forward." 

Just imagine: If President Trump goes to Danang in November and strikes a deal to joint venture so the Vietnamese can manufacture much of that cheap plastic crap that is everywhere from China that sends a major lesson to both governments. South Korea, Russia & Germany are already joint venturing manufacturing in  parts of Vietnam. 

So, my bottom line is that the series is not needed and very bad timing for the Country at this time. The 50th Anniversary of the Battle for Hue, TET & The Siege @ Khe Sanh in February will likely be my last "In Country." Try You Tube for the first two sentences above. 

Sent from the "Legal Eagle's Nest above my Little Grass Shack in Waimanalo Hawaii. Mahalo & much Aloha to you all. 



The First Sergeant has always held a highly visible, distinctive, and sometimes notorious position in the military unit.  The 17th century Prussian Army appears to have been the starting point for what was later called the First Sergeant in the American Army. 

The Prussian Army Feldwebel, or Company Sergeant, by today's practice seems to have combined the duties of not only the First Sergeant, but of the Sergeant Major as well.
Standing at the top of the non-commissioned hierarchy of rank, they were the Overseers of the company's enlisted personnel. 

To this end, they kept the Hauptman, or Company Commander, informed of everything that went on in the company; whether NCOs were performing their duties in a satisfactory manner, that training was properly accomplished, and finally, that at the end of a busy day, all soldiers were accounted for in their quarters. They were the only non-commissioned officers allowed to strike a soldier. An especially disorderly soldier could be given three or four blows, with the Feldwebel's cane. They were forbidden to flog a soldier and the Feldwebels who overstepped authority in this manner would themselves be pilloried. 

Moreover, they were to see that none of the NCOs 
beat their soldiers

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Traditionally, you had to show either an active duty or a retired military identification card to shop at a military exchange.  

T he good news is that the rules have changed

Read the note below and click onto the link. If you register in advance, you can start using military exchanges on 1 November.  You can even make online purchases.

Military Exchange Shopping (What we used to call the PX)
Here ya go guys, this could be a nice little benefit, should be able to save some money.  Check it out !
The Army, Air Force and Navy exchange will start allowing all honorably discharged veterans to shop online, (think Amazon, but only cheaper with no taxes.)  Sites include: shopmyexchange.com shopcgx.com mymcx.com ; and  mynavyexchange.com .  

The target start date is Veterans Day, November 11, 2017 but, you must register first.  Registration begins June 1, 2017.  

You must call 1-844-868-8672 after June 1 to register. 

Bill Ping (RIP) 1998-2002 | J oseph A. Daily 2002-2006 | James Sullivan (RIP) 2006-2009
Quint Villanueva 2009-2012 | Richard Partee 2012-2014 | George Stettler 2014-2016
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