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October 2012

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How Not To "Suck - A Saturn In Scorpio Primer!
Alethea is a personal astrologer dedicated to providing clients with caring guidance and direction as they journey through life. She has studied western tropical astrology for over 14 years and finds it to be an invaluable resource in promoting better self-understanding. Her focus is on empowering clients to recognize, understand, and work with the energies inherent in their charts in order to help them find their own unique paths in life. She is truly passionate about the opportunity this divine science affords for growth.

Alethea encourages her clients to take destiny into their own hands by teaching them how to create positive changes in their lives instead of simply being "resigned to fate". This the very essence of
"Empowered Destiny" - recognizing the power of conscious choice and the important role it plays in shaping our lives. Every day we are faced with options that have the ability to shape the outcome of our lives.

With the awareness gained through astrology we are able to make better choices when faced with challenging circumstances, maximize our potential for happiness and fulfillment, and are better able to avoid any potential pitfalls along our journey. 


With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would do a follow-up segment to last month's editorial and discuss something truly frightening - vampires!  No, no - before you go running for your garlic and crucifix, I don't mean the ones named "Dracula" or "Vlad" - I'm talking about the garden variety that don't exactly ID themselves with billowing black capes and pointy teeth, LOL!  Read on and you will see what I mean...





How Not To "Suck" : A Saturn In Scorpio Primer! 


NoVampiresOne of the keynotes we discussed in September's newsletter was the concept of conservation of energy that comes from Saturn's movement into Scorpio on the 5th of this month. Saturn moving through this sign is like a distillation process where we are asked to concentrate our efforts and to only direct them toward avenues that yield a return-on-investment. We will take and eliminate all endeavors that are extraneous and unnecessary so that what we are left with is something very potent and effective - very focused effort. Consequently, what this is going to translate to on a global level is people being less inclined than ever to waste time and resources on things or people they deem to be a "drain" during the next 2 1/2 year period. If you've been taking more from the energy pool than you've been contributing, now may prove a time when the reckoning comes so consider this article my PSA ahead of this period. It is intended to serve as a preparedness kit that will help to pass some of the tests of the next 2 1/2 years successfully and "not suck".


Saturn teaches us that all things are finite and have their limits - with Scorpio we're dealing with energetic resources, both ours and others', so when these two combine we must be mindful of any running tabs we've been keeping open. We might think of this as an impending "credit crunch" of sorts and shades of this can already be seen on a literal level with banks implementing more stringent lending requirements during the last 4-5 years due to Pluto in Capricorn. When Saturn arrives in Scorpio in a few days, this influence becomes further strengthened as a so-called "mutual reception" is generated. In layman's terms, this transition produces a double dose of Saturn/Pluto energy and brings all issues related to these two planets out to the nth degree. One of the effects of this will involve having less capital to invest, so we will learn to only direct our efforts toward people and endeavors that have calculated payoff - we're inclined to want much more of a "sure thing" in regard to what we put in when Saturn hits Scorpio, both literally and metaphorically. If we don't feel we can achieve this, we are apt to pull out completely in order to cut our losses.


You can see how a lack of awareness of these parameters can lead to a potential "money pit" setup.  No one wants one of these situations in their lives where they just keep throwing in good money after bad, right? Saturn in Scorpio gives us a reality check, showing us when it is indeed time to withdraw and "fold 'em" for the sake of self-preservation. So going forward, you need to know the following should be your top priorities:


1) Do not invest your time, effort, and energy into situations or people unwisely. Be cautious, because you may well find yourself in a time and/or energy crunch during this period.


2) Settle any and all debts with others responsibly during this time. No one loves personal accountability and responsibility quite like Saturn - do right by him and you'll have nothing to be concerned about. Try to duck him, however, and you'll wind up staying after class with extra homework!  With this planet, you reap what you sow and you get what you deserve - nothing less, nothing more. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, so we might take a moment to reflect upon this - is there someone in your life you "owe"?  Someone you are beholden to who may have done you a favor?  Have they given out their resources for you to use one way or another - be it time, money, an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on? Now is the time to concentrate on doing the right thing and making good on anything you owe. If someone has given you money, pay them back. If you have been using something for free, offer up something else in return to make the exchange flow both ways even if it wasn't asked for - we might think of this as a barter regardless of the "currency" used. If you did not master the lessons of fairness and reciprocity during Saturn's passage through Libra, the road ahead will be a hard one as this is the time when the bill is marked "past due" and you have to pay the piper. If you don't, you will be cut off - it's that simple. The faucet just shuts off because people are simply going to be tapped out now.


It goes without saying that, for these reasons, controlling and consolidating our indebtedness is a major theme heading into the next 2 1/2 years - we can no longer expect handouts or bailouts and must work to pay down any arrears. If we are unwilling to make good on any literal or figurative promissory notes, we'll rightfully garner a reputation as a "leech", "vampire", or "energy sink" now and will have to deal with the resultant consequences, including a stain on our public image as Saturn concerns our standing in society. It is entirely possible during this transit that fear may urge us to try and cut away our responsibilities like a devil on the shoulder,but  this would be a bad move because we've very much gotten ourselves into whatever it is we're dealing with and so we will have to learn to work our way out the hard way. It may be slow, it may be difficult, but cutting ties with someone or something does not absolve us of our end of things - there is no "get out of jail free" card with Saturn. That is why, going forward, it will be crucial to be conscious of what we are using and from whom so we are aware of what we potentially incur. We must understand that, for better or worse, strings do come attached when someone extends themselves to us - when we lean on another's resources for support (be they literal or intangible), as an upright person we should be prepared to "pay back" or "make good".     


We can also disempower ourselves when we give someone else the leverage of "owing them one", so we must reduce or eliminate our debt so that no one is able to play puppet master and manipulate or control us through fear. This is just one of the tests Saturn in Scorpio presents, but if we can focus our efforts on keeping the slate clean between ourselves and others and on paying our dues, we will certainly "ace" this portion.  Make sure you take note of all of this and do your best study and absorb the information contained in this article because - make no mistake - there WILL be a quiz at some point!  It may come sooner, it may come later, but you can expect a trial or test related to these issues to surface somewhere in your life during the next 2 1/2 years while Saturn remains in this sign.