OneHitAway Foundation
August 2020 Newsletter
The only non-profit organization in the country dedicating resources to brain healing and brain health for athletes affected by sports related concussions.
Important Announcement: Due to the health constraints from the current COVID situation, OneHitAway Foundation has made the responsible decision to cancel the previously rescheduled 6th Annual Charity Golf, Dinner and Auction event that was to be held on September 17th.

This will not stop us from our calling to assist those athletes of all ages with their vital brain healing needs. Below you will see we are planning to launch the "One October Away Fundraiser" that will immediately benefit our work. To those of you who previously registered (dinner & golf) for the September event and subsequently have allowed OneHitAway to retain your registration cost as a full donation, we and OneHitAway's recipients are so very grateful.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the generous OHA individual donors and sponsors for their unwavering support throughout this challenging year. You helped make a difference in many lives!
One October Away Fundraiser
The ongoing need for financial resources is crucial to supporting our work of getting lives back on track resulting from sports related concussions. We are putting the pieces together right now for the upcoming October Fundraiser. This will be an all inclusive formate with informative and virtual modules including fun & meaningful ways to contribute financial resources for OneHitAway's current and future brain healing recipients. You will begin to see reminders from here on as we lead up this fun and important October Event.
Here is a glimpse of what will be included...
Chin-Up Achievements YTD
Virtually bid on destination experiences, raffles, dinning options, gift baskets, fund a need, etc, all to assist the
OHA Recipient's..
OneHitAway 2020 Documentary & more.
As OneHitAway Foundation starts its 7th year, we have 
Seven promises to OHA recipients and to our generous supporters.

  1. OneHitAway Foundation will work with affected athletes of all ages and sports. 
  2. We will utilize donations and grants to maintain our mission in providing financial resources to affected athletes for brain healing and brain health resulting from sports related concussions.
  3. Our team promises to keep up to date with leading edge brain healing methods & modalities.
  4. We will provide timely brain healing / brain health education and support through our National Ambassador Network and the (YSOP) Youth Sports Outreach Program.
  5. We will always work with the recipients' supporting staff (parents, families, doctors, trainers, schools, etc) through their customized brain healing protocols. 
  6. We will provide timely brain healing / health information to our supporters, followers and recipients through our website, newsletters, fundraiser events, and social media.
  7. We will partner with other brain healing/brain health organizations for the purpose of achieving the best options for athletes affected by this "invisible injury."

All affected athletes deserve a healthier brain if given the choice and information.
Announcing the OneHitAway Ambassador Website

We are almost there...any day now! The OHA ambassadors are launching the OneHitAway Ambassador website that is dedicated to high school and college students. Our ambassadors stand ready and equipped to assist their peers in obtaining timely, brain healing and brain healthy information. Once the site is live, the team will be getting it into the eyes of their peers nationally. Stay tuned...We will be making the launch known to all when published.
Every young student should be informed of their brain healing / brain health options.
If you know a high school or college student that would like to join our team please
have them sign up today.
Timely & Helpful Brain Healing Health Tips

A set of brain healing / brain healthy tips during this COVID moment in time was recently developed by the OHA team and sent to 200+ OHA recipients. Enjoy and feel free to pass it along to others you care about.
An Article From Amen Clinics - OneHitAway's Strategic Partner Clinics
6 Reasons Why Concussions in Youngsters are so Devastating

Brain Healing for OHA Recipients is an essential service.
These recipients will immediately benefit with your support.
OneHitAway Foundation is a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is self-sustaining, depending solely on donations for funding its mission. All donations go directly to providing resources for those in need of brain healing and brain health as a result of sports related concussions and sub-concussions. 

OneHitAway Understands Your Brain Can Change Your Game

Thank You - Stay Healthy!
Jill, Darren and Brett CdeBaca