It's time for your Fall Orientation Zoom session July 14 3pm-4pm
Reminders and Tips
Join Zoom 15 minutes prior to your start time
Be prepared to stay for the full 1 hour session.
If you arrive late, you may not be allowed in and will need to reschedule

If you get disconnected prior to the end of the meeting, be ready to log back in with the same link to continue the meeting

Find a quiet place to set up and use headphones, if necessary, for better audio
Make sure your background and surroundings are appropriate. You can opt to select a virtual background if preferred.

If you have technical difficulties the day of your Zoom session, please call 510-885-4152 , or call 855-414-9911 for technical assistance.

Prepare your Device - Tech Tips:
Download the latest Zoom app -- you can use a smartphone, tablet or computer. However, Zoom will not work properly on a device using an Android operating system (such as a Chromebook). If possible, it’s best to use a computer. If not, then use a non-Android device.
Check your internet connection 
Check your camera and mic to ensure it works

Orientation questions can be directed to