One Hit Away Foundation
Dedicated to Brain Healing and Brain Health For Sports Related Concussions
As One Hit Away Foundation starts its 5 th year, we have Five Promises to the OHA recipients and to the generous donors that allow this vital work to take plac e.  

1 . We will utilize all donations to maintain our mission of Educating, Supporting and upon need, providing Financial Resources for brain healing and brain health resulting from sports related concussions.
2. The “Invisible Injury” will not go away in our sports culture this year, therefore more and more athletes will need guidance from OHA.
3. We will provide strategic brain healing and brain health partners to the OHA community.
4. We will provide timely brain healing / health information with our communication through our Website, Newsletters, Fundraiser Events, etc.
5. We will work with all supporting staff (doctors, trainers, parents, families, schools, etc) of an OHA Recipient through their customized brain healing protocol.
One Hit Away Foundation's Tri-Fold Brochure.
Customize for your team, school, athletic organization, etc.
There is nothing more powerful than having a concise educational guide about the sports related "Invisible Injury" and empowering those affected. The One Hit Away 3”x 8” pocket brochure is designed for everyone interested in a brain healing and brain health plan. It discusses the serious symptoms, the potential long-term consequences along with the proven, safe and effective baseline brain healing treatments.
You can now order your customized brochure for your school, team, organization, training facility, etc., Let us place your establishment’s name on the Front as a joint partnership with OHA and hand out to all involved. Founders of One Hit Away will also utilize this brochure for a One Hit Away Foundation educational event for your group.
The 4 th Annual One Hit Away Charity Golf, Dinner & Auction Event held on April 19th at GreenHills CC w as A Record Success!
Here are some of the many highlights:

191 attendees - Sold Out!   The Grand Ball Room was packed with the contagious One Hit Away vibe! 
49ers Cal High Sports Bay Area kicked off the event with a memorable Welcome Video.
Guest Speakers Included : Patrick Walsh, Founder of Next Level Flag . Sara Isbell,CEO of Mercaptor Discoveries. Dr. Daniel Emina of OHA's Advisor Council, Amen Clinics , highlighted the significance of SPECT imaging and brain healing possibilities.
35+ silent   auction items were successfully bid on, followed up with a prosperous live auction. Thanks to the voice of the day, Mitch Juricich from "Hooked on Golf" TV Show .
Thanks to everyone's  generosity from start to finish! Total raised was a 29% increase from last year. OHA's current and future recipients are that much better off with their "brain healing" journey and their need for resources. 
BIG THANKS   - We could not have accomplished this success without the silent and live auction gift donations. We are so grateful to all (individuals and corporations) who donated without hesitation to this important movement of healing this "invisible injury". You can see all of our great supporters in the Event Program button below.
The Heartbreaking Homeless News Item From a One Hit Away Strategic Partner...Amen Clinics.

The researchers found that out of 111 homeless men studied: almost half of them had suffered at least one TBI (traumatic brain injury) episode in their life, and 87% of these took...
Please join forces to enhance the power of disruptive innovation for Brain Healing treatments sports-related concussions, multiple sub-concussions and or post-concussion syndrome. Do remember that these safe and effective treatments are not usually covered in traditional health insurance plans. Your  generous donations and support allow One HIt Away to provide resources and continue to be the blood for this body of vital work.
The CEO and Founder of Bulletproof donated 150 of his best selling books titled “Head Strong" to every attendee of our most recent 4 th annual event…
”Big Thank You Dave!”  
We encourage you to Go To today and sign up for Dave's updates on a fascinating mix of healthy living speakers and practices.

Dave Asprey has worked with world-renowned doctors and scientists to uncover the latest, most innovative methods for making humans perform better—a process known as “biohacking.” In his first book,  The Bulletproof Diet , he shared his biohacking tips for taking control of your own biology. Now, in  Head Strong, Asprey shows readers how to biohack their way to a sharper, smarter, faster, more resilient brain.
Imagine feeling like your mind is operating at its clearest and sharpest, and being able—possibly for the first time in your life—to do more in less time?
One Hit Away Recipient Testimonials
Because of our supporters One Hit Away is able to assist many with their Brain Healing journey. Here is a wonderful sample of "thankful" testimonials...

OneHitAway, you are such a GOD SEND to Jonathan, Gordon & me! Thanks ever so much for ALL you do for Jonathan and us! We are truly BLESSED by you, and we THANK THE LORD for placing you in our lives! D.J.

Thank you so very much for your help, support and input at the doctor's appointments on Monday. I am so appreciative for your constant positivity and your ability to meet me where I am in support of my progress. Thank you for your time, generosity and love. I know I wound be getting better with out you and for that, I owe you more than words in a note. C.W.
A team's medical trainer recently asked.…What are the steps OHA takes when a potential recipient contacts OHA for help? 

These are the steps involved with the One Hit Away on-boarding and healing process...

o     Listen and dialogue with the individual (recipient) about their situation.
o  Have the individual complete the One Hit Away Health & Wellness Assessment.
o  Refer recipient to Nutrition segment o f OneHitAway Website.
 Individual has an evaluation exam with a qualified medical practitioner.
o  A brain healing plan for recipient is set into place with a medical professional.
A specific healing modality or a combination is determined for use.
o The recipient starts with customized plan.
o  If needed, OHA provides monetary resources to initiate and or complete plan.
o  OHA supports, monitors and encourages recipient during the active healing plan.
o  Re-evaluate progress of healing with medical professional and recipient.
o  Congratulate recipient for their disciplined work during this healing journey.
o  One Hit Away follows up with recipient quarterly to encourage future brain healthy living. 

NOTE: Complications and symptoms resulting from sports-related brain injuries are like human finger prints...they are all different and thus do require customized plans.
OneHitAway Brain Healing TIPS

T   for  Take High Quality Omega   3 Fish Oil
for  Importance of Hydration
P   for  Practice Good Nutrition
S   for  Safe Aerobic    Exercise

Look into the complete and comprehensive Nutrition Action Plan below for both Acute and Chronic concussion symptoms.
One Hit Away Foundation is a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is self-sustaining, depending solely on donations for funding its mission. All proceeds raised go directly to providing education, support and resources for those in need of brain healing and brain health as a result of sports-related brain injuries. 
Thank You For Joining OHA's Vital Work.

One Hit Away Understands Your Brain Can Change Your Game
PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in this newsletter is or may be construed as medical advice of any kind as explained in the Medical Disclaimer section of One Hit Away Foundation's website at to which we direct you. We are not doctors, therapists, or healthcare providers. We act only as a source of information that you may choose to use in seeking actual heath care services from licensed health care providers.©